Why Is the Dragon Lore Awp Csgo Skin So Expensive?

In this article, you’ll learn about the phenomenon of the Dragon Lore skin and explain to you what is behind its price.
Why Is the Dragon Lore Awp Csgo Skin So Expensive?

Dragon Lore is one of the rarest skins in the game, and probably the most iconic weapon out of all AWP skins. Not many players can boast of it — there are only about 5 thousand AWP Dragon Lores on the market, a ridiculously tiny amount compared to the current number of active players and people that are in the CSGO community in general. 

AWP Dragon Lore Battle Scarred Skin

At one point, AWP Dragon Lore was the most expensive CSGO skin on the Steam Community Market. Is it still like that? Not really, but it’s still among the most expensive skins in the game. In this article, we’ll tell you about the phenomenon of the AWP Dragon Lore and explain to you what is behind the price of this particular skin.

How much does AWP Dragon Lore cost?

Dragon Lore prices start at around $2,500, meaning that you might get yourself a top-notch knife skin for that, or even a couple of copies, actually. But how high do Dragon Lore prices go? Let’s see it for every float value:

This may seem like a lot (especially for a Factory New condition), but that price can be even higher! Many AWP Dragon Lore duplicates have stickers from old tournaments like Katowice 2014 or Cologne 2015, which alone can increase the value of this particular skin by tens of thousands of dollars.

AWP Dragon Lore Factory New Condition Skin

The most expensive recorded sale of the AWP Dragon Lore skin was $61,000. It was the Factory New version with a Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham sticker, the clear MVP of the ELEAGUE Boston Major tournament won by Cloud9. Why are we mentioning this? Because it was just a few hours after that tournament that this transaction took place. Yeah, and it also was a Souvenir Dragon Lore. That said, if you see that a player or team has the potential for great success, you might want to consider buying their stickers. 

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What makes Dragon Lore so expensive?

It's no wonder AWP Dragon Lore costs so much. Here are three main reasons that will surely convince you:

  • This skin is just gorgeous. It's one of the most beautiful weapon skins in the game and is unique like no other skin. 
  • It’s incredibly rare and there are not many copies of it. As we mentioned earlier, there are only 5 thousand copies out of 25 million active players, and a large portion of its owners aren't into Counter Strike Global Offensive, just pure investors. It may also explain to you why some  “gray” and “dark blue” skins can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. 
  • Dragon Lore belongs to the Cobblestone collection, a map that is no longer in the Active Duty Map Pool. This is a huge factor actually. It makes this skin even harder to get, especially in the Souvenir version from major tournaments. 
Dragon Lore's Value

To summarize, if the skin looks good, is hard to find, and is played by pro players — it will be expensive. In all these aspects, AWP Dragon Lore is compatible with excess, so no wonder it’s an expensive skin, and it’s always among the most expensive ones.

Is it worth buying AWP Dragon Lore as an investment?

As we mentioned earlier, investors represent a significant portion of all Dragon Lore owners. This leads us to the question — is it worth buying this skin as an investment? Well, there's plenty of reason to think so. 

AWP Dragon Lore Holo

It all depends on whether you think you can find a buyer who will repurchase the Dragon Lore AWP skin from you for a higher price. Or maybe you have some worthy stickers in your Steam inventory that could significantly increase Dragon Lore’s value? 

AWP Dragon Lore Field Tested

Whether it's worth investing in AWP Dragon Lore is an individual matter and depends on many different factors like the number of active players, the rarity and float of the item, and upcoming in-game events.

AWP Dragon Lore Minimal Wear Stickers

And that's it about the most expensive out of all AWP skins! Isn't it amazing that we live at times when we can buy an apartment or a car just for selling an in-game cosmetic on Steam Market or a skin trading platform? And we can also earn all that money by playing a video game!

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