Best Raze Lineups on Haven | Boom Bot | Nades

Want to win more games as Raze in Haven? Then what are you waiting for? Master these lineups to help you win all of your games!

Updated on Sep 28, 2022
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Best Raze Lineups on Haven | Boom Bot | Nades

Riot Games releases each map with different gimmicks, and many pro players use Raze in Haven because of her angle clearing kit that helps on both attacking and defending rounds. Not only that, but her double satchel entry is a huge advantage regardless of the team comp. If you are an aspiring Raze main who wants to play her in Haven, here are the best Raze lineups in Haven for Valorant to help you win more games in the three-site map layout. 

Attack Side Line Ups

Boombot Ability Lineups For The Attacking Side

A Sewers Clear

Sewer is a common spot where an enemy plays close and tries to kill you with a close-ranged weapon, like a shotgun. This boombot lineup is excellent if your team wants to take sewer control while being safe. 

To do this boom bot line up, stand on the corner of the box and wall in the lobby, then place your crosshair in the third lightbulb that is hanging in A short. You are in a pretty safe spot when doing this lineup, and it is pretty easy to remember, so abuse it to get favorable information when pushing!

A Long To Hell And Back Site Clear

Most of the time, enemy agents will play on the back site and hell area of A, and sometimes clearing it will be really hard to do, especially if the whole team is getting spammed by utilities. This boom bot lineup will be a great addition to your arsenal for pushing the A site. 

Stand on the edge of the slanted wall in A, then place your crosshair on the edge of the two boxes in front of you. The boom bot ability will clear hell and several close angles in the site entrance. 

C Long Close Right And Back Site Clear

Clearing multiple angles will help C long because it is a really lengthy chokepoint. Not only that, but many Valorant players hide in the corners of C site because there are a lot of boxes in that area. The boom bot ability will clear close right, back site, and a little area in the platform, which provides huge information for the team.

Stand in the corner of the cubby in C long and place the boom bot ability indicator in the middle of the fifth and six wooden boxes in the left wall of C long. This lineup is pretty easy to remember, so use this as much as you can!

B Site to C Link Clear

B Site is an easy site to enter in the Attacking Side because its entrance is very near to the spike area. Players would usually clear the front part of the site only and would often leave the back site uncontested. Sometimes, teams will choose which A or C link to gain space. That is why this boombot is very helpful because it will clear the left side of B and will go straight to C link.

To do this lineup, place yourself on the left side of the third upper staircase. Look at the entrance of B Site and place your crosshair in the middle of the right ledge of the doorway, then release the boombot

You probably realized that Haven is one of the biggest maps in Valorant to date, which is why lineups are great for delaying plants or gathering information. If you are currently playing other agents, make sure to check out the different lineups for them!

Paint Shell Ability Lineups For The Attacking Side

Platform Grenade 

Sometimes there are people who either hide or take aggressive peeks in the platform area of C site. This paint shell lineup will deal heavy damage to the agent that is currently hiding in the platform. 

To do this lineup, stand on the edge of the stairs in the cubby of C long and place your crosshair on the outer edge of the roof on top of the platform. Perform a standing throw, and it will land on the upper spot of the area. On the other hand, you can perform a running throw if you want to reach the deeper part of the platform. 

A Back Site Grenade

As mentioned previously, many players hide in A back site. If you want to deal with them before entering the site, then perform this lineup the next time you play.

Boost yourself on the top of the stone slab in the corner of A long, then place your crosshair in the third wooden box in the wall. Perform a running and jumping throw. Remember to use the paint shells ability instantly after the jump to make it land exactly at the back site. 

Defending Side Lineups

Boombot Ability Lineups For The Defending Side

A Site Retake

Haven map’s A site is probably one of the most difficult sites to retake. That is why it is important to still have your boombot when executing a retake because this clears many angles that would be hard to do when retaking. This boombot lineup will help you peek and get information during the retake. 

To do this lineup, you will see two boxes outside of A site and beside A Link. Stand in the middle of those boxes, then place the boom bot ability indicator on the small rectangular brick on the wall. This lineup will clear the close right of the entrance, which many players using close-ranged guns take advantage of. Also, this can make it easier for you to clear graffiti because your enemies won’t be able to peek from hell while the boombot is charging towards the back site.

B Site Grass Information

It can be difficult to hold only one angle when you are defending B because the entrance is open to mid window and grass. This lineup will definitely help you gather information when there is an enemy agent in mid grass.

To do this lineup, stand on the A link side of the site. Look down and find the orange cable on the floor of B site, and stand in the middle of the light and dark brown part of the floor. Place the boombot ability indicator slightly left at the right side of B entrance of the right ledge.

Garage Door And Close Side Clear

Sometimes an enemy lurks just outside of garage, and it may be hard to know, especially if the team does not have prior information on the enemies. This lineup will gather all the information you need for defending garage. 

To do this lineup, stand on the right side of garage window and place the boombot ability indicator on the brown box in the middle of garage. Walk then release the boombot when you are exactly in front of the window. 

Paintshell Ability Lineups For The Defending Side

Graffiti Heavy Damage Lineup

When the bomb is planted, an enemy will stay at graffiti to crossfire with their ally in hell most of the time, which makes retaking the A site really challenging. This will help you deal damage or kill the enemy staying in graffiti. 

To do this lineup, stand on top of the brown box in A link, then look at the fifth light bulb in front of you. Aim slightly lower, then perform a running jump throw. Remember this lineup because this will be a huge help when playing Raze. 

C Site Spike Planter Chip Damage

Most of the time, enemies will plant in front of the huge box in C, and this lineup will help you deal chip damage on the enemy spike planter. 

To do this lineup, stand on the corner of C link and place your crosshair in the intersecting roofs at the top of the garage. Perform a jumping throw, and the paint shells will blow slightly above the planter in C. Remember, that this lineup will only deal chip damage and would not kill anyone on the site, except when they are low health. 

If you want to master Raze in all the maps, take your time and learn all the lineups for each map released by Valorant

No matter the ability, whether Sova’s recon bolts, Brimstone’s incendiary, or Raze’s paint shells, it is favorable that you learn some lineups for each map. Do not worry since Riot Games left several indicators to make it easier for the community to find them. Many players consider Raze as one of the best Valorant agents to use in Haven, and it is for a good reason. Practice all her abilities like blast pack and boombot in a custom game so that you will have more chances of winning matches!

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