CS:GO Prime Status explained

Gamers in their prime deserve the best rewards, right? With CS:GO prime, there are drawbacks and benefits. Is it worth it and how to get it for free?

What is Prime Status?

Prime status is a feature in CSGO that mainly deals with the competitive aspect of the game. Those who are level 21 or above or have purchased CS will receive the status. The status enables players to only match up against other players with Prime. Exclusive prime item drops are also a bonus for those who acquire prime. This paywall concept was provided mainly to stop the influx of cheaters and smurf accounts that could easily be used to destroy a player’s matchmaking experience.

CSGO Prime Status Medal

Many have argued against the change as it could affect the number of cheaters due to the game being free to play. This change would increase the number of cheaters that are present in the game in the prime and non-prime competitive games. In comparison, other individuals have argued that the free to play model benefits CSGO as a whole. Due to the free to play change, more players can enjoy Counter-Strike further building the fanbase.

How to get the Prime Status?

Those who have bought CSGO before the change on December 6th, 2019, will already have the prime status included in their game. Those who have already had the game will have already included and connected their phone numbers. If the number was removed, the phone number can be relinked to the account with ease. Nowadays, however, you don't need a connected phone number to get it anymore.

Buy CS GO Prime Status Upgrade on Steam

For those who have not already received the csgo prime, players can purchase it on Steam. At the price of 13.25€ on the Counter-Strike store page, a buy button for CS: GO prime will be available for purchase.

  1. Navigate to the Steam Store
  2. Refer to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive store page
  3. Select Buy CS: GO Prime Status Upgrade
  4. Launch CS: GO and CSGO prime will be installed onto the account.

How to get Prime Status for free?

Buying the prime status is not the only option to attain the status. Once the player has reached level 21, the player can play prime only matchmaking where they will only be matched up against other players with prime, hopefully improving the matchmaking experience.

Players can attain it by leveling up to the level of 21 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where prime will be automatically unlocked once reaching that threshold.

Is the CS:GO Prime Status worth it?

As stated before, the prime status was created to reduce the number of cheaters and toxic individuals that would ruin a player's matchmaking experience. Prime was intended to improve the matchmaking experience, making it a safe competitive space of even ground to play.

CSGO Prime Status Matchmaking Experience

In theory, due to the prime status paywall, fewer cheaters will be apparent in the games as each time a cheat is permanently banned they must rebuy the status, which could buy a heavy quota on their funds. Here are some benefits of playing with a CS: GO prime Status.

  • It enables the player to play with other individuals with prime
  • Prime players will have less of a tendency to cheat, smurf and play unfairly
  • Individuals with prime are more serious and dedicated to the game
  • Teammates may want to communicate more
  • Players are able to earn drops
Prime status is for those who want a more serious style of gameplay, in conjunction with the competitive mode prime matchmaking can increase the abilities and learning of those who want to improve at Counter-Strike.

Thousands of matches are being played every single day on Counter Strike, and the competitive aspect is an important aspect that defines the vitality and spirit of CS:GO. By attaining the prime status, one can improve their matchmaking experience and truly experience a more competitive, serious, style of gaming. Those who also want to reduce the number of cheaters in their matchmaking games should also buy prime.