Best Killjoy Lineups on Haven | Nade | Alarm Bot | Turret | Ultimate

In this article we will show you the best Killjoy lineups on the Valorant map Haven.
Best Killjoy Lineups on Haven | Nade | Alarm Bot | Turret | Ultimate

This is one of our many lineup Valorant guides, which we will do for every agent that has lineups. Having this kind of knowledge can help you build a successful team composition the next time you play on Haven. Communication and practice are a must to make this happen. The enemy might not be aware, but Killjoy’s Nanoswarm grenades have multiple lineups that can clear and defend almost every angle on every site. All of this and much more make Killjoy a very unique Valorant agent, and Riot Games really hit the mark with the design of this Sentinel agent.

Best Attacking Killjoy Lineups

Attacking A Site Killjoy lineups

A Long setup

Get out on A Long, and get in the corner next to these bags. Don't get on top of them!

Look at the third wooden log on this building and line it up with the diamonds on top of your release buttons. You can’t see the first wooden log because of Killjoy’s hand but this is the correct position.

See how one is on the left side of the wooden log and the other is on the right side. Hold this position and left click, don’t jump.

This grenade will land in backside A, where most of the time someone will be hiding, and it’s another must do grenade when attacking A site.

Clearing A Heaven lineup

Haven can be a painfull map to attack on if you don't have smokes, but luckily there are some insane Killjoy lineups that can help with that.

If your team is dying to the enemy in A Heaven, get in the same position like the previous lineup, next to the bags. Aim at this position.

And then left click as you are jumping. This might take a few tries to get it down right but even if you miss it you get a good value Nanoswarm lineup. Hitting the lineup, places the grenade in Heaven like this.

But if you miss it or intentionally play around with it you get a lineup under heaven, or to other corners of the site. Get in that custom game and try it out!

Post plant default on A site

Samo position as the previous lineups for A site, aim for this position on the map, and left click.

Here is a zoomed version of the placement, in the middle of the second part of the roof and a bit lower.

Left click without jumping and the grenade will land and cover the entire front side of the spike site. You can play around with the placement to either side and can get some other sick lineups for post plants.

Attacking C Site Killjoy lineups

Attacking corner next to Connector

One of the best lineups you can do on Killjoy while on the attacking side is this one. Most of the time when attacking the C site there will be a few smokes placed by both sides.

Defenders love sitting in this corner and pick off attackers coming out of the smokes so this grenade does a great job of flushing them out. Get in the corner next to these boxes, aim for the leaf in the picture below and left click after you jump. This might need some practice to get used to the timing, but the results are amazing.

It also prevents rotations coming from Garage and i suggest you use this lineup every time you attack the C Site. Who said Sentinel agents can’t help on offense.

Attacking corner behind Plat

Another very useful lineup for countering smoke holders on the C site is this one. Place yourself in the corner on C Long.

Notice the tiny white line between your abilities and how it’s aligned with the cable management box.

Use this indicator to place your perfect backside Nanoswarms. Jump and left click to get the perfectly placed grenade in this position.

You can experiment a bit with the height of the white line and get other good lineups for Plat and the rest of the site. 

C Long post plant lineup

Get in the same corner as the previous lineup and aim for this position.

Guide yourself with the help of the corner of the metal box. Notice where to top of the triangle lands.

Left click and this Nanoswarm lands perfectly on the default plant spot for C Site.

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Best Defending/Retake Killjoy Lineups

Defending A Site Killjoy lineups

A Setup

This is the default A Setup, where an Alarm bot and one Swarm grenade stifle the push on A Long, while you can position in the cubby on A Short.

The Turret should be placed on the box so you can peek off its contact in Sewer, where another Swarm grenade will greet the enemies. Most of the time you will get traded out on this setup but if you are solo holding the site and you get two, while doing some chip damage on those in A Long, you should be satisfied.

A Retake

The first order of business is to place a Killjoy Turret in the corner like in the picture, so it detects when they get out on site. Then you can activate your grenade and prevent the plant .

Aim at this position in the back site and left click a grenade. With those two grenades you will buy some time for the rotations to come through.

Place the ultimate in this position but not right in the corner next to the wall because it can get wallbanged from multiple positions.

Line yourself up with the part of the wall that is shot on this picture and aim with a grenade between the ropes between the third and forth lamp in this picture. If you have one left of course.

That grenade should land in this cubby on A Long and combined with the ultimate should clear out every corner on the site and beyond.

Defending B Site Killjoy lineups

B Garage hold- B Site

This is a lineup that allows you to cover both B and Garage to some extent by using your utility but it’s not a strong hold. Place your Alarm bot and grenade on B, like in this picture.

B Garage hold- Garage

Then put your Turret in Garage like in the following picture and right click a grenade next to the door as the Spawn barriers drop.

This enables you to play either spot while being positioned in C Link, and can slow down pushe quite effectively.

B Setup

For the complete B lockdown setup, place your Turret on top of the box like in this picture, your Alarm bot right under it, and two grenades on each side of the entrance.

These two grenades should do a lot of damage to enemies once they are in, but you should avoid positioning yourself like in this picture because you will be forced to shoot and won't get full value out of your grenades. Play in the back and pick off wounded enemies.

Garage Setup

The complete Garage setup should look like this.

The Alarm bot next to the door should spot the enemies, but even if it’s covered your Turret will alert you.

Those two grenades cover a huge chunk of the area so this is the place you should swing towards. Wounded enemies will be awaiting you.

Defending C Site Killjoy lineups

Garage to C setup

If you don't like playing around the Garage corners this is another lineup that can halt the push, but someone will need to cover C Link.

Place the Alarm bot on the left side of the entrance, one grenade on the right side, and another one closer to the site.

This way when your Alarm triggers you can activate both grenades and do massive damage while forcing them back. If they decide to push out and force your Turret will let you know and you can peek for easy kills.

Anti Jett Setup

This lineup is specifically designed to counter the default Jett entry where she smokes, dashes and smokes again to get into the back site.

Put the Turret on the wooden logs so it can detect her if she goes on that side, right click a grenade on the belt and in the corner of Plat, while on top of it. Put the Alarm bot in the middle, so it can detect her, and play behind Plat.

Those two grenades clear out every corner if she pushes forwards, the Turret will detect her if she goes right, and you will be waiting in the back.

C Setup

This lineup is the best one to default to when defending the C site, with two grenades on the entrance of the site, an Alarm bot opposite of them to help you trigger, and a Turret on the wooden Logs again.

That way anyone coming out of smokes on either side get spotted by something and you can swing and detonate grenades.

Best Ultimate Spots for Killjoy

Best Bomb Spot A Site for Killjoy

A Short 

Get in the corner in A Short like in this picture but take two steps back. If you place it right in the corner it can get wall banged because most Valorant players know the spots.

This is the best spot for using your ultimate ability on A Site because it covers almost everything except these angles.

Best Bomb Spot B Site for Killjoy

A Short-Sewers

You can also clear the entire B Site from a similar position. Put your ultimate down on this box in A Short but also take two steps back so it doesn't get wallbanged.

This clears the entire site and because of its design, and enemy players can't even peek into the site, let alone enter.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Killjoy. If you want to see all the other lineup guides  that we have for our German engineer make sure to check out these: 

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