Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Icebox

Yoru’s abilities are tricky compared to other Duelist agents. In fact, they can be used in lineups. Here we’ll see the best Yoru lineups for Icebox!

Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Icebox
Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Icebox

Duelist agents in Valorant tend to have a rush in tactic with their abilities. But one agent defies that rule by taking on sites with tricky tactics and lineups for all maps - Yoru.

Yoru has been an outcast out of all agents because of his ability playstyle. But if his abilities are used correctly with specific lineups on each map, he can be a beast. So here we’ll check out the best Yoru teleport lineups Icebox Valorant!

Best Attacking Yoru Lineups for Icebox

Attacking A-site Yoru Lineups

A-Belt to Under Rafters at A-Screen Gatecrash Lineup

The first out of the Yoru teleport lineups we’ll see will lead you under A-Rafters at A-Screens. Stand atop of A-Belt, and aim at the far corner of A-Pipes.

You should use this Yoru teleport lineup once your team’s close to pushing into A-site. It also works as a great fake teleport!

A-Main to Under Rafters A-Hell Gatecrash Lineup

You can also teleport under A-Rafters on the opposite side compared to the previous one from A-Main. Be around the general entrance leading towards A-Nest. Then aim at A-Pipes and use your teleport.

This Valorant Yoru teleport is best used when there’s 1-2 enemies guarding A-site.

A-site Flash from A-Belt

You can blind enemies at the A-site planting spot with a tricky flash lineup from A-Belt. There’s a small opening high above on the A-Nest building. Aim your flash there, and throw it.

Enemies closer to the zipline A-Nest building won’t be as affected by this flash, so watch out for that.

Attacking B-site Yoru Lineups

Mid-Blue to B-Snowman Gatecrash Lineup

From Mid, you can teleport far back from B-site at the snow pile of B-Snowman. First stand at the corner of the Mid smaller box on the side of A-site.

Then align your crosshair with the top corner of the big blue container and use your teleport.

You’ll score some easy kills off enemy Valorant players on B-site. But be careful, rotating enemies can catch you off-guard at B-Snowman!

B-Garage to B-Site Big Tower Gatecrash Lineup

If you want a more straightforward teleport on B-site, then this one’s for you. Firstly be at the exit of B-Garage towards B-site. Place your crosshair at the black left corner of the raised container, and use your teleport.

This will get you at the big tower besides B-Yellow. You can combine it with a flash, but it works as a great fake teleport too.

B-Yellow Flash from B-Green

Operating-wielding enemies holding B-Green from B-Yellow won’t like this flash lineup. Just aim high above at the green containers shown below from B-Green, and bounce your flash off them.

You must peek and be quick progressing to the site with this flash though since you’re still miles away from the site!

Best Defending Yoru Lineups for Icebox

Defender Spawn to Attacker Spawn Gatecrash Lineup

This is a very specific and hard Yoru teleport lineup, but the payoff is huge since it’ll get you into the Attacker side spawn from Mid. First, stand at the right side of Mid-Boiler.

Then place your crosshair at the edge of the lower big blue container on the left. But not directly at the edge, but just a bit on the right until your crosshair doesn’t align with the edge by a milimeter.

Practice this flash in a custom game first. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have an instant cross of the entire map with Yoru.

Defending A-site Yoru Lineups

A-Rafters to B-Snowman Rotating Gatecrash Lineup

If you’re defending A-site, but the enemies are at the other site, you can instantly rotate with a teleport at the stairs leading to A-Raptors. Aim at the inside left part of the door at B-Hut, and use your teleport.

Rotating Yoru teleport lineups are some of the simplest and best ones in the game. So this one will definitely help you out and your teammates with your presence!

B-Tube to Attacker Spawn A-site Barriers Gatecrash Lineup

Although you’ll use this teleport from B-Tube, it’ll get you right behind A-site’s entrance from the attackers side spawn. Stand at the right doorframe of the B-Tube entrance from B-Kitchen. Place your crosshair at the first left blue light line, and use your teleport.

A-Main Flash from A-Rafters

Remember the attackers flash we saw with the zipline A-Nest building for attacking A-site? Well, that hole above is on the zipline building at A-site’s planting spot too. You can hit it with a flash from A-Raptors.

If the enemies have passed A-Pipes, then this flash won’t be as effective. Other than that, it’ll perfectly blind players right below A-Nest, atop of A-Nest and A-Belt too.

Defending B-site Yoru Lineups

B-Snowman to A-Rafters Rotating Gatecrash Lineup

You can instantly rotate with one of Yoru’s teleport from B-Snowman. You’ll have to be at the corner of the B-Fence building for Yoru’s TP to work.

Then, aim at the right door. Align your crosshair inside the door on the left side, and use Yoru’s teleport. 

You’ll cross the entire map onto the stairs of A-Raptors to freely play and help out your teammates.

B-Main to Attacker Spawn Gatecrash Lineup

Yoru can get into the attacker side spawn from B-Main with a simple teleport. You must be at the edge of the entrance closer to the planting spot.

Then aim at the container on B-Main. Align your crosshair with the top of the left side of the K letter, then throw your teleport.

If the enemies are attacking B-site, this teleport is very risky and should be used as a fake one. This is because they’ll see it most of the time. But if they’re attacking A-site, you could flank and back-stab them with this TP.

B-Main Flash from B-Yellow

This flash isn’t expected most of the time, so you can play it to blind enemies at B-Main from behind Yellow. Aim at the building from behind you, and use your flash. Don’t use it at the same location over and over again, since enemies will start to expect it!

These are the best lineups you’ll ever need if you play Yoru on Icebox. He’s a bit of a tricky agent, but that’s what makes him so special to perform sick outplays with lineups. But to do them on Icebox, you may need to learn Icebox’s callouts!