The last Valorant Brimstone Guide you’ll ever read

Brimstone has been one of the mainstay Controllers in Valorant, but how do you play him correctly? This guide will detail how to master Brimstone!

Updated on Aug 23, 2023
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The last Valorant Brimstone Guide you’ll ever read

Everything you need to know about Brimstone

Brimstone is one of the easiest agents in Valorant, and here at The Global Gaming, we believe he is the easiest Controller to play! So if you want to prevent your enemies from planting the spike, or stopping you from doing so, Brimstone is the best Controller you can pick up and get going with asap!

Is Brimstone right for you?

A much simpler agent than his Controller counterparts, Brimstone requires lineups less than Viper, is more forgiving with smoke placements than Omen, but can also hold his own in a fight a lot more than Astra!

Brimstone is very good at playing aggressive as a Controller, as your Stim Beacon (C) gives you a massive combat advantage! So here is how to play Brimstone!

Brimstone’s abilities

Stim Beacon (C)


Brimstone’s Stim Beacon (C) is constantly getting buffed and nerfed by Riot Games, as it can be either too overpowered or often overlooked.

How to use Stim Beacon (C)

The Stim Beacon (C) gives any allied player increased stats! These include a 10% increase to Equip Speed, Reload Speed, and Recovery Speed, with a 15% increase in Fire Rate and a 15% Speed Boost.

The AOE last for 12 seconds and costs Brimstone 200 credits, of which he can purchase one per round.

When and where to use Stim Beacon (C)


We recommend using Stim Beacon (C) to force a push on the attacker side, or when you are holding an open angle. A Heaven on Bind is a great example, if you are watching over both A Cubby and A Showers, you can use the speed boost and boost to fire rate to get the kill on your opponent and duck into cover!

Alternatively, you can use it when your team is grouped up to give the buffs to the maximum amount of people!

Incendiary (Q)


Incendiary (Q) is Brimstone’s version of a molly grenade. This is the most advanced part of Brimstone’s kit, as to master the ability, you need to learn your lineups!

How to use Incendiary (Q)

Incendiary (Q) fires a grenade that explodes after bouncing. It will create another AOE, but this time that burns anyone that walks into the flames! The ability will last for 7 seconds, and it will do 60 damage a second.

The ability costs 250 credits and can only be purchased once per round, however.

When and where to use Incendiary (Q)


His Incendiary grenade is what makes Brimstone a nuisance, as you can fire this into your Sky Smoke (E) and damage enemies when they push through it. Brimstone is all about AOE and denying your enemies, and Incendiary (Q) does just that.

You can fire this into A Site Heaven on Haven to stop enemy agents peeking, which is especially useful if you don’t have maximum Sky Smoke (E).

Sky Smoke (E)


Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E) is what makes him stand out as an agent. He offers some of the best smoking abilities, with long durations and up to three at once!

How to use Sky Smoke (E)

To use Brimstones smoke abilities, you will deploy up to three smokes at once, or throughout the round. You can get up to three charges, that all last 19.25 seconds each, and cost 100 credits each. We recommend buying at least two every round, and three if you can afford it.

Left click selects on Brimstone’s tactical map where you place the smokes, and Right click confirms the placements and fires!

When and where to use Sky Smoke (E)


Sky Smoke (E) can be used at the beginning of a round, so our tip is to place them in the buy phase, then confirm immediately as soon as the round begins! We also recommend placing them in an entryway, so that they can obscure vision and so that they don’t bleed onto the site on defense, or so they do if you are on offense.

Be careful with using these all at once, however, as enemies can wait out the smokes. You can also place these on both spike sites on some maps, especially Bind! We would place two on defense in the core entryways, and then save the other until you have intel!

Orbital Strike (X)


Orbital Strike (X) is Brimstone’s ultimate ability, which is certainly a round changer! Make sure to use this whenever you can!

How to use Orbital Strike (X)

Orbital Strike (X) brings up Brimstone’s tactical radar once again, with a Left click firing a large damage dealing AOE circle wherever you aim. The ability has a 2-second windup for enemies to move and lasts for 3 seconds after winding up. It will do 20 damage per tick, with over 6 ticks a second. This is easy enough to kill an enemy from full health!

Orbital Strike (X) costs 7 ultimate points!

