The complete Split Valorant map guide

Playing on one of the most polarizing Valorant maps has always been a challenge. This guide will help you understand the fundamentals of the Valorant map Split.

Updated on Aug 24, 2023
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The complete Split Valorant map guide

In this article we will be covering one of the original Valorant maps, which has stood the test of time and is still hard to grasp for some newer players. The Split map has remained polarizing due to her design being composed of interconnected areas, a multitude of angles, playing around with verticality, etc. This maze-like design consists of two spike sites that each have three entrances. These entrances are actually choke points for multiple pathways which makes rotating fast but also dangerous.

Valorant Split Map Callouts

Attacking Spawn on this map is absolutely massive and there are two paths to take outside of it. On the left side you enter B Lobby where you can choose to go to the B SIte through B Main or in the Middle through B Link. The Middle area is split into two sections Top Mid and Bottom Mid, both of which lead to both sites through different routes. Going from Top Mid, you can get to the B Site via B Heaven, or through B Stairs and B Alley.


You can also reach the A Site coming from Top Mid via the Mid Vent, which enables you to get to A Ramp, A Heaven and Screens. If you can't advance to Mid Top, you can reach the A Site through A Sewer which is connected to Bottom Mid. This tunnel connects to the right side exit of Attacking Spawn in A Lobby from where you can continue through A Main to the A Site or get onto A Ramp and the other higher ground areas.

Understanding Split

To win on this map, your key objective each game will be mid control and it’s not hard to understand why. The Middle area is designed like a rectangle with four connections in it’s corners that grant access to other areas with two or more entrances. This makes this area highly contested and very valuable because the shortest path to any location on the map is through this area. Defenders positioned on both sites can find themselves vulnerable to flanks coming from every site entrance once mid control is lost. The sites however, although with similar designs, play out in a much different way.


They both have elevated areas like Heaven, boxes on the site and tight entrances through which enemies have to funnel in. Usually the setup for this map is having your best defender alone on the B Site, while having two players in Middle fighting off enemies, with two more being on the A Site. The reason for this is because ‌mid players can rotate to any site with ease and speed, the B Site has one main entrance which is a choke point and can be held long enough on your own, and the A Site entrance has a lot of favorable angles for the Defenders.

Bombsite A

How to attack Bombsite A

Attacking the A Site might seem easier to a lot of players but it can be a very dangerous challenge as well. The attackers main goal when attacking this site is to not get caught in crossfire or picked off by snipers. Defenders rarely like to peek out in A Main to defend the Ultimate Orb but will gladly take the Operator position on higher ground in A Ramp.

As the attacking team you would want to smoke A Ramp for this exact purpose and place one smoke that can cover both Screens and Elbow in backside A.


The second smoke can prevent the sniper from rotating and also force the defenders on site to stay put. The attacking team can choose to push through A Ramp which always seems like the worst choice unless you are sure you can outnumber the defenders. The safer bet is to push directly onto the site out of A Main, but you do leave yourself exposed in the wide open, while clearing corners. But most of the time with proper smoke usage your only worry will be the defender on the site and the one retreating to A Heaven.

How to defend Bombsite A

The defending team on this site has a few key spots they like to hold like we already mentioned.

Most of the time two players will be holding the A Site with one being positioned on the high ground in A Ramp and Heaven while the other should be on the site. A Ramp is often the first line of defense where defenders can hold both angles on either side and focus on stopping the push towards the Orb or towards the site.


If he gets pushed out of there he can retreat to A Heaven and peek at the A Site, but that would leave him vulnerable to the Ramp rush. Most of the time that player should retreat to Screens and try to assist his teammate on the site while the players from the other site rotate through Defender Spawn or Mid Vent.

A Heaven

A lot of players like to play this area because of all the options it gives them. Rotating from A Heaven to the B Site is the fastest route between the two sites. You can catch a lot of enemies off guard that are coming from the ropes in Mid Vent or A Ramp.


You can somewhat contest the A Site push through the window and A Rafters while also having the option to play backside of A. All of this makes A Heaven a hotly contested area, with a lot of utility usage and potential for skirmishes that can decide the outcome of the map with one flick!

A Main

Getting access and control over this area ensures the winning team an Ultimate Orb and lots of opportunities. With the area being so open and vulnerable to multiple angles, fights that take place here have a big impact on the outcome of the map. The Attacking team should always be careful of sniper users in Screens and A Ramp, which can be denied by timely smokes.


The defending team will always try to stop the push once they are smoked out of position so expect a lot of AOE abilities in this choke point. Regardless, pushing from here in any direction is a daunting task because of all the angles where the defenders can hide.

Bombsite B

How to attack Bombsite B

Attacking the B Site on Split has proved to be tricky ever since the Beta. Attackers are forced to use utility to be able to safely collect the Ultimate Orb and then they have to make it onto the site before reinforcements arrive.


