How much money have I spent on valorant?

Spending money in Valorant is the best way to get cosmetics such as skins. This article will show you how to find out how much you have spent!

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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How much money have I spent on valorant?

In Valorant, spending real life money is the most efficient and easiest way to get skins in the game, whether it be directly buying them from your daily offers, Night Market or their inclusion in a bundle, to gaining them as the result of a battle pass purchase.

Now there is a very high chance that if you really want to know how much money you have spent on Valorant, you probably think you’ve spent more than you should have and that you have given into the temptation of an Elderflame Vandal or a Spectrum Phantom one too many times. More often than not a player in this situation wants to know how much they have spent- well here is how you can find out how much you have spent on Valorant!

How to find out how much money I have spent on Valorant


The good thing is that Riot Games themselves directly provide you with a way to check how much money you have given them through their official support website and your Valorant account- just a forewarning, check at your own risk!

  1. On the Riot Games support page there is a link which will open Pandora’s Box and allow you to check how much you have spent on Valorant.
  2. Log in to your account and after that there is a chance you may have to complete the two-factor authentication to access your purchase history.
  3. The next step is to log in by clicking the massive red button that says “Get My Purchase History”- this is your last chance, what was it they always say about never clicking a massive red button?


There you have it, are you happy with how much you have spent on Valorant? Will this change your future decisions when a Protocol 781-A Spectre or a Prime Vandal appears in your daily offers or Night Market- probably not, but at least now you can add it to the ever increasing mountain of money you have given Riot Games for their Valorant weapon skins and cosmetics!


How come I have spent so much?

Now you may think that surely the amount shown is way too high and it is impossible you have spent that much but think again!

If you buy a battle pass for €9.99 once every two months, that is just below €60 a year! On top of this, if you spent €20 a month, which is around the average price for an Exclusive Edition weapon skin, that is an extra €240 a year.

Look at that, €300 a year just on 12 skins and 6 battle passes. It all adds up. Now €300 a year doesn’t sound like much, but this is limiting yourself to one weapon skin a month.


Considering your daily offers refresh daily, the Night Market comes around monthly and Riot Games release a significant amount of bundles, with new and exciting weapon skin prospects in them, it would be hardly surprising if you exceeded this €20 a month once or twice!

Add in the fact that Valorant was initially released June 2nd, 2020,  Valorant has nearly been out for two years- if you follow this one weapon skin a month and every battle pass format, by June 2023 (not too long now), you would have spent €600 on the game!

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