Valorant Custom Game Cheats: Complete Guide

Valorant custom games have a lot of options, including cheats. Here you'll get a complete guide towards custom game cheats in Valorant.

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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Valorant Custom Game Cheats: Complete Guide

One option that's too fun to miss in Valorant is custom game cheat codes. You can play with these cheats in Valorant custom games with your friends. From infinite abilities ammo to god mode, now we'll check out how you can use cheats in Valorant so you can cheat with free skins!

Valorant Cheat Commands

Valorant cheat codes are really great and exciting, but they come with a catch. If you thought you'd be cheating in Unrated or Competitive, you're wrong. You can only run cheat codes in custom games. However, you can choose the custom map and game mode, such as Spike Rush or Deathmatch.

How to Enable Cheats in Valorant Custom Game?

Some people think that simply entering custom games will grant them the ability to use cheats. 

Well, that's not the case since the creator of the custom game lobby will have to manually have the cheats enabled to use infinite abilities ammo, pause match timer, end game phase, and more different cheats for your custom map. 

So here's how you can enable cheats in a Valorant custom game step-by-step:

  1. Click on Play above
  2. Select Custom Game on the right
  3. Choose your map then click on Options
  4. Make sure the “Allow Cheats” option is turned on
  5. Click on Start below and select your agent
  6. When you’re in-game, click on Esc to open game settings
  7. Select the Cheats tab on the far right


Here you'll be able to see all cheats in Valorant. Other games require you to type cheat codes and secret codes to use them. 

Still, to use cheats in Valorant you'll have to either select the specified cheat or enable it by clicking "On" in the cheat console to use them with your best Vandal skins along with our Valorant skin randomizer to help you pick them.

Why should you use Valorant Custom Game Cheats?

This custom game guide for cheats will help you understand them. But why should you use them? Here are some interesting things you can do with all the enabled cheat codes for online gameplay in Valorant:

  • Use Ghost Mode to explore maps: with Ghost Mode, you can travel beyond the map’s limit. And the Riot Devs have left us some easter eggs around the maps you can explore
  • Use Infinite Abilities with friends: in their competitive spirits, people forget that Valorant is played for fun. Now go organize some ability-only tournaments with your friends. We recommend you trying out our Valorant Agent randomizer for character picks, and doing a BO1 match with a 10 of your friends, using random Agents with infinite abilities, as an idea for a fun gaming night! Of course, to make it more spicy, you can try our other randomizers such as random Valorant Map generator, or random Valorant weapon generator.
  • Practice lineups: you can enable Ghost Mode with a keybind. So try a custom lineup, then instantly enable Ghost Mode and travel the trajectory to see where your ability will fall.

To help you make all the unncessar

All these fun things have to do with the available cheat codes in Valorant, but some players have a hard time understanding them. So what do they mean?

All Cheat Codes in Valorant

There are a lot of cheat codes you can use in Valorant. If you don’t know what every cheat means, you’ve come to the right place. So here's an explanation of all the cheats in Valorant:

Ghost ModeYou can either turn it on by setting a key bind in the separate menu or enable it lower on the cheats tab. This option will make you a literal ghost making you able to phase through all objects on the map and go anywhere you want
Pause Match TimerIt pauses the match timer to the time you've enabled this cheat
End Game PhaseThis option will end the current game phase entering you into the next one
Restart GameThis Valorant cheat will fully restart the custom game
Infinite Abilities
You'll have unlimited abilities for the specific agent you're playing
Infinite Ammo
The ammo will never run out for the weapon you're using
Infinite Magazines
You'll never have to reload your weapons like the Vandal or Phantom
Infinite Creds
You can buy whatever you want from the shop with this Valorant cheat
Ignore Shopping Restrictions
The weapon shop is available anywhere on the map
You're immortal, you won't be able to die alongside your other enabled cheats
Instead of spawning at the default spawn location, you'll spawn where you died
Agent For Next Round
You'll change your agent to the selected one here for the next round
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