How To Check Your Valorant Playtime [In-Depth Gude]

You can check your Valorant playtime through third-party websites, and we're going to show you how!

Updated on Sep 05, 2023
How To Check Your Valorant Playtime [In-Depth Gude]

How to Check How Many Hours you’ve Played Valorant?

Riot Games won’t show you how many hours played you have on Valorant. Though there is a way to see your Valorant playtime through third-party websites, one such being! 

This online tracker won’t give you a 100% guaranteed playtime, but it’s relatively close if you want to track and get better at Valorant. will also give you other important Valorant stats, so here’s how you can check how many hours spent playing Valorant you have:

  1. Go to the Riot Games Valorant website
  2. Select the ‘Play Now’ button, and log in with your Valorant ID
  3. Visit the site and click on ‘Sign in’ on the top right
  4. Once prompted, link your Valorant account by selecting the Riot Games option
  5. Finish creating and linking your account
  6. Go to the Valorant section of
  7. Search for your Valorant account like this: RiotID#Region and click on your account
  8. If a message says your account is private, check the approve box and click on the login option with your Valorant ID
  9. On the top right, select All Acts of to check hours played for Valorant

Valorant Playtime Check Tracker calculates the hours played you have for each individual act, as well as the hours you’ve played with each individual agent. Besides the total playtime, this tracker also displays other in-game Valorant stats such as winrate, weapon accuracy, and much more.

So now Valorant players can check how much time they have spent in Valorant. You may just awe over the number, thinking you’ve either put in too many hours into the game only to be Iron, or you haven’t played all that much.

Why Should You Know How Many Hours You’ve Spent in Valorant?

The total playtime you have on Valorant is a really important factor in you improving in the game. Some Valorant players may underestimate it, but the truth is that if you have over 500 hours played on Valorant and are still stuck in Bronze, then you need to change something about how you play the game. Well, maybe you are just playing with the worst Agents, or you focus on playing the sexiest Valorant characters rather than following the metagame.

This can also be seen in the in-game stats on your account. If there’s bad accuracy, lots of lost games, and negative KDA, then you should consider improving your skills by playing easier Valorant agents. So keep an eye out for the main Valorant battleground data statistics here!

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