Can You See Your Valorant MMR? [Explained]

Just like in other games from Riot Games, such as League of Legends, the ranking system in Valorant operates using a hidden MMR.

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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Can You See Your Valorant MMR? [Explained]

MMR (Match Making Rating) is the basis of many ranking systems in competitive games, including the one in the competitive shooter game from Riot Games. It’s basically your true skill level, your real rank.

If we knew its value, everything would be just easier, and we would know more about our current ranking position. But is it even possible to check it? And if so, how? Look deeper into this article to find out!

How To Check Your MMR in Valorant?

Valorant’s ranking system works with a hidden MMR system. Yeah, this basically means that there’s no way to see player’s MMR value. Here’s an official statement from Riot Games about it:

You will never see your MMR – it's what we use to create fair matches. When you queue into ranked for the first time, or after an Episode reset, we have an idea of where your “Rank” belongs because we rely on your MMR as a guideline. Unfortunately, we only have an “idea,” so we place you on the low end of where we think you belong in the MMR system”

Valorant Ranking System MMR

However, you can kind of guess how high your MMR is judging by your Rank Rating (aka RR points) gains after a competitive match.

In short, the higher your RR gains after a match, the higher your MMR value is compared to other players from the same skill level as you; that's how Valorant ranking system works. So yes, the reason why you can have less Ranked Rating gains and big Rank Rating losses could be because of your low MMR.

That said, people with higher MMR have less trouble climbing through the Valorant Ranks. So, is there an effective way to increase your Valorant MMR for a Competitive Play mode?

How To Increase MMR in Valorant?

The only way to increase your MMR (for all Valorant ranks) is to win your Competitive Matches – period. Yes, that is it. Regardless of your skill level, you have to win your games in a Ranked Mode to increase the base MMR value; the more matches are green in your match history, the better for your MMR.

Valorant Match History

The MMR system works like that for every competitive game from Riot Games, and the system in Valorant is no different. And after all, if you want to get into that sweet Radiant rank, there is just nothing else you should be interested in doing other than ranking up faster in Valorant. And if you want to get out of this ELO hell while having fun, then you might want to try our Valorant Agent randomizer combined with random Valorant weapon generator. And if you have a substantial skin collection, TGG also has a pretty nice random Valorant skin generator with all bundles covered!

Importance Of Your Placement Matches For Increasing MMR

However, one thing that is also important when it comes to how high your MMR is are the placement matches. These are the first five games that you have to play before completely unlocking the ranked mode in Valorant.

Valorant Ranking System Placement Matches

The more placement matches you win, the higher your base MMR will be, and therefore you would have it easier to climb due to decent Rank Rating gains. That said, treat every placement match as seriously as possible; this is one of the most important things in the Valorant ranking system.

Can You Reset Your MMR in Valorant?

No, your MMR never resets. It will slightly decrease at the beginning of each Act for everyone, so you will likely get a lower rank compared to the one you had in a previous Act.

Still, if you did well in a previous Act, you should not be worried as the high MMR will help you get back to the rank you had before.

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