The most expensive valorant skins ever released

SkiHere are the most expensive Valorant skins so you can become the ultimate skin connoisseur!
The most expensive valorant skins ever released

Valorant skins vary in looks, style, effects and of course, price. At this point in time there are 404 weapon skins available for purchase with Valorant Points (VP). These are split into five tiers, all ranging in price with Valorant Points. However some of these aren’t available for purchase due to them being battle pass rewards. 

The most expensive Skin Bundles in Valorant

The Spectrum Bundle

On September 8th 2021, Riot Games released their most expensive weapon skin bundle ever- The SPECTRUM Bundle. The bundle cost 10,700 Valorant Points, which works out to be just under €100!

The skin bundle itself included skins for the Bulldog, Phantom, Classic, Guardian and the melee weapon, the Waveform. The skinline focuses on sleek and sharp looks. With well finished white, blue and pink neon colour schemes for the base, non-variant guns.

All of these weapon skins have upgrades to add VFX, finishers and variants which are available for purchase for Radianite Points. The skinline, which was a collaboration with music art, Zedd, is arguably one of the best and cleanest skin lines in the game but has had a lot of backlash against it, primarily due to the price.

At a price of 10,700 Valorant Points, the Spectrum gun skins individually cost 2675 Valorant Points, which are the most expensive gun skins in the game; significantly higher than the Elderflame Collection gun skins by 200 Valorant Points. The SPECTRUM Waveform melee weapon costs 5350 Valorant Points, joint first with the Champions 2021 Karambit knife. Luckily, there are some legit options to earn money by just playing Valorant, so getting such skin from the Store is not that unrealistic anymore.

The Champions 2021 Bundle

Coming in as the second most expensive bundle in the game is the Champions 2021 Bundle. The Champions 2021 Collection was released celebrating the first and initial Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) event.

Now the reason that this bundle is second even though it costs significantly less than the bundles lower in this list is that it can be argued it is actually the most expensive bundle in terms of what you get for your money.

The bundle was priced at 6600 Valorant Points and only contained two weapon skins, meaning that each weapon was worth significantly more than individual weapons from other bundles. This is due to it being a limited availability bundle during the first Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) event.

The Champions 2021 bundle contains skins for the Karambit melee weapon and the Vandal rifle. It also included a bunch of smaller cosmetics, such as gunbuddies, sprays and player cards.

The Elderflame Bundle

You will almost never play a match in Valorant without seeing one of these Elderflame skins, as they are arguably the most popular skins in the game. Being a mainstay since they were released as one of Valorant’s first skin bundles, the unique dragon themes and animations are some of the coolest in the game.

The Elderflame Collection contains skins for some of the most popular guns and weapons in the game. It contains skins for both the Vandal rifle and the Operator sniper rifle- arguably the two most popular guns in the game.

The list of weapon skins in the Elderflame Collection are the Frenzy, the Judge, the Vandal, the Operator and the Dagger.

These are the only Ultra Edition skins for these guns and the increased quality in cosmetics in Ultra Edition skins makes these ever more desirable.

The bundle costs 9900 Valorant Points and is one of two ultra edition bundles in the game- with the second coming up next.

The Protocol 781-A Bundle

Drawing level with the Elderflame Collection, the Protocol 781-A Collection is the only other Ultra Edition bundle and skin line in the game. 

Similarly to the Elderflame Collection, the Protocol 781-A Collection provides us with skins for some more of the most popular weapons in the game, such as the Sheriff, Spectre and Phantom.

The animations and VFX in the Protocol 781-A Collection are of similar quality and detail to those of the Elderflame Collection. The skin expands when equipped and has robotic qualities.

The full skin collection contains skins for the Sheriff, Spectre, Bulldog, Phantom and the Dagger.

The selling point is the finisher, in which a mech appears and shoots the enemy, before turning round and surveying the area. 

Being an Ultra Edition skin, you would expect nothing less from this skin bundle and collection, as it goes above and beyond, especially with the finisher.

Riot Games employee and Producer for premium content for Valorant named Preeti ‘Preeti’ Khanolkar, unveiled Riot Games’ decision for there to be “no plans at the moment for another Ultra. Skins are hard to make, especially Ultras.”

The League of Legends Bundle

With the Elderflame and Protocol 781-A Collections being the only two Ultra Edition skin bundles in the game, the next most expensive falls to a cluster of skin collections in the Exclusive Edition tier.

These skins include the Ruination Bundle, which was released alongside a League of Legends event for the champion Veigo. This skinline has skins for the Ghost, Spectre, Guardian, Phantom and the Dagger, which is Veigo’s weapon, The Blade of The Ruined King.

Another collection called the Sentinels of Light Collection was released shortly after to coincide with another League of Legends event, tying into the same story line, with a lighter and more regal theme.

Skins for weapons in the Sentinels of Light Collection include the Sheriff, Vandal, Operator, Ares and Dagger.

What is the Night Market and how is it influencing prices on Valorant skins?

As mentioned before, there are 404 available weapon skins for purchase, and all have a variety of themes. Weapon skins in Valorant can be purchased in the store with daily offers, skin bundles/ collections or randomly every month in the Valorant Night Market. The Night Market is the best place to purchase a skin for the cheapest price and at the best value for money.

The Night Market contains six random skins, of random tiers, although no more than two skins for the same weapon or weapon class can appear, unless you are only missing six or less skins in your whole collection! 

What are Valorant Skin Editions and how many exist?

Valorant weapon skins are split up into five different tiers which vary in price, known as Editions. Here are all valorant skins editions:

  • Select
  • Deluxe
  • Premium
  • Exclusive
  • Ultra

The lowest tier is Select Edition, going up through Deluxe, Premium and Exclusive until Ultra Edition. Exclusive Edition weapon skins can cost more than Ultra Edition skins, depending on price, being 2175 Valorant Points or 2675 Valorant Points.

Ultra Edition skins are a consistency that Riot Games continue through other games, such as in League of Legends with a select few champions receiving Ultimate skins. These Ultimate skins have increased quality in appearance, graphics and VFX.

If you have transitioned from another game to Valorant, there is a chance you’re used to buying skins for your character. This is not the case, and likely will never be the case in Valorant. This is because you rarely see more than just the hand and forearm of your agent, so what is the point in agent skins? Ever wondered how many hours you've put into the game. Check it out here

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