Dota 2 Nullifier: Everything You Need to Know

A thorough explanation of the Nullifier - you definitely need to read the third section to know when to buy it!

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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Dota 2 Nullifier: Everything You Need to Know

What is Dota 2 Nullifier

The Nullifier - "A dangerous weapon pilfered from an inverse dimension." A carry item that is usually bought between mid to late game, the Nullifier has a total cost of 4375 gold with the following stat bonuses:

  • +6 Health Regeneration
  • +10 Armor
  • +75 Attack Damage

The Nullifier is made from two items, which are the Sacred Relic (Cost: 3400 gold | +55 Attack Damage) and the Herm of Iron Will (Cost: 975 gold | + 5 Health Regeneration and +6 Armor). By stats alone, it's safe to say the Nullifier will make your right clicks hurt more while making you tougher.

Nullifier Dota 2

Nullifier Mechanics Laid Out

The Nullifier has an active ability that shoots a projectile to the selected enemy and can be used anywhere between the 900 cast range. This projectile travels at a speed of 1100 and dispels the buffs on the target. For the next 5 seconds, the projectile will provide a debuff for the enemy hero as it continuously dispels the target of any buffs that it tries to gain.

The Nullifier projectile applies a basic dispel every 0.2 seconds for a total of 25 dispelling instances on the enemy. This therefore stops the enemy hero from gaining any basic buffs for that particular 5 seconds, only unless an undispellable buff has been gained.

If the enemy target has a debuff immunity (active Black King Bar [BKB]) before the Nullifier projectile reaches it, the dispelling effect will not be active unless the remaining duration of the debuff immunity is shorter than the 5 seconds from the Nullifier.

Prior to this, it was impossible to target and shoot the Nullifier projectile when the enemies had BKB as it provided magic immunity and the Nullifier projectile is not one that pierces magic immunity. The Nullifier also no longer slows when there are dispellable buffs on the enemy.

When Should You Buy the Nullifier in Dota 2

You should heavily consider getting the Nullifier if any of the following circumstances are in your game (and if you want your opponents to break their own items).

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You Are a Hero that Gets Close and Personal

If you are a melee hero or a hero that relies on invisibility (or the Shadow Blade) to creep up and shut down enemies, the Nullifier is a solid pickup to guarantee kills, especially on supports, the next point will elaborate on why there is an emphasis on killing supports.

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Enemy Supports have Defensive Items

In all games, supports are responsible for buying defensive items. It takes time for supports to gather a large sum of gold for such items, hence why it is suggested for carries to only buy the Nullifier later in matches. Items that trouble a carry a lot when they are focusing on supports are:

  • Glimmer Cape
  • Ghost Scepter (and its upgrade, Ethereal Blade)
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity (and its upgrade, Wind Waker)
  • Force Staff (and its upgrade, Hurricane Pike)
  • Aeon Disk

The Nullifiers' active ability can render the following items useless, as their effects are dispelled almost instantaneously for the 5-second duration.

If you are keen on improving on itemization and avoiding bad hero picks, make sure to check out pro matches and observe their Nullifier timings! However, if you are more interested in finding out where to buy Dota 2 cosmetic items (or even trade items), make sure to click on those articles too!

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