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Best KAY/O lineups on Icebox

Icebox is a very small map, this means that lineups are crucial- especially for KAY/O. Here we have all of the best KAY/O lineups for Icebox!
Best KAY/O lineups on Icebox

This lineup guide provides you with the best lineups for KAY/O on Icebox, as well as exactly how to perform them. The Initiator is very good at utilising his crowd control abilities in tight areas and Icebox is filled with them. Whether it be using FRAG/MENT to force enemy agents out of a corner, or ZERO/POINT to scout out enemies early on in the round- KAY/O can be a menace on Icebox with the right lineups!

Best Attacking/Post Plant KAY/O Lineups

Attacking A Site KAY/O lineups

A site FRAG/MENT Post Plant lineup for default plant position from A Belt

So our first lineup is A post plant lineup when attacking A Site, you will be able to use this lineup in a post plant situation from the safety of A Belt. Try and plant if you can, or at least coordinate with your team. Lineup with the end of the triangle on the ramp, and stand on the yellow line.

Aim just over the top of the ridge, and place your crosshair on the light grey trim around the roof going away from you. This lineup is very safe, but just be careful of enemy agents rotating from Mid Blue or even B Site and flanking you!

This is where the FRAG/MENT will land, and it will prevent any enemy defuse of the spike, meaning a free round victory if you time it correctly!

A site FRAG/MENT Post Plant lineup for default plant position from A Nest

Another FRAG/MENT post plant lineup, but this time you will be standing at the bottom of A Nest. Stand against this wall next to the zip wire going up into A Nest. This lineup is useful to have in your pocket, as you can interchange where you throw the FRAG/MENT from, meaning enemy agents cannot predict your position!

Whilst standing against the wall at the bottom of A Nest, aim at the furthest away rectangular light on the roof, more specifically the top left corner of it. Go up a little then you then want to throw the FRAG/MENT grenade and gain an easy round win!

As you can see, the FRAG/MENT explodes in most of the front of A Site, meaning that enemy defenders cannot get anywhere near the spike. Be careful of enemies rotating or peeking you from A Site and A Pipes however.

Attacking B Site KAY/O lineups

B site ZERO/POINT lineup attacking B Site from B Cubby

Moving over to B Site attacking lineups, we have a ZERO/POINT lineup which will land on B Nest on B Site. This is one of the newer lineups found since Icebox got a rework, and it is a crucial lineup to know. Stand in B Cubby, just on the left of this large rock.

This is a little tricky. The snow on the green box, you want to aim at the largest lump before the yellow crane beam. Then you want to move your crosshair out into the sky to around the middle of the yellow crane beam.

The ZERO/POINT does not have to be super specific in terms of how far out you go into the sky, as it will land just in various positions near B Nest. The ZERO/POINT is a very hard one to react to, as it will force enemies to move their crosshairs, and it will suppress any enemy agents lurking in or around B Site!

B site ZERO/POINT Post Plant lineup for default plant position from B Cubby

For the second attacking B site lineup, we have a post plant lineup. You want to stand in the exact same place as the previous lineup. These kinds of lineups are very good as you can throw two different pieces of utility from the same area! 

There is a letter K marking on the brown middle box towards the right end. Aim at the middle shape in the K, specifically the bottom, and you want to lineup the top of your ZERO/POINT icon on your HUD just below it then jump throw. Your crosshair should be just below the largest lump of snow before hitting the crane.

The lineup will land exactly on the default plant position on B Site and will prevent any enemy agents getting close to the spike- you are also very safe hiding in B Cubby, so you shouldn’t be killed doing so. You also have the jump on any enemy agents rotating from A Site or B Blue through Attacker Spawn!

Icebox is a great map to learn lineups and how to use them - and this doesn’t just apply to KAY/O. We have comprehensive lineup guides for a cluster of other agents:

Best Defending/Retake KAY/O Lineups

Defending A Site KAY/O lineups

A site ZERO/POINT Lineups for A Nest and A Belt from A Site

Moving over to defensive side lineups, we have two-for-one! This lineup is relatively simple, but it can be used in two different ways! You want to stand in A Nest on A Site for both. Peek out of the zip wire entrance and throw the ZERO/POINT at the wall to the right of the opposite A Nest.

This will suppress any enemy agents in that A Nest or on the ground behind A Pipes, ready to push through onto A Site. Be careful of being shot however, so use this at the beginning of a round!

Similar to the previous option, this variation is best used at the beginning of a round. This variation has you throw the ZERO/POINT to the left of the opposite A Nest, onto the wall behind A Belt!

This one will suppress any enemy agents pushing up A Belt, trying to get a higher vantage point. You will have to choose which one you use each round, but make sure to keep switching it up!

A site FRAG/MENT Lineup for default plant position from A Screen

This lineup is very good when playing retake on defense. This is because you can relatively safely prevent enemy agents from planting in the default plant position. Doing this at higher levels will mess up post plant lineups for attacking enemies- such as Viper’s Snake Bite lineups. Stand against the wall with the letter A on it.

Aim just through the gap between B Screen and B Nest on B Site, just about half way up the teal shape on the right. Be careful you are not going to be shot from A Rafters however, so make sure you clear it first!

The FRAG/MENT will land on the default plant position and prevent plants here. Make sure to use this just as enemy agents are trying to take site, as it will drastically slow down their push.

Defending B Site KAY/O lineups

B site FRAG/MENT Lineup for default plant position from B Orange

For defending B Site, this is a very good lineup to prevent enemy attackers from planting in the default plant position. If you are lurking around mid and watching it, stand by this KNG sign on the left box by B Orange.

Aim loosely at the closest grey panel on the front of B Nest on B Site and throw forward. The FRAG/MENT grenade should bounce off of it and land in the default plant position.

As you can see, it also blocks the whole passage through to B Orange, so you are relatively safe, and the only threat is from B Tube and Mid Blue behind you!

B site ZERO/POINT Lineup for default plant position from B Back

For the last lineup in this guide, stand in this corner by the B Back Building. This is the safest lineup in this guide and should be used in a pre-plant situation to prevent the enemy team from planting in the default plant position.

Aim just above the grey end on the left side of the orange structure above you, it does not have to be exact, but try and be quick about it, throwing it as the enemy team starts to plant.

It will land before they finish planting and force them to stop or take a load of damage. They will also be out in the open when running away too!

There we have it, the full detailed guide on KAY/O Icebox lineups, what did you think? Let us know if you have anymore! We also have full KAY/O lineups for every other map in the game here too:

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