The best Valorant agents for Ascent 

Ever since the Ascent map was added to Valorant, the key to winning the map has remained the same. These are the agents that perform the best on Ascent.

Updated on Jul 20, 2023
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The best Valorant agents for Ascent 

Apart from needing good aim and all of the attributes that good Valorant players possess, Ascent is one of those maps on which drafting is crucial. Having a good team comp is necessary for success on any map but especially on this one, depending on your elo that is. In this article we will be taking a look at the agents that can help you the most, to grab more wins in Competitive mode on Ascent.


Ever since Astra was released, she has been one of the premier smoke agents in the game. And where better to capitalize on that ability than on a small map like Ascent. She is the go-to choice for a controller on any map not named Icebox or Breeze, where Viper takes over.


Picking her allows teams to play the default setup, which was the key to success for many pro teams from North America. Her global map presence holds a lot of value, especially with smokes that last a lot of time, which enables other agents to collect more information. Her defensive utility goes on full display on this map with two strong CC abilities and an Ultimate that can completely change a round.


She is the clear favorite when choosing a smoke controller because she can hold down a site all on her own, enabling the rest of the team to push for control on the opposite side.


With her being a mobile and fast entry fragger, Raze is a natural counter to a defensively structured map like Ascent. Her explosive entrances are necessary for entering a site stacked with controllers, and her Satchel jump is a great tool for that purpose.


With how narrow this map is, once a Raze breaches your defensive line it's very hard to regain control as a defender. For the same reason, her grenades can have a huge impact later on in the round, when doors are closed and the CC is layered to funnel the enemies into chokepoints. Although nerfed, her BoomBot can still give valuable information to help determine the placement of her enemies.


And we all already know what happens when enemies funnel into tight corridors against a Raze Ultimate. She is definitely one of the best duelists for this map based on her mobility and AOE damage potential.


Riot Games have a long history of creating agents and champions that are painful to deal with, and Killjoy is no exception. The reason Killjoy is here on the list is because she is a nightmare to deal with for anyone trying to take a site on Ascent.


She is one of the best at defending the lane on the B site, due to the insane amounts of utility and damage her spells have. With proper placement, you can slow down their push anywhere, even site A, peeking them mid-run while they shoot down your Turrets and Alarm bots, making them an easy target to finish off once they're on the site.


Her ultimate can cover the entirety of both sites while being placed safely, and she can do all of this on her own. She is not dependent on communication and reactions from teammates like Cypher.


Although one of the most skill expressive agents in the game, playing Jett on Ascent is one of the best things you can do.


As we already mentioned the importance of mid control on this map, it should come as no surprise to anyone that an Operator user like Jett finds major success here. With the map having some of the longest sightlines in the game, and Jett's mobility, a Jett defending with an Operator can easily take over the game. Allowing her to play in open areas where she can free fire can be especially deadly with her dash alone giving her a ton of options for aggressive defender angles.


Rushing cites with smokes and making the most of bad situations are the trademarks of highlight-reel plays made by Jett players. Combining that with arguably the strongest Ultimate in the game and facing a skilled Jett player on Ascent becomes a daunting task.


It should come as no surprise that Sova is probably the best agent for this particular map. Apart from the crazy amounts of utility and information gathering his spells provide, another reason for Sova being so dominant on Ascent are the walls.


With them being so thin that you can wall-bang from most spots, good usage of your Recon Bolt can bring a lot of value. Most of the time when enemies are spotted they can be sprayed through a wall before they have time to react. Additionally, the angles on the entrances to the spike sites are so favorable to his Recon Bolt that he can almost clear the entire site with proper placement.


Sova can also be a major threat when defending the B site, especially when he has an Odin. If any enemy players get tagged with his Recon Bolt in Garage, the fast spray of the Odin ensures them a bad round. With how movement speed is affected when you get hit unless you have a dash or shoot down the dart before it reveals you, counter playing this move is very unlikely.

The dynamics of the Ascent map have been troublesome ever since it was introduced to the game on launch day. By design, whoever gets control of the middle of the map should get to dictate the flow of the round. Because the map is so small and rotations can happen in a split second, decision-making is crucial for success. Every angle needs to be cleared carefully and even when you establish control over a site, you need to be wary of flanks.


The key to winning as the attacking team is getting control of mid and splitting after that to exert pressure.. And by taking mid-control as attackers, you get tons of options to choose from. From a defending perspective, you will also want to have mid control, but if you can't do that, you will have to pressure the sides. Instead of sitting on the site and being worried about the angels and entrances the enemy might take, you need to group and push for control. This is most commonly done by advancing in the B main section.

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