Best Viper Lineups on Split | Snakebite | Toxic Screen

The only guide you will need to master Viper on Split, with all the lineups, poison clouds, and toxic screens necessary to find success
Best Viper Lineups on Split | Snakebite | Toxic Screen

Riot Games fps Valorant as a lot of maps but none is as defensive side as Split. Despite Split not being the field of choice for Viper, with most players preferring other controllers like Astra, Omen, Brimstone, for their team composition, you can still find a lot of value with Viper on Split. She is still a solid defensive agent, and on a map as defensive side as Split, this exalts, even more, the impact she can have on that side of the map. The ability to lock down a bombsite alone, especially the b site, as well as help take control of some very important areas of the map with her toxic screen or poison cloud, make her a solid agent to play on Split.

Best Attacking Side Viper Lineups

Snakebite Attacking Lineups

A Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

This Viper lineup is great to use when the bomb is planted in the default plant spot on the a site

It makes it very hard for the enemies to defuse and can make the difference in some rounds. Stand close to the vase in a lobby, and do a normal throw (left-click).

A Bombsite Corner Plant Lineup

Despite being also thrown from a lobby, this Viper lineup destination is the left side corner of the a site

It’s a very simple lineup to pull off. Just stand to the right side of the vase, and aim at where the crosshair is, then just like the previous lineup do a normal throw (left-click).

B Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

A snake bite lineup for the default plant spot on b bombsite.

In this one, you want to stand where the cone near to b-link is, then aim at the middle of the green sign just like you see in the image, and proceed to do a normal throw (left-click).

Poison Cloud One-Way Attacking Lineups

A Ramps One-Way

A poison cloud that will block the vision of the enemies that are playing on a ramps

This forces the enemies to give up control of that part of the map and makes it much easier for Viper and her allies to cross into a main, and a ramps

A Bombsite Screens Smoke

This is a very useful smoke to use when doing a full a execution. With this poison cloud, you will be able to block the vision of the enemies that are on a screens.

If the toxic screen we talked about above blocks the path from ramps and  heaven, this smoke makes it hard for the defenders to pass through the screen entrance to the bombsite. You will throw this poison cloud from a lobby, standing close to the right side of the vase. Then aim at where the crosshair is, between the two bushes, and do a jump throw (left-click).

B Bombsite Heaven Smoke

This is a great poison cloud since it completely blocks the vision of the enemies that are playing on the b heaven, making it much easier and safer to enter the b site.

Stand on the edge of the platform of boxes at the entrance of b main, aim at where the crosshair is, at the end of the tube, and do a normal throw (left-click).

Toxic Screen Attacking Lineups

A Bombsite Toxic Screen

The best Viper toxic screen for an a site execution. With this wall, you will be able to block the vision of the enemies playing on heaven and ramps.

Making it safer and easier to cross into the a site. It will also be difficult for the defenders to play retake since this wall blocks two of the normal paths defenders take on retake situations. 

B Bombsite Toxic Screen

This Viper Toxic Screen blocks the vision of the enemies playing in the back of the b site.

This forces the defensive team players to either give up control of that area of the map, and play retake, or to be aggressive and push through the wall in order to not let the attackers gain control of that part of the map. Beware that this wall doesn't block the vision from heaven but we have a smoke that does just that and complements this toxic screen really well. 

Now that you understand how important lineups are, be sure to check our other agent lineups for Split.

Defensive Side

Poison Cloud One-Way Defensive Lineups

A Tower One-Way Smoke

One of the best defensive one-ways on Split. This Viper poison cloud forces the enemies to stop their rush towards a tower, and gains time for your teammates to rotate and help you.

It also completely blocks the vision from the enemy team players to a tower, but you are still able to see their lower bodies. Stay on top of the wood plank where the lines change. Aim at where the crosshair is, jump and when you are falling throw it (right-click).

B Main One-Way Smoke

By far the best poison cloud on the b site. This poison cloud will force the enemies to wait for it to end, stopping any rushes.

Enemies will have no vision of the b site, while you will be able to see most of their lower bodies. This makes it harder for the enemies to enter the b site.

Defensive Toxic Screen Lineups

A Toxic Screen

This Viper toxic screen completely blocks the enemy's vision from heaven and also from ramps.

It blocks the entry to the plant area, and the entry to a tower. Also blocks the enemy's team vision making it even harder for the opponents to enter the a site.

B Toxic Screen

A really good toxic screen that blocks the enemy's vision to the B site, and also helps the player  on Mid, blocking the enemy's vision to top mid.

It will help you stop the enemy's rushes, and the enemy team players will become vulnerable if they decide to pass through the wall and try to take control of the bombsite. 

Viper is one of the best controller agents in the game, so knowing all of her lineups in other maps is very useful.

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