How to Jiggle Peek in Valorant [Ultimate Guide]

Learning the Jiggle Peek will enable you to get valuable info while being out of harms way. Here's how you can do it.

Updated on Feb 22, 2024
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How to Jiggle Peek in Valorant [Ultimate Guide]

Jiggle peeking is one of the many different peeking techniques that you might encounter in Valorant. When performed correctly, there is absolutely no way the enemy can get you even if they are waiting for you with their scoped Operator

The only exception to this rule is if an opponent is cheating or expecting you to be there and gets lucky with a shot. There are two types of Jiggle Peeks, one done with strafing and another with jumping, here's how you can do the strafing one.

You can practice jiggle peeking by:

  1. Hugging the wall next to the specific angle that you wish to peek from
  2. When ready, press the movement hotkey to the side that you wish to peek, but make sure it’s only for a split second
  3. Right after you press that hotkey, press the opposite hotkey to go back to where you were, and that's it.

To successfully jiggle peek, these are the steps you must follow. If you want to practice jiggle peeking, your best buddy is the practice range and a random angle of your choice. Constantly peek corners until you feel like you're ready to do it in a real game.


When To Jiggle Peek in Valorant

Learning how to do the Jiggle Peek in Valorant is just one step in the right direction of improving as a Valorant player. Here are a couple of situations in which you should prioritize jiggle peeking instead of taking the fight straight on.

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Beginning of round

There's no better time to peek effectively than the start of the round. Giving important intel at the beginning of the round will gather information for your allies to plan the round ahead and take the next steps with fewer risks. It's essentially spamming movement keys at an angle until someone appears on the map, simple.

Peeking Ascent

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Defending the Spike Plant

Regardless of the situation, even in unwinnable scenarios, your team will expect you to pull it off and clutch that 1 v 1 or even the 1 v 2 clutch moments. If you're defending the spike, peeking is what you should do to minimize the risk and guarantee the round W. You can be creative here and after jiggle peeking you can add a wide swing peek and try to contest and actually fire at the enemy agent.

Defending Spike Plant Peek

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Contesting Mid

In Valorant there are maps that are played around the mid area, and when occupied they give a huge advantage to your team in both attacking & defending scenarios. Peeking here can give you the intel you need about a possible OP waiting to snipe someone, or a person trying to contest it. If you were thinking about it, these are the best agents you should play on Ascent. Peeking with them has a different vibe here.

Mid Contesting Peek

Once you're done gathering info, you can try your luck and use your strafe shooting skills and contest the mid guy to try to occupy the area. A big tip here while doing the wide swing would be to adjust your crosshair placement to enable you to pre fire the enemy agents you've previously spotted while jiggle peeking.

That's all you need to know about these peeking techniques that are super popular in Valorant right now. Give yourself enough time to practice them, and with enough confidence, the enemies will call you out for smurfing in no time.

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