Best KAY/O Lineups on Haven for 2024 [Fragment & Zero Point]

KAY/O is an agent on which you need to learn lineups and Haven is one of the most lineup reliant maps in the Riot Games FPS

Updated on Feb 27, 2024
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Best KAY/O Lineups on Haven for 2024 [Fragment & Zero Point]

Best Attacking KAY/O Lineups

Attacking A Site KAY/O Lineups

A Site Zero Point Lineup Covering Frontsite

First, you need to stand in the corner by these boxes in Attacker spawn, so don’t worry, this is a very safe lineup, and you will almost never be punished for it. It is especially good for supporting your team when they are pushing onto A Site.

Then you need to aim at this leaf just underneath the leftmost branch on the tree, and then aim upwards into the sky.

My pro tip is to make sure that the tip of your icon is touching the leaf we mentioned earlier - just like this! This is a tip I will use throughout the whole of this guide - so keep an eye on your icon!

Then finally, release! The knife should land in the middle of A Site, suppressing all enemies lurking in corners by A Sewers and by the boxes in the middle of the Spike Site. Be careful though, it will not hit enemies in A Heaven, so get your allies to smoke it off!

A Site Zero Point Lineup Covering Heaven and Backsite

This next lineup has the same starting point as the previous A Site lineup. This is good as you have a choice between two different lineups from this spot.

Aim at the end of the antenna above the doorway on the roof. This is still a very safe lineup, but be careful of enemies pushing Mid Window through B Site looking for a flank.

Aim up into the sky once again, and line the end of your icon up with the end of the antenna and release!

The Zero Point should land on the wall and explode, engulfing most of A Site on Haven, getting both Heaven and Hell, as well as any enemy agents lurking at the back of the site.

A Site Fragment Lineup Covering Sewers Exit

A Site Fragment Lineup Covering Sewers Exit It will land in the exit of A Sewers and clear out enemies waiting for your teammates to push through. Stand on these sandbags at the attacker end of A Long and turn around.

Aim upwards and go up the roof above you until you reach the second indent from the left. Then keep following the roof edge a little further and release! - jump into a practice tool if you struggle!

The Fragment should then land in the A Sewer exit. This forces them out of the area and peeking A Sewers when your team wants to push.

A Site Fragment Lineup Covering Heaven

This jump shot lineup is if you want to force an enemy out of A Heaven. You always want to use some crowd control or utility on Heaven as it is a very good vantage point for defending enemy agents to hold.

Head into this corner at the end of A Long, it is relatively safe, especially if you have allies holding the other end of A Long.

Then turn around, look up, and aim just above the second circle on the wall of the building in the background. And be careful of rotating enemies from Attacker Spawn!

If you aimed correctly, it should land in A Heaven and block off access to the window for enemy agents! Try to time this lineup with your team so that they push when your grenade lands!

Attacking B Site KAY/O lineups

B Site Zero Point Lineup for Double Doors

This KAY/O lineup with Zero Point allows for KAY/O to suppress enemies in C Garage. This Zero Point lineup is useful because it is hard to destroy, as they need to peek to destroy it.

This is the explosion area of the suppression from Zero Point. As you can see, most of it covers open ground, but some of it does cover behind Double Doors and the corner of C Site.

This will suppress any enemy agents behind Double Doors or in C Garage. Be careful as C Window is not in the suppression area.

Attacking C Site KAY/O lineups

C Site Zero Point Lineup for Front Site

This lineup requires KAY/O to stand on this propeller in Attacker spawn on C side and aim up. This lineup will hit enemies in the front of the C Spike Site, including box lurkers and in the tunnel between C Garage and C Site.

Aim in the tree at the gap closest to the flags. This is a hard area to aim for, so jump into a practice game first!

Or lineup the bottom of the Zero Point icon with the bottom of the red flag on the furthest away line of flags.

The Zero Point dagger should explode on the floor, if your team push through C Long and C Garage, the enemies will struggle to react!

Lineups are pivotal on Haven, not just for KAY/O, so check out our other Haven lineups with every agent in Valorant.

Best Defending/Retake KAY/O Lineups

Defending A Site KAY/O lineups

A Site Zero Point Lineup for Defender A Lobby

This A Site defensive lineup requires KAY/O to stand in the corner on A Site — landing in A Lobby, locating enemies to see where they’re pushing.

There is a parting in the trees, and you can aim the top of the Zero Point icon to the sun to make it easier!

This lineup will land on the roof of A Lobby and cannot be destroyed. This means enemies waiting to peek A Long cannot counter your allies peeking from the other end!

Use it at the beginning of a round to help your allies peeking A Long and A Sewers!

A Site Zero Point Lineup for Defender A Long

This A Long lineup for KAY/O’s Zero Point is best used when you know enemies are pushing. Find out by one of your teammates peeking early into the round.

Step into the corner of this cubby and line your Zero Point ability up with the corner of the building. Your crosshair should be below a small gap in the roofing.

The knife will then land on the roof above enemies — impossible to destroy, meaning you will get the full suppression duration, and it hits enemies in most of A Long.

Defending B Site KAY/O lineups

B Site Zero Point Lineup for B Window

This is the best defensive Zero Point lineup on B Site. Stand in this corner at the back of B Site. Then throw the knife over the large box and suppress enemies in B Window and around it.

Aim at the white flag through mid to B Site, on the right of the four you can see. Anywhere on the flag will do!

The suppression area will include all of B Window and the surrounding areas. Enemy agents sitting in B Window cannot destroy the knife and can only destroy it by peeking Double Doors.

Defending C Site KAY/O lineups

C Site Zero Point Lineup for C Long/Lobby

The final lineup is a defensive lineup for C Site. KAY/O stands at the back of C Site, by B and C Site connector. This allows for KAY/O to suppress any enemies pushing or hovering around C Lobby and C Long and is best used at the beginning of the round.

Aim upwards and have your Zero Point icon in line with the corner of the roof. This will hit enemies between C Lobby and C Long.

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