Best places to sell Dota 2 Items for real money

Like with lots of other online transactions, there are some hidden pitfalls when selling Dota 2 items.

Updated on Sep 11, 2023
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Best places to sell Dota 2 Items for real money

Some of these cosmetics can be very expensive, and the last thing you want is for them to get into the wrong hands. There were cases of players who lost hundreds and thousands of dollars by trading their Dota 2 items through shady websites.

Although there are a lot of reputable sites out there, the problem occurs if you decide to go with an unknown marketplace. You might be lured by low transaction fees or some other favorable features. However, this might cause you to lose not only your item but all the profits you've made.

In this post, we will check some of the best places to sell Dota 2 items and how they compare to each other. Needless to say, you can safely trade through these websites without having to worry about potential frauds.





Skinport is regarded as one of the best websites, not only for selling Dota 2 items but also for other video game cosmetics. It is famous for its in-depth analytics, data, and modern interface. The market is really dynamic, with lots of items and buyers, allowing you to buy or sell Dota 2 cosmetics at the best possible price.

Out of all the platforms on this list, Skinport might have the best user experience. It has a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easier to sell cosmetics. The historical data will also allow you to make additional profits by selling Dota 2 items when their price is peaking.



  • More than 9k items
  • Fees: 12% fee per sale. Players don’t have to pay for withdrawal
  • Languages: English, Russian, French, Finish, German, Turkish, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Chinese, Portuguese
  • Available payment methods: American Express, Maestro, Discover, Visa, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Klarna


  • It has the best interface out of all Dota 2 markets
  • Price fluctuations are great for players who want to make the most money out of their trades
  • The platform provides item ratings
  • Highest-rated Dota 2 marketplace
  • You can choose from 11 different languages


  • Pages sometimes load slowly
  • The transactions and processing can be slow



The best thing about Bitskins is its simplistic design. If you wish to sell items without too much hbuttle, this is one of the best places to do it. While the platform isn't as intricate as some others on the list, it gives you everything that you need. Furthermore, they reward loyalty by reducing the transaction fees based on the volume of trades.

Bitskins is great for selling Dota 2 items due to its large number of traders. The prices are reasonable compared to other platforms. The website has strong protection making sure that your items and funds are in a safe place. You need to go through 2-factor verification in order to access trades.



  • Fees: 5 to 10% fee per sale. As you make additional sales, these fees will start dropping. Players have to pay for withdrawal
  • Available payment methods: Visa, Mastercard
  • Website is completely protected with PCI DSS certificate


  • You can jump right into trading with its simplistic, intuitive interface
  • One of the fastest-loading websites on the list
  • If you trade long enough, the fees will get significantly lower, making it much more lucrative to trade through this platform than any other (at least, in terms of fees)
  • There are several great features on each item like suggested price and checking the item on Steam
  • One of the most secure website for selling Dota 2 items


  • Two available payment methods make it harder for some people to trade
  • The website doesn't provide a lot of data regarding historical prices, trades, and items
  • Withdrawal fee can affect your bottom line



SkinCashier is one of the premium websites for selling Dota 2 skins. The reason why this website is so good is that it offers some of the best prices among all other services. It is great for all digital workers as well as those who work with cryptocurrencies.

When you access the site, you will get a brief explanation as to how it works. Everything is automated via bots, so you can finish all the trades relatively quickly. The marketplace has an amazing interface, and most people say that this contributes to the overall positive user experience.



  • Fees: 11.5% fee per sale. The fee can be reduced to 8.5% with code "TGG." There are no hidden fees
  • Available payment methods: PayPal, Payeer, AdvCash, Yandex Money, QIWI, Ethereum
  • Fraud detection system and fraud monitoring
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Hungarian, Polish


  • Great interface and color schemes
  • Extreme security and fraud protection
  • You will get your money within 55 seconds after selling a Dota 2 item
  • Great chat support
  • 9 different languages


  • You have to log into Steam before you can start trading, which can prolong the process
  • Doesn't actually allow you to trade with other players, but instead, only to sell items to the platform



Dmarket is one of the best places to sell Dota 2 items. It is a very modern platform with lots of great features aside from the marketplace. It is tailor-made for younger generations, people who trade in cryptocurrencies or work as freelancers. Dmarket has a modern interface that is somewhat similar to Skinport (although the platforms are very different).

While it provides a great user experience, the website is still relatively simple for new users. One of its best features is allowing gamers to trade 1-on-1. You can make offers and bids for skins that you really like. If you encounter any issues, there is live chat support that will help you out. You can start trading relatively easily and quickly; the users have the option of logging in via email or Steam.



  • Fees: 1% to 7% variable sales fees. Players don’t have to pay for withdrawal
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Visa, Skrill, Payoneer, Netteller, UnionPay, Mastercard, Etherum, Klarna, Paysafe Card, WebMoney, Bitcoin


  • It has one of the nicer yet simplistic interfaces
  • Allows 1-on-1 direct trading
  • You don’t have to deposit items in order to trade them
  • Like all other platforms on this list, Dmarket is very safe
  • It has several unique features that are not available on other platforms
  • Relatively low fees for selling items. For example, 1% sales fee is among the lowest of all the Dota 2 marketplaces


  • This isn’t the best platform if you don’t have cryptocurrencies and modern credit cards

Steam marketplace


There aren’t many platforms that are as protected as Steam marketplace. Alongside Dota 2 store, this is the most legit place for trading. All your Dota 2 items will be deposited here as soon as you get them. It is a global inventory for all Steam items. If you ever wish to sell them, you can do it relatively easily within this platform.

The steam marketplace has several nice analytic tools. It shows you how the prices for an item fluctuated over time. Even if you don't use Steam for selling Dota 2 skins, this data can be invaluable. You also have access to 27 different languages. The interface is relatively simplistic, and yet, there are enough filters to go through it. Lastly, it has one of the best offers of items that you can find anywhere.



  • 27k items
  • Fees: You can’t withdraw money. There are no fees when you sell skins
  • Available languages: 27 languages in total


  • It is especially great for people who love analytic tools. While these tools are mainly used to compare prices and price fluctuations within Steam, they can indicate the global fluctuation of the price
  • The platform shows you the exact number of sales for each price range
  • One of the safest places to trade
  • A lot of nifty filters that help you go through items
  • More items than any other platform


  • When you sell an item, the proceeds to go your Steam Wallet
  • The platform is rather inflexible
  • Some of the worst prices for trading items


If you wish to sell Dota 2 cosmetics, these are some of the best places to do it. As you can see, there are major differences between these websites, how they function, and how they allow you to withdraw money.


People who are selling the skin should always consider protection and fees as the two main factors. Luckily, every one of these marketplaces is regarded as very safe, so you won’t have to worry about that.

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