When and where to use Orbital Strike (X)


When attacking, we suggest keeping your devastating Orbital Strike (X) until you can play in a post-plant situation. When you hear the enemies defusing, use your Orbital Strike (X) to prevent them from defusing! We can’t count how many times this tactic has won us a round!

When defending, you can use the same idea, but when enemy agents are planting, to prevent a spike plant, or on enemies who are stuck in a chokepoint!

Best and worst team compositions for Brimstone


The best Brimstone composition should include one more Controller, one Sentinel, one Initiator, and a Duelist. Similar to this:

The Reason Raze is so good with Brimstone, is the same reason that Skye is because their Boom Bot and Trailblazer respectively can appear out of his smoke, jumping on enemies before they have time to react.

Omen likes to aggressively teleport into sky smokes, and with three available on Brimstone, he can do just that. Cypher can watch over spike sites without having to peek, so he can safely see when enemies are pushing through smokes!

The worst team compositions for Brimstone


The worst team composition for Brimstone could go like this:

Brimstone needs a Duelist who initiates and entries, something which Yoru can struggle with. Killjoy needs to set up, and whilst she is good defensively with Brimstone, she will massively struggle on the attack.

The two Initiators of Breach and Chamber would be a bad pick with Brimstone as Breach requires some form of coordination, and with Brimstone, you need to place your smokes in chokepoints. Chamber has his line of sight blocked by Brimstone, so he can be useless in situations.

The Best and worst maps for Brimstone

Brimstone does really well on maps where he can block off the main entryway onto a site, or defensive position. He also needs to be able to smoke off other chokepoints, without being a detriment to his team.

The best map for Brimstone


The best map for Brimstone is Bind, with him excelling on defense. This is because he can smoke both A and B Site from B Site with his sky smoke ability. The main choke points are A Cubby, and B Hookah, both of which Brimstone can block off.

He can also fire his Incendiary (Q) and Orbital Strike (X) into one of the teleporters on Bind to force camping enemies out of there!

The worst map for Brimstone


The worst map for Brimstone is Icebox. Although Icebox is a small map, there are so many angles that enemy agents can pop out from, and being able to only smoke off three of these limits his power.

If you are a Controller player, we recommend Astra for Icebox, as the ability to pick up and replace stars is very powerful!

Best and worst guns for Brimstone

Being a Controller, Brimstone can benefit from playing at a mid-range. You want to stand close enough to the action, so your Sky Smoke (E) will always be in range, but far enough away that you aren’t caught with your radar out!

The best guns to use when playing Brimstone


Our best guns for Brimstone will focus on the mid-range gunfights. They go as follows:

The Vandal/Phantom is up to you which one you choose, and if you can’t decide, we have an article detailing what’s better, the Vandal or the Phantom. The Spectre is a great gun on Brimstone. This is because of his Stim Beacon (C) as you will have an increased fire rate, meaning you can spray faster and get those kills!

The Bulldog and Ghost have lower fire rates but are very strong. With the buff, they go up significantly, meaning once again, you should win more gunfights!

The worst guns to use when playing Brimstone


Brimstone is good with every gun in the game, but some suit his play style more. The worst guns for Brimstone follow:

The Bucky and the Judge force Brimstone to play up close, and although you can lurk in your smoke, you will be at a much higher risk of death if you need to use your abilities up close!

The Stinger and the Frenzy although similar to the Spectre are great with the increased fire rate, there is no reason to purchase them over the Ghost with the fire rate increase meaning the recoil resets faster!

Defending Tips for Brimstone

  • Smoke off the main choke point onto a spike site! Try and use one for each site, and then keep the other for whatever site you play on!
  • Find areas where you can place Sky Smoke (E) on both sites, such as Bind B Site! This is crucial, especially if you only have one Controller, you need to be affecting all areas of the map.

Attacking Tips for Brimstone

  • Learn post-plant lineups! Playing off-site in a post-plant situation is the safest thing you can do, so make sure you learn lineups for all the default plant positions on maps. If you want a Brimstone lineup guide for Bind, his best map, then we have you covered!
  • Use your Sky Smoke (E) to get you onto the site! Make sure the smokes bleed onto the site and create a safe passage with them!
  • Save a smoke in case you need to rotate! You don’t want to have to push a site without your smokes because you used them too soon, so be careful! 

That is all from us for the last Brimstone guide you will ever read, hopefully now you have an idea on how to play the American Controller, so we expect to see some awesome montages!

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