How to Rank Up Fast Valorant: Complete Guide

A guide on how to start ranking up faster in competitive play in Valorant

Updated on Aug 24, 2023
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How to Rank Up Fast Valorant: Complete Guide

Riot Games didn’t fail to give us an excellent competitive environment in Valorant. This has sparked a lot of Valorant players the love to get a higher rank to reach the likes of pros like TenZ.

But reaching that stage of competitive play can take a lot of time and practice. And some players just don’t have the nerve for that. So here we’ll check out how to rank up in Valorant fast!

How to Rank Up Faster Valorant?

Train your Aim

You must have a good aim to win games and get a competitive rank higher than others in Valorant overall. Although there are agents with their abilities, they exist to create a better situation for you to win gunfights with your aim either with the Vandal or Phantom. You can train your aim on the Practice Range and in Death Match lobbies before a competitive match.


You could also use an aim trainer like Aim Lab, but it's best recommended you stick with what’s given you in-game. Your aim will determine if you’ll have a successful round with the best Vandal skins, so be best prepared if you want to rank up fast in Valorant!

Get a Few Friends to Play Together

It’s always best to get a few friends and win games in a duo or a 5-players team rather than getting yourself in a solo separate ranked queue. Not only will you have better communication, but you’ll also have a deeper understanding of each other’s capabilities.

So you may have bad aim but great map control and game sense and you have a friend that’s a top-fragger but has zero game sense. In this situation, you can become one of the support players supporting your friend who can play dueling-type agents. This will always be a win-win situation for you and your Duelist best teammates alike!


You could get along with your right teammates on Discord. Not only will you rank up faster in Valorant with your buddies, but you’ll also have a great time together, even completing the Battle Pass for the best Battle Pass skins!

Don’t Underestimate Placement Games

Valorant’s ranked system is made in a way that your starting rank will determine your rank rating for the rest of the Act. So if you underestimate your placement games and get into Iron, climbing ranks fast may be a bit of a problem. And let’s not even forget the MMR system. Can the rank have a lot of influence from MMR? Yes, it can, since basically, your whole rank rating depends on how you place in the beginning, and how you continue to progress.

Communicate Early Game Info Efficiently

The most important part of a Valorant round is the early game. Having good communication with your best teammates during the beginning of a round is crucial to securing rounds and winning games.

For example, if you’re defending and notice a lot of flashes and abilities come your way, you can rest assured the enemy players are planning to rush the site. So if you tell this to your good teammates ASAP, they can rotate faster and help you out with the best ultimates and utility support. The same goes for attacking, if you lack the skill level to take key areas of a site or notice a flank, tell your team instantly so everyone’s on the same level of information.


Having a backup and extra players on the same level of information as you will benefit you greatly. Your competitive drive will get a boost and you’ll enjoy playing competitive even more than before with the best knife skins if you communicate early game info.

Plan Round Economy

Some players look at how much money they have for the round only for themselves. Imagine if you have money to buy a Phantom with the best Phantom skin, but the rest of your team has bad pistol weapons. Your whole team will possibly die, leaving you in a 1v5 situation making your Phantom worthless since the chances of you dying to the enemy players are high.

That’s why you should plan your round economy with your good teammates together. If you have a lot of cash but your team doesn’t, just buy a Ghost alongside them. In the next round, all of you can do a full buy and have a higher chance of winning.


Another good example of planning economy is if you have 8000 credits while one of your teammates has 3900. They can full-buy the round with the best skins ever, but it’s better for you to buy that stuff for them because the max amount of credits you can have is 9000. This means that you’ll overlap with credits the next round, so it’s better to use them for your teammates rather than waste them on the game’s system.

Create and Train Competitive Ranked Team Comp

Another important thing to get a competitive rank higher than your previous one is training for a great competitive ranked team comp. This is where playing with friends comes useful because you can train a team composition with them for each map. One person can be a support Sentinel, the other can be a smoking Controller, while the third can be an entry Initiator. You can basically create an agent composition really well with the whole agent pool.


It’s best you do a team composition with your friends because, in a ranked queue, a lot of times agents overlap. So imagine the frustration of having all backup and extra players being Duelists on your team with 0 support utility from the hero pool.

Plan and Choose Team Strategies

Having the right strategy to follow with your whole team is important if you want to start winning and climb ranks fast. If 3 players go to one side while the other 2 go to the other, and if some rush while the others camp won’t do your team good. That’s why players opt to default: find easy kills and weak spots in the enemies’ play style and use them to win rounds. Try out and test strategies but never surrender because Riot Games may punish you!

Take Control over Key Points on Map

The last thing you need to know to rank up in Valorant fast is to know and control the key points of a map. You’ll have to practice these, but for the most part, the middle is the most important part of a map. For example, Ascent’s middle leads to the entry of all the sites, so if no one defends it, it’s basically a free loss.

So, those were the options to rank up faster in Valorant! However, ranks really reward you with anything nowadays, so check out some ways to make money while playing Valorant to make your climb a bit more productive and profitable.

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