Best KAY/O lineups on Breeze in 2024 [All Abilities]

Check out the best KAY/O lineups for Breeze, from pinpoint Zero Point throws covering entire sites to strategic Fragment placements!

Updated on Feb 27, 2024
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Best KAY/O lineups on Breeze in 2024 [All Abilities]

Best Attacking/Post Plant KAY/O Lineups

Attacking A Site KAY/O lineups

A Site Zero Point Covering the Whole of Spike Site

Stand next to these rocks and buoy in attacker spawn on the A side. Make sure you are as close as you can get. This is a very safe lineup as you are in your spawn and enemies will have to hard rush for you to even risk being in danger.

Aim the top of your Zero Point icon to the horizontal line on the middle triangular yellow support and throw. Go into a practice game if you cannot master this quickly- don’t worry, I couldn’t!

The Zero Point dagger will land on the right-hand pyramid and cover the whole of the Spike Site, including the corner by the right-hand pyramid players peek from. This is a very popular angle to be able to gather intel from, especially as it will mean enemies are either trapped or need to move instantly.

A Site Zero Point Covering Back Site and Heaven

Aim your Zero Point icon and line it up with the bottom of the higher up support on the right. Once again, this took me a while, so do not fret if you cannot get it first time!

It will land and cover the boxes, Heaven, and some of the stairs on A Site! These are some of the most common areas for enemies to peek from.

Attacking B Site KAY/O lineups

B Site Zero Point Covering Front of Site and B Back

Stand against the broken cannon on Mid Cannon in Attacker spawn, until you cannot move further. Once again a very safe lineup to try and use in your games as it is from Attacker Spawn and enemies will rarely push this far.

Aim up and aim for the small gap between the two large clumps of leaves and fire! This one does not use any icons on your HUD so it is a lot more difficult.

The Zero Point will land in the middle of the Spike Site and suppress all enemies hiding out in the corner on the left and at B Back. It will get destroyed immediately, but the intel it gains from the first explosion can change the round!

Best Defending/Retake KAY/O Lineups

Defending A Site KAY/O lineups

A Site Retake Zero Point Lineup For Spike Site

To retake A Site after the enemy have planted, use this lineup! Stand against this crate with an oil drum in it, until you can move no further.

Line up the Zero Point icon with the leaf on the shrubbery on the roof that meets the clouds on the right and throw.

It will land in the middle of the Spike Site and suppress almost anyone on it. This will get destroyed instantly, but you will get some intel from the first explosion!

A Site Flash/Drive Lineup A Spike Site

In the Attacker spawn part of A Hall, you can throw a Flash/Drive through the hole in the roof to blind the whole of A Site.

Any enemy looking down Mid Doors or looking onto A Site from A Cave will be blinded, as well as enemies in various positions around the two pyramids.

Defending B Site KAY/O lineups

B Site Retake Zero Point Lineup B Back

This is a very safe retake lineup as you will be standing in Defender Spawn,just be careful of enemies who are peeking Defender Side Arches! Stand against this pillar as far as you can go.

Look up into the bushes and aim at the small gap in the leaves and fire.

The Zero Point will end up landing at B Back and will cover the whole of B Back and most of the B Spike Site, allowing you to locate enemies and see who is lurking where.

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