Valorant Breach Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Breach has a very high skill ceiling but can be one of the best utility agents in Valorant. Here is the last Breach guide you will ever need.

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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Valorant Breach Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Everything you need to know about Breach

Breach can use his utility and crowd control from the safety of behind a wall, and with multiple abilities dazing enemies they hit, he is one of the best Initiators in the game. He has a high skill ceiling but once mastered will help you climb easily!

Is Breach right for you?

Putting in the work is key for playing Breach as he requires lineup knowledge to be through the roof. He also requires a level of coordination with your teammates so if you are looking for an initiator to play with your friends- look no further than Breach.

Breach’s abilities

Aftershock (C)


How to use Aftershock (C)

Breach can fire an area of effect damage beam through a wall to heavily damage enemies on the other side. The ability takes just over 2 seconds to windup so is somewhat easy to dodge but enemies who stand in the zone take 60 damage each tick- with 3 ticks being used. This means enemies can die if they stay in the zone for all 3 ticks.

The ability costs 200 credits and Breach can only have one each round.

When and where to use Aftershock (C)


Aftershock (C) is best used after blinding enemies with your Flashpoint (Q) or another form of vision prohibition on your team. This gives enemies very little time to react to Aftershock (C).

Enemies are warned when they are going to get damaged by Aftershock (C) by a large red circle on their screen- meaning you will give away your position when using this ability. You can also use it to flush enemies out of angles and hopefully allow an ally to get a kill on a moving enemy.

Flashpoint (Q)


How to use Flashpoint (Q)

Breach charges up for half a second and fires into a wall or surface, blinding through the other side. All enemies who look at it are blinded for 2 seconds.The blind does not fade out and is at full strength for the full two second duration.

Flashpoint (Q) costs 250 credits for each of the two charges Breach can have in a round.

When and where to use Flashpoint (Q)


We recommend standing as close to the wall as you can when using Flashpoint (Q) to get the full effect of the blind on the enemies. Try to use the blind on angles you know enemies are peeking from or angles they are holding. This is because Flashpoint (Q) is relatively expensive and wasting 500 credits a round can lose you the game.

Use Flashpoint (Q) in coordination with your team pushing and flashing themselves as if the enemies look away from one, they get hit by the other.

Fault Line (E)


How to use Fault Line (E)

Breach fires a seismic blast over a distance after a second windup which can be extended by holding down fire (left click). The blast fired by Fault Line (E) dazes enemies, concussing them for 3.5 seconds.

Because Fault Line (E) is Breach’s signature ability, it is free and Breach can only have one charge at a time, but it has a 40 second recharge.

When and where to use Fault Line (E)


The main idea behind Fault Line (E) is to force enemies out of angles they are holding. Because Fault Line (E) has a windup of 1 second, it can be somewhat easy to dodge, but it forces enemies to move.

Your allies can be affected by Fault Line (E), so make sure you consider where you are firing the ability and that none of your allies are nearby, meaning you will only hit the enemy team.

Rolling Thunder (X)


How to use Rolling Thunder (X)

Breach’s ultimate ability is Rolling Thunder (X). It is essentially a jacked up version of Fault Line (E). It can hit more enemies as the seismic blast hits all terrain in a direction, rather than just the floor.

Rolling Thunder (X) extends the daze and concussion to 6 seconds in contrast to Fault Line (E) being 3.5 seconds. It also knocks back enemies 7 metres, which forces them out of angles and can expose them to your team.

Rolling Thunder (X) costs 7 ultimate points.

When and where to use Rolling Thunder (X)


On your minimap, you can see where Rolling Thunder (X) is going to hit, so make sure you always look at that first!

Rolling Thunder (X) is one of the most flexible ultimate abilities in Riot Games’ FPS. It is the best initiator tool in the game, exactly the role Breach wants to fill. It can be used when attacking to force a push and when defending, as it can slow and stop an enemy push as well as help your team retake a spike site after the enemy has planted.

Best and worst team compositions for Breach

The best team compositions for Breach


Breach wants his team composition to be filled with agents who will run in once he has initiated. The best team composition for Breach is this:

Phoenix and Raze are very good Duelists to have when pushing as they can push in deep and capitalise on the Initiator in Breach doing his job. Phoenix can also cover Breach’s Flashpoint (Q) with his Curveball (Q).

