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Best Cypher Trapwire|Cybercage|Spycam|Ultimate lineups on Fracture

Playing Cypher on a map this big might seem hard, but all you need to do is read this article.

Updated on Sep 28, 2022
Best Cypher Trapwire|Cybercage|Spycam|Ultimate lineups on Fracture

Cypher is the best designed Sentinel agent in Valorant, and his versatile kit allows him to do many things. Even though anyone can be decent at playing Cypher, this versatility raises his skill ceiling by a lot. In this article we will show you, what kind of setups Radiant level Cypher’s use to carry their games.

Best Attacking Cypher setups

Attacking A Site Cypher setups

Lurking in low elo is beyond overpowered and as a Sentinel agent, you should be doing it more, especially on offense.

But on a map this big and with these tight entrances, all you need to do as Cypher is lurk. Sure you can use some Cages as smokes and place a Camera to peek for information.

But you’re better off using these Trapwires to watch for flanks and lurk on the opposite side of the map after your team makes contact.

Attacking B Site Cypher setups

We advise you do the same when attacking the B Site as well.

Lurk and lets you Initiators and Duelists take care of the offense.

The Moroccan intelligence broker will take care of business on defense.

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Best Defending/ Retake Cypher setups

Defending A Site Cypher setups

A Site Cameras 

A Drop Camera

If you are looking for a Spy cam that will help you cover A Drop and still have an eye on A Main, you should use this one.

A Main Camera

Similarly to the one on A Drop, you can use this camera placement to spot the enemies pushing that area.

With both of these cameras, you can see what the enemy plans are after being smoked off if they rotate, lurk  or you can tag them and spam them through the smoke

We have some Valorant tips and tricks for this Camera which we will show later on

Retake/ Off site Cameras

The problem with playing any Valorant agents on this map, and why many Valorant players dislike the Fracture map is the site designs.

In our Fracture map guide we talked more in-depth about this but the point is if the enemies rush and catch you on site you are as good as dead.

As Cypher you have a kit versatile enough to play around this, but one KAY/O knife is all it takes for you to become a sitting duck.

A Site Cages

A Main One way Cage

Cypher’s Cyber Cage allows him to play multiple playstyles since it can serve many purposes and do different things.

For this one way you need to get in this corner and aim for this angle of the enclave, where the black part ends.

A Door One way Cage

For this one you need to hug the metal wall on the left and aim for this bar so the Cyber Cage lands on top of the door.

And remember that A Main Camera we talked about that had another purpose? Well you can open the door by trying to tag it.

With this one way and a Trapwire lineup that we will show you, you can spam the fleeing enemies.

A Drop one way Cage

This one way might be harder to replicate if you havent practiced it, but once you get it down it will be deadly.

You have to throw it in this tight opening, but when  you combine it with some Trapwire lineups it will be hell for the attacker to push through.

On site Cages

If you do decide to play on site with Cypher and combat the rush, these are the best Cages you can use. You need to place them on top of the site, but after activating them you can do so many things.

You can play under site, reposition, peek off your trapwires, spam after using your Camera and so much more.

A Site Trapwires

A Main Trapwires

These are the best Cypher Trapwires to defend A Main, with the first one being really effective with the A Main one way cage and A Main Camera.

This one is much better at protecting the site because its really hard to break. Enemies have to get out of A Main to find the placements, exposing themselves to crossfire.

A Drop Trapwires

Similarly to A Main, the first Trapwire lineup is very normal but can be very deadly combined with you Spy cam.

You see the enemies pushing, you activate the Cage, you jump on A Drop from the boxes and as they get caught on the Trapwire, you spam through the cage.

This one is a lot harder to break because of the one-way placement, and enemies trying to push through will have a rough time.

A Door Trapwire

This is a good A Door Trapwire to use, but its potential gets unlocked when combined with the A Door one way Cage and A Main Camera.

Other good on site Trapwires

These Trapwires are just some options that you should consider when defending the A Site.

If you do the same setup every time, the enemies will learn and look to destroy your utility, so don't forget to switch it up.

Defending B Site Cypher setups

B Site Cameras

B Canteen Camera

If you have ever tuned into Sinatraa’s stream, you’ve probably seen this one quite a lot

To place this Camera you need to be jumping as you are placing it but its well hidden and you can watch both B Arcade and B Main with it.

B Generator Camera

This is another variation of the same camera which is just as well hidden, but you cant see the B Arcade players until they get into B Tower on the ropes or get on the site

B Arcade Camera

This camera is only good for B Arcade but it serves a specific purpose when combined with a Cyber Cage lineup.

Its well hidden in the bushes and if your graphics settings are on low, you will see even more.

B Site Cages

B Arcade one way Cage

For this one, align the green bar of your ultimate on top of the A letter on the wall in B Arcade.

Super deadly when combined with the B Arcade Camera we mentioned previously.

B Canteen one way Cage

Get on the first stair next to these green boxes and align the HUD line between the CyberCage and SpyCam icons with the line on the wall.

Enemies pushing up B Main will be easy targets since this one way blocks vision for both Canteen and Generator.

B Tower one way Cage

Enemies love playing post plant scenarios in B Tower since they can swing easily and dump utility while having the option to go through B Arcade.

Aim for the roof of the site for this one way cage that blocks their vision of the spike, regardless of where its planted.

B Site Trapwires

B Arcade Trapwire

You can choose either of these two trapwires to prevent the B Arcade push.

The first one can be especially deadly combined with the one way cage and B Arcade Camera.

B Main Trapwires

These are the most complex B Main Trapwires and there are easier ones to place , but to destroy as well.

The first one is great with the Canteen one way cage and the second one covers the site entrance to the Cubby.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Cypher. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our Moroccan intelligence broker make sure to check out these: 

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