Best Raze Lineups on Icebox [2024 Guide]

Check out the best Raze Icebox lineups for both attacking and defending!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Raze Lineups on Icebox [2024 Guide]

Best Attacking Raze Lineups

A Site Boombot Lineups 

A Close Site Left and Pipes Clear

Sometimes, an enemy player will position aggressively under Pipes to catch someone off guard. More often than not, someone will usually get killed by that person because it is really hard to clear that angle. This Boombot will help you get to A Site without danger because it will clear Close Left and the middle part of the Site without difficulties.

To do this lineup, place yourself on the right line on the floor under A Nest and place the Boombot ability indicator in the middle of A Nest. This lineup is pretty easy to do, so add this to your back of your Duelist Agent tricks!

A Site Right Side Pipes Clear

Like the Close Left of Pipes, some enemies position themselves on the right side of Pipes. However, it is not as hard to clear as the left side because the wall is slightly slanted to prevent hard clears. If you want your Boombot to help clear that angle, then remember this lineup!

Stand on top of the box in A Belt and place the Boombot indicator slightly after the slant of the floor in Belt. Sometimes, this will also detect people who are playing aggressively in the middle of the Site.

Attacking A Site Grenades Lineups

Generator Heavy Damage Paint Shells Lineup

A Site in Icebox does not have many hiding spots, so players often play behind the Generator to kill enemies who are unaware of their position. This Paint Shells lineup will deal heavy damage on an enemy agent who is hiding behind the Generator during the round.

To do this lineup, stand on the side where the long lightbulb on the left side of the Site and wall near the entrance of A meet. Run and throw the grenade once you reach the edge of the wall. This will land exactly in the Generator, so use this if someone usually plays in that spot.

If you are interested in finding other lineups such as that one for other maps, you should check out these: 

A Site Orb Secure

The orb in A Site is pretty easy to get for defenders, and an enemy agent usually secures it to get their ultimate for that round. Do this lineup if you want to deny the orb against the enemy team. This tremendously helps against Jett players who abuse the orb and dash away easily.

To do this lineup, stand on the right wall of the right entrance of A Belt, then place your crosshair slightly above the line of the floor of A Belt. Do a standing throw to make the Paint Shells land exactly at the orb. This lineup will kill anyone who is greedy enough to challenge the orb.

Attacking B Site Boombot Lineups

B Main Boombot Control Lineup

B Main in Icebox is a lengthy passageway that has a lot of corners where enemies can hide, and this becomes a problem when an enemy decides to play short-ranged weapons like shotguns and SMGs. This lineup will help clear every spot in B Main where enemies can hide and camp.

To do this lineup, stand in front of the two metallic parts in B Garage, then place your crosshair on the right dark vertical light in the exit of B Garage. The Boombot will travel and clear all the close angles in B Green, which tremendously helps the team when entering.

Attacking B Site Grenades Lineups

Behind Yellow Paint Shells Lineup

Ever since Icebox was released, enemies often hide behind Yellow and try to play with their teammates to anchor B Site. Now that the B Site has been updated, it has been harder to take Yellow control compared to the old design. This lineup will help your team clear Yellow and force the enemy to swing if they are hiding in that area.

To do this lineup, stand on the inner slant of the Snowman area in B Site, then place your crosshair exactly on top of the middle of Yellow, then perform a running jump throw. The Paint Shells will land exactly on the back of Yellow, either killing an enemy or forcing them out.

Attacking Mid Boombot Lineups

Early Mid And Pallet Control Boombot Lineup

The mid area of Icebox is hard to challenge because of the verticality of the angles and tight space in Mid Pallet. If you want to take control of mid while keeping yourself safe, then add this Boombot lineup in your back of tricks.

Perform this lineup by standing at the edge of the yellow line in Mid, then place the Boombot connector on the right side of the first tire of Mid Tube. This will clear the lower part of Mid and Connector. Be careful from B Orange because there is a huge possibility that an enemy plays in that area; especially watch out for Initiator Agents.

Best Defending Raze Lineups

Defending A Boombot Lineups

Pipes Area Control Boombot Lineup

There are a lot of corners in the Pipes of A Site, and clearing it as a defender might be hard, especially if your team does not have a lot of map control. If you want to gather information against enemies who are pushing A Site, then add this to your arsenal.

To do this lineup, jump on top of the little box in the middle of A Site and place the Boombot indicator on the right side of the wall. The Boombot will clear both the front and back area of Pipes.

Defending A Grenades Lineups

A Default Spike Planter Paint Shells Lineup

This lineup is pretty easy and straightforward, but it gives a lot of value because it will kill an enemy agent when they plant in the default planting spot. They will have a hard time running to safety once you have thrown this lineup.

To do this lineup, stand in Screens and perform a running throw while aiming at the middle of the box in A Site. This lineup is pretty forgiving, so you do not have to worry about making a lot of mistakes.

Defending B Boombot Lineups

Back Yellow Clear For Retake Boombot Lineup

Yellow is probably the most common spot when the bomb has been planted in B Site. Now that it has been updated, it is now more challenging to clear and take control of Yellow in B. This Boombot will help your whole team to charge and fight enemies when retaking B Site.

To do this lineup, stand on the edge of the hollow wall in B. Place the Boombot indicator on the left edge of the slanted wall. The Boombot will instantly travel to Yellow and clear the back area. This lineup is pretty easy to remember, so make sure to use this the next time you play!

Defending B Grenades Lineups

Bomb Planter Heavy Damage Paint shells

Sage walls have not been as essential for B Site now that it has been updated. It has been easier for attackers to plant the spike and play the post-plant situation. If the whole team does not have control of the spike area in B, it might be hard to stop the plant altogether. This lineup will get you several kills whenever an enemy tries to plant on the usual spot.

To do this lineup, stand on the bottom right side of the snow pile, then place your crosshair slightly above the orange metal roof of B Nest. The Paint Shells will directly land on the usual attacker planting spot, so it will deal heavy damage or kill an enemy.

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