How to Get Free Items in Dota 2 (3 Legit Ways)

People say you can’t have stuff for free, but what if we told you that you actually can? Here are some methods to get Dota 2 items for free!

Updated on Sep 11, 2023
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How to Get Free Items in Dota 2 (3 Legit Ways)

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena known to have some neat looking cosmetics, including awesome ones for each of the 100+ heroes available in the game. Everyone wants to play games while having cool cosmetics on their favorite heroes, but not everyone is capable of spending real money to buy them, which is the sad reality. However, what if we told you that there are actually legitimate ways on how to get free items Dota 2? If you’re into that, continue reading this article!

Get Dota 2 Items Through Completing Offer Walls

Offer walls are one of the best methods that can help you get Dota 2 skins for free. Not everyone knows what offer walls are and what they do, so let’s figure out what they are!

What are Offer Walls?

Offer walls are applications or websites that allow users to make money through doing simple tasks. Users don’t need any particular skill or experience to complete tasks, as the tasks are super straightforward.

Examples of these tasks include watching videos; completing quick surveys; downloading and testing games or applications; and more.

The more tasks that users complete, the more rewards they earn. Users will be rewarded with credits, and those credits can be used to cash out through different payment methods, or users can also withdraw Steam Gift Cards and free rewards as well.

Get Dota 2 Skins Through Freecash

Now that we have understood what offer walls are, let’s not waste any time and start earning!

The first offer wall website that we recommend is Freecash. We think that Freecash is the best website for users to start earning free Dota 2 skins, and here are the reasons why:

  1. Quick and easy sign up process
  2. Very simple tasks
  3. High payment margins compared to competitors
  4. Has a mobile app, adding convenience
  5. Safe applications and games to be tested
  6. There are numerous ways to cash out, including Dota 2 skins


For the reasons mentioned above, we think that Freecash is an excellent platform for users that are looking to get free skins. Keep in mind that you may need to find your trade link to withdraw skins.

Get Free Dota 2 Skins Through Idle Empire

Idle Empire is another website that we recommend for completing offer walls. Users have said that Idle Empire pays less than Freecash. Nonetheless, Idle Empire is still a good platform for users to earn Dota 2 items for free.


Idle Empire also provides users with a wide range of simple tasks, including surveys, offer walls, and videos, just like Freecash.

However, Idle Empire also has a referral and promotions system included in it. The site looks clean, and the interface is straightforward.

Though you can’t withdraw items directly from the site, you can always cash out Steam Gift Cards and manually buy Dota 2 items using the gift cards.

Get Free Dota 2 Items Through Playing the Game

Though offer walls are an easy way to make quick Dota 2 items, the method of getting skins through playing can be a more attractive alternative.

There are a few different ways you can get free Dota 2 skins through playing, so let’s cut to the chase and find out how.

Get Free Dota 2 Skins Through Buff

Buff Game is a cool website that can allow players to get Dota 2 items by simply playing Dota 2.


The concept of Buff is simple. You download their app, and it runs in the background while you play your favorite games.

You will earn Buff points depending on how many matches you play, your KD ratio, and other factors. In return, Buff will collect your match data and statistics to improve their services.

Once you have gathered points, you will be able to go to their withdrawal section to cash out on free skins.

Get Free Dota 2 Skins Through Item Drops

Just like the other title made by Valve Corporation, CS2 (CSGO), Dota 2 players can also have a chance of receiving "Item Drops" every time they finish playing matches.

All ten players even on the opposing team will have a chance to receive drops such as treasures that can be sold in the Steam Community Market to buy other skins that they may want. However, some players can get really lucky and receive drops that can be worth a lot.


There have been a few players who have shared themselves receiving rare item drops, such as Dazzle’s Pipe of Dezun, which is going for over $220 on the market!

Get Free Dota 2 Items Through Dota Plus Shards

Dota Plus is Dota 2’s monthly subscription bonus, but players don’t actually have to purchase Dota Plus to receive Dota Plus Shards. These Shards are basically in-game currency that you receive from winning daily matches and completing missions.

Once you gather a hefty sum of Shards, you can exchange these Shards for cool sets for many different heroes. If you have gathered more than 75,000 Shards, you will be able to afford Premium Hero Sets that look absolutely clean.


Can You Buy Expensive Skins With These Methods?

The answer is yes, you can get expensive skins, but it will certainly take you a long time to achieve high-end Dota 2 items. The amount of skins you earn will also depend on how much time you spend and how efficiently you complete offers and these methods.

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