Best Current Dota 2 Giveaways Available

Are you looking for the Dota 2 giveaways but can't seem to find them? We've compiled them for you!

Updated on Jul 04, 2023
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Best Current Dota 2 Giveaways Available

Dota 2 giveaways aren't something you'll find every day, but they do exist! Most of these giveaways provide Dota 2 Battle Passes or Dota 2 items as rewards—which is a good reason to enter as many giveaways as you can, which will also improve your chances of winning.

We've found a few places where you can occasionally find Dota 2 giveaways. Once you know where to look for them, you can enter Dota 2 giveaways any time.

Our Dota 2 Giveaway

We're starting our list with our own Dota 2 giveaway, which we made to give back to all the Dota 2 players out there who visit our website. It's completely free to join and takes no effort on your part, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and join our Dota 2 giveaway right here and now!

We've done our best to gather together all of the other legit Dota 2 giveaways we could find in one place for your convenience, even though they were hard to find. Here are various Dota 2 giveaways that you can participate in. Some of them offer Dota 2 items, and some will give you Steam gift cards so you can buy Dota 2 items or Battle Pass.

Giveaways On Other Platforms

Current Dota 2 Giveaways On Twitter

Of all the places we were looking for Dota 2 giveaways, Twitter was the most advantageous one because many Streamers, YouTubers, and eSports websites are using Dota 2 giveaways as a method of promotion and to attract new subscribers/viewers.

Keep in mind that these Twitter accounts will only host Dota 2 giveaways every now and then, but if you have a Twitter account already, be sure to follow them and stay up-to-date with all the upcoming giveaways.

Twitter Handle

Giveaway Link


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway

Current Dota 2 Giveaways On Reddit

We've done a lot of research, and we've found that Dota 2 giveaways on Reddit are extremely rare. Even when they do happen, they're sudden and unexpected, so you need to keep an eye on the subreddits below if you want to have any chance at getting in on the action.

When considering giveaways hosted on Reddit, remember that, unlike Twitter, they may be more involved than just following someone. However, they are still worth joining, as they can offer great prizes.















Current Dota 2 Giveaways On Discord

Unfortunately for our readers, for some reason, there are no Dota 2 servers on Discord worth mentioning, other than the official one. This server has almost 70 thousand members, and we've managed to find several Dota 2 giveaways hosted in the past, so perhaps there will be more of them in the future.

Assuming that you already have Discord, like nearly every gamer nowadays, we advise you to join this server because there's nothing to lose, but remember to follow the server notifications for any possible Dota 2 giveaway that may occur.

Discord Server



Join the server

Current Dota 2 Giveaways From Other Sources

The only genuine Dota 2 giveaways we've managed to find on other sources were those giveaways hosted in Facebook groups. After joining some of them (with a dummy account because no one uses Facebook anymore), we've found out that some of these groups host Dota 2 giveaways periodically, so if, by any chance, you have Facebook, make sure to join them.



Facebook group

Dota 2 Group

Facebook group

DOTA 2 Circle

Facebook group


Facebook group

Dota 2 Global Group (Trade/Chat/Sell/Buy)

Facebook group


Tips & Tricks For Finding The Dota 2 Giveaways

Always stay away from shady websites that offer Dota 2 giveaways, free items, or Battle Passes because these websites are most likely a scam intended to steal your login info or other data.

You can get Dota 2 free items in a legitimate way, so why risk losing your account? And in case you have some extra items that you want to get rid of, you can actually sell Dota 2 items for real money, and there are also sites that pay out in PayPal.

Lastly, If you’d like to get particular items but you don’t want to rely on giveaways, you can trade these Dota 2 items on various websites (using your Steam trade URL) and offer items of the same (or higher) value to get any items you’d want.

For more Dota 2 guides, check our articles on the best sites where you can buy and sell Dota 2 items with PayPal and our top-rated crypto websites where you can buy Dota 2 items cheaply.

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