Best KAY/O lineups on Bind | Fragment | Zero Points | TGG

Best KAY/O lineups on Bind | Fragment | Zero Points

Here are the best KAY/O Bind lineups
Best KAY/O lineups on Bind | Fragment | Zero Points

This guide will show you all the lineups you need to know on Bind for KAY/O, both attacking and defending for both spike sites. As an Initiator, KAY/O will always be required to engage and start off fights, and the best way to do that is with his FRAG/MENT ability. The ability can be thrown from a fair distance away so lineups mean that KAY/O does not always have to be on the front line! KAY/O’s lore has him as a killer robot- follow this guide and channel your inner KAY/O!

Best Attacking/Post Plant KAY/O Lineups

Attacking A Site KAY/O lineups

A site FLASH/DRIVE blinding lamps and heaven

This blind is pretty simple to execute and is very good for initiating onto enemies holding the common angles on A site. Throw the FLASH/DRIVE into anywhere in this area- the higher up, the more likely you are to blind enemy agents in Heaven.

The blind will then explode, blinding any enemies that your team can peek and kill, or at least push up and gain control of A Cubby and potentially force enemies out of A lamps. 

This is what the lineup looks like from the enemy perspective and as you can see, it will guaranteed blind any enemies looking down A Cubby into A Short, as well as enemies covering Heaven looking into A Showers.

This is one of the best KAY/O FLASH/DRIVE lineups in the game- and definitely for A site on Bind- as you can end up blinding the whole enemy team peeking various angles!

A site ZERO/POINT Lineup covering A Site and A Lamps

This ZERO/POINT lineup can be thrown from two different areas, being A Short and A Showers. This one, in A Short requires KAY/O to peek and throw the ZERO/POINT just above the two boxes at the end of A Cubby. 

It will suppress all enemies in A Lamps, on the front side of A Site and behind the truck on A Site. It will likely get shot down after one cast of suppression, but you will still gather intel and information from this.

The other angle is through A Showers. This is a lot safer as KAY/O needs to expose himself a lot less. Throw the ZERO/POINT over the boxes onto the wall for the same affect and suppression range.

Post Plant A Site KAY/O lineups

A site FRAG/MENT Lineup covering A site truck plant

This lineup is designed to stop enemies defusing the spike after you and your team have planted the spike. This also allows you to play safely and away from site, meaning you should have enough time to escape. Go and stand in this corner tightly in A short after planting the spike.

You then need to aim right in the corner of where these leaves meet and fire! This will stop enemies defusing and it can easily win you round after round. This post-plant lineup requires some organisation with your team and ideally you want to be the one to plant so you know exactly where to place the spike!

This is where, if the lineup has been done correctly, the FRAG/MENT will land, meaning if you or your team planted in this area- preferably where the picture indicates, enemies will be prevented from defusing the spike. 

A site FRAG/MENT Lineup covering A site boxes

This lineup is another post-plant lineup, but this time for the other most popular plant spot on A site on Bind- behind the green stacked boxes. The good thing with this lineup is that most players plant here anyways so you need a little less communication than you would with the previous lineup.

Angle the crosshair upwards and put it just in the gap in the corner where the nearest antenna ends. This should land perfectly!

If you have correctly lined up the FRAG/MENT, it should land like this and damage any enemy near the spike you have planted- just make sure you do not die until the spike is planted so you can pull off this lineup and make yourself look like a genius!

Attacking B Site KAY/O lineups

B site FLASH/DRIVE blinding elbow and back site

This FLASH/DRIVE lineup will allow you to flash most of B site without giving enemies a chance to react. This includes back site and B Elbow! Stand in the corner by the boxes next to the teleporter- make sure your back is touching the boxes!

After throwing, the FLASH/DRIVE will explode just over and in front of the buildings on the left, which will blind anyone playing at the back site of B site and anyone playing in B Elbow. This is a really effective flash, as it allows you to wait at the teleporters in case an enemy pushes through as well as still initiating for your team!

B site ZERO/POINT Lineup covering B Window

If you are unsure about any enemies lurking in B Window, tucked behind the wall, waiting to pounce, This ZERO/POINT lineup is for you!

Throw at about headheight into the very corner of this wall, but be careful, enemies might swing and kill you whilst you are exposed, so make sure you have a teammate or two covering you!

This ZERO/POINT lineup will cover everywhere except the far corner in B Window, alerting you to any enemies lurking there- as well as behind the wooden boxes just outside of the teleporter!

Post Plant B Site KAY/O lineups

B site FRAG/MENT Lineup covering B site boxes

This lineup is for the most common planting site for the spike on B site by attackers, so hopefully your team will always plant here without you having to do it yourself. On B long, locate this rock and stand on it, touching the blue wall and aim up.

Then place your crosshair inbetween the wires where they connect to the metal cylindrical metal shape on the wall on your right. This will mean the FRAG/MENT should land perfectly.

The FRAG/MENT, if the lineup was done correctly, will land like this, covering the popular spike site as you can see, as well as behind the two green stacked boxes and in the tube on B site. This is a very useful lineup to know as you will be relatively safe pulling this off towards the end of a round, as the enemies should not be anywhere near B Long.

KAY/O also needs to use his lineups to full effect on other maps too, not just Bind. Luckily we have articles about all of these too! Read about KAY/O’s lineups on other maps below:

Best Defending/Retake KAY/O Lineups

Defending A Site KAY/O lineups

A site ZERO/POINT Lineup for A Showers

This ZERO/POINT lineup is crucial and requires you to stand in the corner of the plant area on A site, next to the truck and boxes. It is a very hard lineup to try and perfect, but once perfected, you can scout out any enemies in A Showers- whether they be at the back rotating, or trying to force a push.

You want to lineup your NULL/CMD icon with the very top of the antenna you can see in the background- preferably the middle ultimate point icon with the top and fire! Be careful of enemies pushing down A Cubby so make sure a teammate is covering you!

If fired and thrown correctly, it should land just in this hole in the A Showers roof about five seconds later! As we said this is a very hard lineup to learn so make sure you go into some practice games to try and efficiently master the lineup before wasting time in your competitive games!

Defending B Site KAY/O lineups

B site ZERO/POINT Lineup for B Short

This ZERO/POINT lineup is one of the most useful lineups when defending on B site on Bind and is best used early on into the round to locate enemies and figure out what angles they are pushing from. This lineup is very powerful as you can prevent the enemies from destroying this ZERO/POINT dagger if thrown correctly.

Lineup the corner of the FLASH/POINT second cast bar with the left corner of the stone pillar on top of this building and throw. This is one of the harder lineups to use your hotbar and HUD with as it requires a lot more fine tuning as one small miscalculation and the dagger will no longer be indestructible.

This is where the ZERO/POINT should land, on top of the roof, if the lineup was done correctly. It will suppress all those in B Short, including around teleporter and the connector to B Long. It will help establish whether the enemies are pushing through B short and B Window or somewhere else!

Other lineups on Bind are crucial, so if your whole team knows a couple of lineups on Bind, you are sure to dominate the enemy team. Here are our other Bind lineup guides:

Hopefully this guide has shown you some new and awesome KAY/O lineups for Bind and that you will now start dominating your games even more!

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