Refund your Valorant Skins in 5 Easy Steps

How to refund your well spent cash on Valorant skins in 5 easy steps!
Refund your Valorant Skins in 5 Easy Steps

Have you bought yourself a Vandal skin in the Valorant store with your hard earned Valorant points? What if you don’t want to use some weapon skins anymore? Good news for you, because Riot Games has an option that makes it available to refund your skins or the in-game currency (Valorant points)! In this post you will learn how to refund skins and refund agents in Valorant that you spent your hard earned Valorant points on!

What cosmetics can I refund in Valorant? 

For your Valorant refund, on their official site it says that although the option for a refund is available, not everything can be refunded. The following rules are stated for you to be eligible for a refund on your well spent Valorant points:

  • The content is unused
  • The content was bought no further than 14 days ago
  • The content is listed as refundable content.

With that said, here is the list of content of what you can and can’t refund in Valorant:

What you can refund:

  • Valorant Points (for your money back)
  • Weapon skins.

What you can’t refund in Valorant:

  • Character Contract Levels
  • Premium Battle Pass
  • Premium Battle Pass Levels
  • Weapon Skin Levels
  • Radianite Points
  • Bundles.

A key factor that you should also remember is if you use or if you have upgraded your weapon skin with Valorant points, then you aren’t eligible for a refund on that weapon skin.

Is the skin or cosmetic you want to refund in the list of refundable items? Then you’re in luck because now I will do my best to explain to you the 5 easy steps on how to refund the skin you don’t want anymore in your inventory for your well spent valorant point!

Refund your Valorant Skins in 5 easy steps

If you made sure what you spent your Valorant points on is in the list of refundable items above, then here are the 5 steps to refund your skins with the refund system:

Go to the Riot Games Support site

The first step for your Valorant refund is going to the official Riot Games Support site

Click on the Valorant Section square

Now that you’re on the site, click on the Valorant Section square It should look like this:

Valorant Support Section Square

This should lead you to the official support site of Riot Games for Valorant.

Click the Purchase History button

To refund what you want, you have to open up your purchase history for Valorant. So now you have to click on the purchase history button which should look like this:

Valorant Support Purchase History Button

This should bring you to a new tab with a Log In button. When you click the button, it should bring you to a tab asking you to log in with your Valorant account to view your purchase history. So the next step is

Log in with your Riot Games account

Be absolutely sure that you are on the official site for Riot Games’ Support so as to not get scammed! Now log in using your account on which you want to get your refund. When logged in, your purchase history and information should appear. And now it’s time for the last step:

Click on the Refund button that’s next to the skin you want to refund

In your purchase history, there should be a refund button next to your purchased skins. It should look like this:

Valorant Purchase History List

For you to refund what you want and what you’ve spent your Valorant points on, you have to click on the Refund button that is next to the Valorant skin that you don’t want anymore. If the skin is refundable, then the game client for Valorant will open up where you should be refunded!

As you can see, a refund as a player for your spent Valorant points on a skin isn’t really that difficult. You can even refund your Valorant points for cash refunds after 14 days of the transaction, provided you haven’t spent it. If you follow these provided 5 steps you can do it very easily! Although Riot Games is known to change their policies from time to time, this article is correct as of the time it’s written. Now, what are you waiting for? Go refund that Reaver Knife!

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