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How to get free Valorant skins

The skins in Valorant keep getting better but not any cheaper. These are the 5 main ways you can get some free Valorant skins.
How to get free Valorant skins

When Riot Games dropped the Elderflame series just  a few weeks after the game’s release, we knew how serious they would be about the aesthetics of Valorant. But for how much their skins have improved over time, so have their prices risen as well. So in this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best ways you can get some free Valorant Skins.

Valorant in-game currency

To be able to purchase anything of aesthetic value and make your Valorant account more appealing, you need to be using their in game currencies. Those are Valorant Points and Radianite Points. Valorant points can be used to buy everything in the game, including skins and Radianite points.

Radianite points however can be earned by completing Battle Pass contracts, or exchanged for Valorant points. Radianite points can be used to upgrade weapons and skins with new audio and visual effects, finishers and animations. 

Agent contract skins

You have probably seen some flashy skin lines in the store or in some highlight videos, but the truth is those skins can’t be purchased for free. This probably shouldn't discourage you though, because there are some really cool skins that can be obtained for free.

To accomplish this you need to go to your Agents page, where you can see the contracts for each agent. You can activate one contract at a time and then you need to get the tiers done, to receive the reward. Most of you know this, because that’s how you can unlock agents without buying them. Complete tier 5 and get the agent. Well in order to get some free skins all you need to do is play!

Each agent contract gives you a free custom skin after you finish tier 10. These skins are not even purchasable which makes them one of the rarest skins in the game. And every single agent has a unique weapon  skin, so you can choose which one you would like to unlock. 

Get Valorant skins with Freecash

This method has become standard in modern day gaming communities, yet many players still look down upon it. That’s probably due to players not being informed enough or just plain skepticism. But you need to know that there are tons of websites and apps on the internet that let you earn rewards, currency and money for completing simple tasks. These tasks can be as simple as watching video commercials, testing software, taking part in paid surveys, or just playing the game. All of these websites will pay you in their own currency which you can later exchange for real money, crypto currency or in-game coupons/gift cards.

So you have plenty of choices to choose from, but our recommendation is that you use FREECASH.

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Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

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Freecash is a platform that does exactly what we mentioned, conducting surveys for which they need a lot of people. Paying this small amount makes sense for them because they get their task done, while the participants get a reward. It’s completely safe, transparent and fast so that’s why we have decided to partner up with them and offer you guys a solution.

How to proceed with the FreeCash service

  1. Register for a FreeCash account. Use the code “TGG” to receive a chest that can contain up to 250 000 coins as a welcome bonus.
  2. Complete surveys that pay thousands of FreeCash coins. 1000 coins= 1$
  3. The surveys are very easy to complete, and there are leaderboards and rewards for the top performers.
  4. You can cash out once you have earned a minimum of 10000 coins (10$), and it will be completed in minutes.
  5. You can choose what kind of currency you would like the coins to be paid out in, and there is live chat support to help you at all times.

You can convert their currency into free Valorant Points, Dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other payment methods, so in our opinion this is the best method to get Valorant weapon skins without wasting your parents money.

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Other recommended options

Of course there are other websites that have similar offers, but apart from FreeCash we like Idle-Empire and Vloot the best. If we were to rank them in categories like: ease of access and use, transactions, and customer support, these two would definitely be the next best thing after FreeCash.

Prime Gaming

Another option for getting free skins is Prime Gaming, which is a feature that Amazon started offering after they partnered with Riot Games. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you also get free Twitch and Prime Gaming subscriptions.

Their partnership allows anyone with a Prime Gaming subscription to be eligible for the free drops in the Twitch Prime loot page on the Twitch app. There you can select the free Valorant loot when it’s available, but if you have already linked your Twitch and Valorant accounts, the free loot will be added to your in-game account instead.


Now this might seem like a long shot but it’s actually very achievable and easy to do. Valorant as a game is growing at a rapid pace and many content creators are looking to expand their brand through giveaways. This is one of the most effective ways to shine a spotlight on a content creator, and with the game’s popularity growing so should your chances of winning. These giveaways usually include completing certain tasks on social media like following, liking and sharing.

Some content creators might organize art and other community competitions, sponsored by their partners. And don't be discouraged if you don't win the first time. Remember Valorant rose to fame and started dominating the Twitch gaming section in a similar fashion. Before the game officially came out, the only way you could get into the Beta was through a Twitch drop. Players spent days with Valorant streams open waiting for the drop, and for the chance to try out the new game before it came out.


Tournaments were the staple of esports competition way before esports were even a thing. Teams and players would gather and compete in various games, alone or with a team for the chance of winning a prize. Not only did this encourage competitive and organized play, but it also shaped the community's love for the game. In the early days, tournaments usually served as a battleground for the best players, and a way to give them a platform.

But now with gaming becoming more and more popular, there are even more tournament organizers that hand out prizes in much less competitive environments. There are tournaments in which anyone can participate, regardless of rank, server or not having a team. The prizes usually vary depending on the organizers budget and goal, but it’s common to see Skin Bundles, coupons and in-game currency being given out. There are also rewards for various categories like: Top Fragger of the day, Top Support player of the day and Best Clip of the day.

We all know there is no such thing as free stuff in life, but when talking about Valorant skins, these are your best options. Yeah it might be time consuming, but Valorant is not like CS GO and unfortunately we don't have the privilege to participate in the Steam market. So don't get discouraged, all you need to do is grind a bit and the rewards will come!

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