Best KAY/O Lineups on Split

KAY/O lineups can get very creative on Split. Find out all the best KAY/O Split lineups here!
Best KAY/O Lineups on Split

Split will have you KAY/O mains loving life with all of the possible lineups you can execute on the map. KAY/O’s best map is actually Split and the high up walls are what makes him such an effective Initiator pick. These are greatly utilised by KAY/O’s ZERO/POINT. As well as the tight angles being effectively checked and monitored by his FRAG/MENT and FLASH/DRIVE.

Best Attacking/Post Plant KAY/O Lineups

Attacking A Site KAY/O lineups

A site FRAG/MENT Post Plant lineup for default plant position from A Lobby

Getting into the lineups, we will start with attacking A Site. You will want to begin in the corner, by this plant pot in A Lobby. This lineup is a very good post plant situational lineup, meaning use it after planting! You will be very safe in this area so it gets our seal of approval.

You want to line up your crosshair with the right hand light beam in the distance, just above where it meets the metal beam crossing it about halfway up then throw! 

As you can see, the FRAG/MENT lands perfectly on the default plant position on A Site, just behind the box in the middle. This means any enemy agents lurking behind here, or trying to defuse the bomb cannot, and if they try to stick it, they will die!

A site ZERO/POINT lineup attacking A Ramps from A Lobby

For our second attacking A Site lineup, we have a ZERO/POINT lineup from the same starting position! This lineup will suppress any enemy agents lurking at the top of A Ramps, with the knife being very hard to destroy!

You want to aim just above the brown trim to the wall in front of you, towards A Ramps. Then jump and throw at the top of your jump!

Here you can see the knife is rooted into the wall, meaning any enemy agents lurking in that area- even on the other side of the wall, are suppressed and spotted! If they want to destroy it, they have to peek the corner, so using this at the beginning of a round is vital for gathering intel!

Attacking B Site KAY/O lineups

B site FRAG/MENT Post Plant lineup for default plant position from B Main

Moving over to B Site, we are starting with another post plant lineup for the default plant position. Everyone plants next to the box in the middle of A Site, as it is very easy to defend, meaning it will not be the end of the world if you don’t communicate where to plant with your team! Stand a bit further back from the box in B Main, leading to B Site.

Then you want to aim where we have, at the right hand corner of the small box on the wall in front of you, just behind B Site. You will place your crosshair in the top right corner of it, then run and throw the FRAG/MENT!

As you can see, enemy defenders have no chance of defusing the spike or even getting anywhere near it. The FRAG/MENT will bounce off the wall you aimed at and then land on the default plant position. Enjoy the free round!

B site ZERO/POINT lineup attacking B Site from B Lobby

For our next lineup, we will show you a ZERO/POINT lineup for attacking B Site that is best used at the beginning of a round! You want to stand on this trash bag, just next to the white rubbish bin and face B Site!

Once again, aim at the light in the distance, but this time aim at the top right of the triangle at the peak. The ZERO/POINT will take a while to come down, so make sure to use this as soon as possible after the gates open!

The lineup will land on the brown boxes on B Site, which will suppress and spot enemy agents lurking on the default plant position, on B Rafters, some of B Heaven and in B Hell. This means you definitely want to learn this lineup and add it to your collection!

Now whilst Split is great for KAY/O, you sadly cannot play Split every game. Learning lineups is essential, so we have lineup guides for all of the other maps in the game:

Best Defending/Retake KAY/O Lineups

Defending A Site KAY/O lineups

A site FRAG/MENT Lineups for A Site from A Heaven

Now moving over to the defensive side lineups, we will start with A Site. You want to stand at the back of A Heaven, just in this corner, by the wall. This is very good for when enemy agents are pushing onto A Site and you have had to retreat. Alternatively, it can be used in a retake situation!

Aiming the FRAG/MENT at the bottom of the diagonal side of the dark grey structure will be the perfect place to aim, with the FRAG/MENT landing in the corner, just in front of the A Site plant pot and blocking some of the entryway.

The FRAG/MENT lands just as we said it would, with this being a popular place for enemy agents to lurk in a retake situation. It also blocks off an area for enemy agents to hide in, especially if you have a teammate on A Site defending it, this FRAG/MENT will really help them out!

A site ZERO/POINT Lineups for A Site from A Heaven

Moving over to the second A Site defence lineup of the guide, you will use your ZERO/POINT early on in the round to scout out enemy agents pushing A Site! This lineup will gather intel for your team and you can react and plan accordingly. Stand in the A Heaven entrance to A Rafters, just in the middle.

Aim at the top right of the roof behind the wall in front of you. Your crosshair should be on a corner where two metal beams meet to hold up a roof then throw!

The ZERO/POINT will land on the ledge, just below the aforementioned roof, being very hard to destroy as it is on a ledge. Although it is possible, it is a nuisance and will slow down enemy team pushes. You will gather intel of the locations of enemy agents in A Lobby and A Main, as well as suppressing them.

Defending B Site KAY/O lineups

B site ZERO/POINT Lineup for B Main from B Rafters

Moving over to B Site, we have arguably the simplest lineup in this list. You need to stand near the edge of B Rafters, and use this lineup at the beginning of the round to scout out potential attacker pushes from B Main and B Lobby!

Aim anywhere on the wooden building wall, just above the green ramp and jump throw! The further right you aim, the more it will cover, but you should aim further left if you use it straight away in a round!

As you can see, the lineup will suppress and reveal enemy agents in B Main, depending on where you threw the ZERO/POINT!

B site ZERO/POINT Lineup for Mid Bottom from Mid Vent

For the final lineup in this guide, we will be utilising Mid Vent and Mid Top to control B Site pushes! This is the most important area of the map on Split, so we had to include a lineup for it! Stand by the left side of the entryway from Mid Vent to Mid Top.

You then want to aim at the sculpture of noodles, just above Mid Bottom. The ZERO/POINT will actually land just behind it, on the wall.

This will suppress any enemy agents in Mid Bottom, looking for a rotation through A Sewer to B Link, or trying to push up Mid and get into B Heaven!

There we go, some of the best KAY/O lineups for attacking and defending both spike sites for his best map, Split. Let us know what you think and if you have any others you use!

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