How to Increase FPS in Valorant

A guide to increasing and boosting your max FPS in Valorant for better gameplay performance.

Updated on Jul 18, 2023
How to Increase FPS in Valorant

Some players have a hard time with low FPS in Valorant. Although the game’s already been optimized for low-end PCs, some of us don’t have it the best and want the best possible FPS in Valorant. So let’s take a look at how to increase FPS Valorant to play better with the best Vandal skins!

Change Valorant Graphics Game Settings

The first thing you can do to increase the FPS in Valorant is to tweak the in-game settings. Even Valorant itself can limit FPS with the wrong program settings. So next we’ll check out the best Valorant settings to boost FPS.

Open the game settings in Valorant, then select the Video tab above. In the General tab of the game settings, make sure your display mode is on Fullscreen mode and set a lower resolution for your in-game settings. Make sure the Aspect Ratio method is set to fill too. This display mode change alongside low resolution will improve FPS in Valorant, but only if you don’t limit FPS. So set the Limit FPS in Menus, Limit FPS in Background, and the rest of the Limit FPS settings to OFF.

After this, select the in-game settings Graphics Quality tab above which will show you a lot of in-game settings like Material Quality, Texture Quality, V Sync, Improve Clarity, Detail Quality, etc. Now here are the best settings to improve FPS in Valorant:

Material QualityLOW
Texture QualityLOW
Detail QualityLOW
UI QualityLOW
Anisotropic Filtering1x
Improve ClarityOFF
Experimental SharpeningOFF
Cast ShadowsOFF

These changes in the Valorant settings will significantly improve FPS in Valorant at the cost of good visual quality and image quality. But if you want to push the FPS limits to reach Radiant, then follow up as there are more ways to increase FPS in Valorant.

Set Windows PC Performance Settings

Sometimes your Windows PC will run amock in the background with some specific settings lowering FPS in Valorant and any other game. What you can do is change these Performance settings, and here’s how you can do it:

  1. Search for This PC on your Desktop or below
  2. Right-click This PC and select Properties
  3. Click on Advanced system settings located on the right
  4. Select Settings under Performance
  5. Click on the “Adjust for best performance” option
  6. Click on Apply and select OK
Valorant Performance Windows Settings Increase FPS

This will make your Windows PC look a lot uglier, but it will improve FPS in Valorant. You’ll enjoy your weirdest crosshair at a faster pace now! Though there are still a lot more ways you can boost that Valorant FPS.

Turn on Game Mode Settings

If you have a high-end PC, this option won’t increase Valorant’s performance all that much. But since you’re here, you have a lower-end PC and this can help you out tremendously. To enable these settings, search for “Game Mode settings” in the Search Bar below, select the first option and turn Game Mode ON.

Valorant Game Mode Boost FPS

Some players say that this option turned off gives them more FPS, so try it out either way. Another thing you can notice in the image above on the left is Xbox Game Bar. You can disable that option and see if you’ll get more XP and better FPS playing Valorant.

Change PC Power Options

These options determine how your PC handles power for minimum or maximum performance. So the next thing you can do to get better FPS in Valorant is to change the power options, and here’s how you can do it:

  1. In the Search Bar below, search for Control Panel
  2. Open the first option and make sure View by above is set to Category
  3. Select System and Security
  4. Find the Power Options and open it
  5. Click on the arrow on the right at Show additional plans
  6. Locate High-Performance Power Plan and turn it on

If the High Settings mode power plan isn’t available, do these next steps to make it visible to turn it on:

  1. In the Search Bar below, search for Command Prompt
  2. Right-click it and run it as an Administrator
  3. Type the command “powercfg /s SCHEME_MIN” and press Enter
  4. Open the options from the previous steps
  5. See if the High mode power plan is available
Valorant Power Options High Performance Increase FPS

This should push that maximum performance and lower FPS drops even more for the easiest Valorant agents. The next solution to increase FPS though is focused on NVIDIA users.

Set NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

If you have an NVIDIA GPU, then this solution is for you. If not, then continue onwards. But what you can do is change the NVIDIA Control Panel settings for max FPS. This is a direct change from the graphics settings, so it’ll help you out big time.

Firstly right-click on your Desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel. On the left, click on “Adjust image settings with preview”, set it to “Use the advanced 3D image settings” and click on Apply. After that, select the “Take me there” option. Click on Program Settings above. Select Valorant at the drop-down menu above. Now set the NVIDIA Control Settings like this:

Material QualityLOW
Texture QualityLOW
Detail QualityLOW
UI QualityLOW
Anisotropic Filtering1x
Improve ClarityOFF
Experimental SharpeningOFF
Cast ShadowsOFF
Valorant NVIDIA Control Panel Settings Increase FPS

Changing these NVIDIA settings like Low Latency mode, Anisotropic Filtering, Texture Filtering, and Multi-Frame Sampled AA will surely give NVIDIA GPU users max FPS on Valorant for enhanced gun skin visuals on the best Phantom skins. But if these GPU settings didn’t particularly help you out, there are still a bit more ways you can improve FPS in Valorant.

Disable Valorant Fullscreen Optimization

Fullscreen optimizations for games often cause low FPS. That seems to be the case in Riot Games’ Valorant, so what you can do is disable it if you prefer maximum performance. Here’s how to disable Fullscreen optimization for Valorant:

  1. Locate your Valorant installation folder
  2. If you can’t find it, right-click on VALORANT on your Desktop shortcut
  3. Click on Open file location
  4. Click on “Riot Games” above in the Folder Path
  5. Open the VALORANT Folder, then the live folder
  6. Right-click on Valorant and select Properties
  7. Turn on the Disable fullscreen optimizations
  8. Turn on Run this program as an administrator while you’re at it
  9. Click on Apply then OK
Valorant Fullscreen Optimizations Administrator Increase FPS

This should make hardcore FPS players like TenZ play Valorant smoothly and improve FPS greatly. Though the next solution to boost both your PC and Valorant FPS will help you even more.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

Updating graphics card drivers is always a good idea to get better performance, be it on a high or low-end PC for any online game or casual use. So here’s how you can update your graphics card to improve FPS on Valorant:

  1. Search for Control Panel below
  2. Open the first app and make sure the View by option above is set to Category
  3. Click on the Hardware and Sound category
  4. Select Device manager located above
  5. Find the Display adapters option and double click it
  6. Right-click the graphics card you use and select Update
  7. Select “Search automatically for drivers” and go through all the steps
Valorant Increase FPS Update Graphics Card Drivers

You can also update graphics card drivers from the official website of your manufacturer, which you can find here:

After this, there’s 1 more thing you can do to increase that FPS:

Set Valorant to High Priority

The last thing you can do to increase FPS while playing Valorant is to set the game to High Priority in the Task Manager. To do this, you need to have Valorant opened. Then click Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select Task Manager. Click on the Details tab above and locate VALORANT.exe and VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe in the Windows Task Manager. Once you find them, right-click them, and set them to High Priority.

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