Omen as the designated Controller means that smokes and blinds can be placed exactly where Breach wants them- not overlapping with his utility. Sage as the Sentinel allows Breach to blind through her Barrier Orb (C) wherever he wants to, as well as healing the team after rushing the enemy team.

The worst team compositions for Breach


Breach needs a team composition that can capitalise on his abilities. There is no point in him using his abilities if another agent is going to overlap their utility and vision blockers with his or not push when he uses his. The worst Breach team composition goes as follows:

Whilst Breach can work with these agents, both Neon and Viper block off vision with their walls and Breach likes to blind enemies who are close on the other side of a wall to him. It is pointless for an enemy to be blinded if they cannot see anyways due to a wall.

KAY/O does a similar job to Breach as he incapacitates enemies and prevents them from doing certain things and if both use these abilities at the same time, they will overlap and it will be a waste.

Skye is a good agent to be on Breach’s team, but as she wants to initiate with her Trailblazer (Q) and then follow up, as well as her Guiding Light (E) preventing her from pushing with it necessarily, there is little follow up from Breach’s abilities.

The Best and worst maps for Breach

The best map for Breach


Ascent is the best map for Breach. This is because of the narrow choke points- which are very good for Breach’s lineups- that focus around the spike sites. Whilst the middle of the map is very open, if Breach is sitting at the top of Catwalk, he can easily concuss enemies that are in Courtyard with his Fault Line (E).

Aftershock (C) and Flashpoint (Q) are both very good abilities at flushing enemies off of site, especially in the back of B site. Pushing through and holding B site is very easy as a Breach as the angles that enemies can hold are very narrow, so the fact that Breach can blind and apply crowd control from behind walls means enemies are forced to play at different angles each time to avoid getting pre-fired.

The worst map for Breach


Icebox is the map Breach is worst on. This is because of all the various angles where enemies can be hiding. Breach thrives on narrow and linear areas, which although Icebox can be compact on A site, with B site and mid this is not the case.

Enemies on B site can wait on the actual planting site itself or at B Orange, angles Breach struggles to safely fire his abilities at. This is a similar case on A site as Breach struggles to reach A Rafters and A Screens.

Best and worst guns for Breach

The best guns to use when playing Breach


Breach doesn’t require guns to one shot enemies or have high mobility as the enemies should be concussed and knocked back if he has used his utility right. The best guns for Breach go as follows:

The Vandal and the Phantom completely come down to personal preference, but if you are planning on swinging close angles to kill concussed and blinded enemies, the Phantom is slightly better because it is better at close range.

The Odin and Ares both are very good for Breach as he does not need mobility, because he should be playing up front as an initiator regardless. The Odin does a better job than the Ares but both will suffice.

The Judge can fill the role of the two machine guns nicely. Especially if Breach has his ultimate ability, he can mow down multiple concussed enemies very quickly.

The worst guns to use when playing Breach


Breach wants to avoid guns that will leave him exposed for too long, as he wants to be able to kill his enemies before the Concuss debuff times out. The worst Breach guns go like this:

The Marshal should never be bought on Breach, as he should never be sitting behind his team. If you want to make full use of Breach’s kit then you should always be playing at the front. The lack of one shot potential and range you need makes the Marshal pointless on Breach. A similar case is true with the Bulldog. It does lacklustre damage for Breach’s playstyle compared to other guns for cheaper.

The Guardian has such a low fire rate that unless you are refined and can reliably hit the headshot on concussed enemies, you will struggle to kill them within the 3.5 second concussion time.The Sheriff is the same and very expensive for 800 credits, you are better off getting the Frenzy or a Ghost.

Defending Tips for Breach


  • Make sure to time your abilities with enemy pushes. You can massively slow down pushes with your whole kit, allowing your team time to rotate.
  • If an ally is flanking, try and communicate for them to push when you are concussing enemies. This will allow both you and them to peek and kill numerous concussed enemies.

Attacking Tips for Breach


  • Communicate with your team when you are about to use your utility. The whole point of Breach having the concuss debuff on multiple abilities is so you can swing a corner and kill enemies. There is no point in concussing enemies and not attacking.
  • Use your minimap for lineups. You do not always have to rush in first, but you should make sure enemies are hit by your utility from the safety of behind a wall or quite far away.

Breach is a very communication based agent, so hopefully you can pick him up after reading our guide and carry your friends!

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