Most of the time, the attackers like to place any sort of wall their agents can provide, from B Main to the B Site. Their goal is to minimize the defenders height advantage from B Heaven, which can also be done by smoking the same area, while they clear angles in Backside B and on the site.

How to defend Bombsite B

The design of this site makes it extremely defender favored to the point where solo holding the site is a viable strategy if your team composition can afford to do it. The easiest way for the attackers to get onto the B Site would be through B Main, meaning they would have to pass through the choke on the entrance.


Any Sentinel or Controller agent can do a fine job of slowing the push or completely stopping it. A Sage wall, smokes on the entrance and any kind of AOE abilities can stop the attackers in their tracks. They have to clear so many angles when entering the site which makes it nearly impossible to get a spike plant off without casualties. Defenders on this site love to hold angles that you wouldn't expect, like below Heaven in the corner and the boxes on the site.

B Heaven

This area is absolutely the key to having control over the B Site for both sides, and I love it’s design. Apart from the elevation which enables for some satisfying frags on enemies rushing the B Site from Garage(B Main), it’s also the fastest way to get to the B Site from Middle and Defender Spawn.


A lot of round deciding fights happen in these corridors with Defenders doing their best to deny the Attackers access to this area because it leads to the B Site, Defender Spawn and backside A site. Expect a ton of utility usage in this highly contested area, with the defending team trying to pick off the rushing attackers while they consider their options for advancing out of B Tower.

B Main

The second Ultimate Orb is located here and this one is closer to the defending side but not easier to take than the other. Both Orbs are positioned in ‌ wide areas that are accessible through tight corridors which makes it a great place for ability usage. The attackers like to push through B Main and use utility to acquire the Orb before transitioning into clearing angles when entering the site.


And there are a lot of angles that defenders can hold on the B Site, which explains why they usually don’t play for the Ultimate Orb even though it’s somewhat Defender favored. If the Attackers are met with strong resistance or just don't have enough utility to safely push through, they can always turn back and try to play for Mid and the A Site.


Top Mid

The defenders goal here is to deny the attackers push at all costs and for a very good reason. This area of the map enables you to get to the B Site through B Heaven, the Defender Spawn through B Stairs and to A Heaven through Mid Vent. If the defensive line here doesn't hold, defenders on both sites can only guess from where the enemy will come onto their site.


That’s why we have often seen defensive setups with a Sage wall here. Attackers like to smoke out this area because defenders have an elevation advantage, but the wall buys enough time. In lower elo’s this is also a common spot for Operator users but like we said one good smoke renders them useless and they have to reposition.

Bottom Mid

This is the part of the map in which the attackers roam mostly unbothered. Over the course of the match both sides realize how crucial mid control is but instead of forcing, attackers have adapted to use the Bottom Mid area as a transition point to the A Site.


This section is extremely unfavorable for duels for the attacking side, due to how the angles in B Link and elevation work. The walls in B Link where you have to peek from can be wall banged which makes it really hard to contest Mid without utility. Even then it’s a risky push because the defenders will already be holding their positions in Mid Vent and Mid Mail.

Attacking Spawn

The Attacking spawn on Split is a really massive area in which you shouldn't be spending more time than you would have to. Unless you’re rotating between the sites or going for some massive flanks, you shouldn't be there because.


It takes so long to go through it, because the map is designed like an octagon and this is her outer edge. Also if the enemy team realizes it took you so much time to rotate, they should be guessing from where you will be coming.

Defending Spawn

Once again we see a similar trend just like with the other maps. I'm not sure if this was an intended goal of Riot Games when designing the maps, but every Defender Spawn seems to be a lot more impactful than the Attacking one.


On Split the Defender Spawn is basically connected to a long hallway that goes directly from the B Site to the backside of A Site. Along the way it gives them access to both Heaven positions on both sites and is the fastest way to rotate between the sites.

Tips and tricks for Split

We already mentioned most of the key points to ensure your success on this map but one of the main things to watch out for is your team composition. Choosing the best agent for this map will play an integral role in your development as a Valorant player, but also increase your chances of winning. Just imagine how hard everything we said you should do would be if your team consists of multiple Duelists. Please don't try to play this map without a Controller or an Initiator because playing around all those angles without Smokes and Flashes will be a nightmare.


Elevation and AOE

The design of the map is kind of claustrophobic, with both sides having to advance through narrow hallways and enter the site through choke points. Agents with AOE abilities that can crowd control or damage the enemy thrive here. Another key factor that everyone can notice when playing this map is how much elevation is on  this map. Both sites have a Heaven area that is usually the highest point on any map. But here we also have a Ramp section, the Sewers area and many many boxes on both sites, and in areas leading up to them. These changes in elevation should not be underestimated when making your game plan, as they can be a deciding factor in the outcome.

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