How To Fix Valorant 1TB File Size Bug [Fast & Easy]

Valorant 1TB file size is just a visual bug. Fix it through System File Checker or Deployment Image Servicing and Management to repair corrupted system files.

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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How To Fix Valorant 1TB File Size Bug [Fast & Easy]

When you see that Riot Games' Valorant is taking too much of your storage space because of a 1 TB file size, just sit back and relax, it has nothing to do with incorrect storage usage. It's a usual glitch, mainly caused by your operating system

One possible cause of the incorrect storage size is corrupted system files. To repair all the files, whether corrupted or missing, I suggest running System File Checker (SFC) or Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM). This could also help you if your Valorant is crashing all the time or you want to search for ways to increase FPS.

You can also try to uninstall Valorant, and then install it again, but from our research, uninstalling games doesn't really help with this bug. 

All in all, it doesn't reflect your actual Valorant's file size and it doesn't affect Riot Vanguard at all; it's just a visual bug and won't impact your gameplay.

xqc 1tb valorant bug

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Valorant 1TB File Size: xQc Meme Trivia

The thing about the 1TB file size Valorant is that it came to light once again when an incident happened concerning xQc, who plays Valorant, and many FPS games occasionally. 

In April 2023, he lost his mind when he looked into his storage settings discovered that Riot Valorant's file size is 1 TB on his disk space, and he yelled at Riot Games for a bit. Of course, he eventually calmed down when fans and viewers explained what that was all about, but the memes were created and stayed with us to this day.

Pretty random glitch, huh? 

Well, speaking of random things, let's talk about something that's still random, but still effective. We've recently released a few Valorant randomizers, such as random Valorant weapon generator, Valorant map randomizer, Random Valorant Agent selector, or random Valorant skins tool. 

Unlike the 1TB Valorant File Size bug, you can use these tools to your advantage.

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