How to fix 1TB Valorant file size

Here's how to fix your Valorant application that takes 1TB storage size.
How to fix 1TB Valorant file size

Is your Valorant application taking too much storage space on your PC? Don't worry because you are not alone.

In April 2022, Canadian Twitch streamer xQc lost his mind when he discovered that Riot Games' first-person shooter game Valorant's file size is 1TB. Soon after, he calmed down when fans and viewers explained what that was all about.

1TB Valorant file size

Like many FPS games, Valorant also has its fair share of glitches and bugs, but the thing about the 1TB file size Valorant came to light once again when an incident happened concerning xQc, which plays Riot Games' Valorant from time to time.

In one of his streams, xQc was installing The Sims 4 when a prompt said that his computer was running out of space. xQc was uninstalling games like Call of Duty Black Ops II when his viewers noticed that Valorant was almost 1TB big.

xQc 1TB Valorant file size

Although The Sims 4 was successfully installed on his computer, xQc opened up the programs and features menu on Windows to confirm the comments of his viewers that Valorant's file size is enormous compared to other FPS games.

How to fix Valorant's 1TB file size

As soon as a fan pointed out that it was just a visual glitch, xQc went into hilarious outbursts. After all, the 1TB file size of Valorant that can be seen in the control panel is just a visual bug (and a hilarious glitch at that).

xQc is not alone in experiencing the bug since most people reported almost 300 GB of Valorant when they are looking in the control panel. In fact, Valorant takes around 10GB of storage.

Windows bug

When you see that Valorant is taking too much of your storage, just sit back and relax. It's a usual glitch, mainly in your operating system. Incorrect storage usage has been asked about many times in Microsoft Windows' online forum, and an independent advisor gave the solution.

According to the independent advisor, one possible cause of the incorrect storage size is corrupted system files. To repair all the files, whether corrupted or missing, he suggested running System File Checker (SFC)/ Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM).

If you are not obsessive-compulsive, that 1TB Valorant storage won't harm your gameplay. Always remember that it's just a visual bug.

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