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How to Change Valorant Enemy Highlight Color

A complete guide towards changing the enemy highlight color in Valorant.
How to Change Valorant Enemy Highlight Color

When you're playing any competitive game out there, you'll want to see the enemy player clearly to win. Riot Games knows this, so they were kind enough to give us an option to change the enemy highlight color. Not only will you improve enemy visibility, but you'll also customize highlight color to your liking.

So let's take a look at how you can change Enemy Highlight Color in Valorant to start enjoying the most expensive skins!

Valorant Enemy Highlight Color

How to Change Enemy Highlight Color in Valorant?

Changing the enemy color in Valorant isn't anything difficult. There are a good amount of colors that you can choose from to make the enemies more noticeable on your side for more kills. So here's how to change the enemy highlight color in the Valorant settings:

  1. Press the Escape button in Valorant to open Settings
  2. Select the General Settings tab
  3. Click on the Enemy Highlight Color option under Accessibility
  4. Select the enemy highlight color you wish to use
Valorant How to Change Enemy Highlight Color Guide

There are 4 enemy colors you can choose from in the game: 

  • Red (Default)
  • Purple (Tritanopia)
  • Yellow (Deuteranopia)
  • Yellow (Protanopia)

You can check out every enemy highlight color individually below:

All Valorant Enemy Highlight Colors

Besides Red, the other colors are more focused on players that suffer some sort of color blindness, so the purple is for Tritanopia, and yellow has 2 versions: Deuteranopia yellow and Protanopia yellow. Red's the default for winning with the best agents and their abilities over the enemies.

What is the best Enemy Highlight Color in Valorant?

To choose the best enemy color, firstly enter the Practice Range and enable the bots. They'll follow the color you choose, so you can test out the best color to play a match against real enemies with the best guns. A lot of players go with one of the yellow variants, but choosing the right color that suits your eye the best at the right time will make you stay ahead with your attack and abilities of the enemies over the enemy location.

Riot Games gave us the option to make enemies more visible, and we should use it to the best. The option's more focused towards color blinded players, but hey if it gives us better visibility over the enemies with our best Vandal skins it won't hurt to use it. So go change the color to your eyes' comfort and start winning more games like a boss!

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