When Do Ranks Reset In Valorant? [Answered]

Valorant ranks undergo a hard reset after every Episode, which happens once every six months. A Valorant Act will also do a soft reset of your rank.

Updated on Nov 28, 2023
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When Do Ranks Reset In Valorant? [Answered]

When Will Your Rank Reset In Valorant?

There are two types of rank resets in Valorant: a hard reset and a soft reset. A hard reset comes with the end of a Valorant Episode, and a soft reset comes with the end of a Valorant Act.

  • A hard reset happens every six months (Valorant Episode)

  • A soft reset happens every two months (Valorant Act)

  • So, there are three Valorant Acts in one Episode

So, your Valorant rank gets a hard reset every six months, and you will get two soft resets every two months before your hard reset. In the next section of the article, we’ll discuss how you rank resets when Episodes and Acts end.

Hard Reset - Valorant Episode

A Valorant Episode ends every six months, and every player will go through a hard reset for their ranks.

Here is some useful information about Valorant Episodes:

  • Every player’s rank will be fully reset.

  • You will have to play Competitive placement games to get a rank.

  • The highest possible calibration is Ascendant 1. Even Radiant ranked players cannot bypass this limit.

  • You will usually drop two to five ranks from your previous rank. Valorant does this to encourage you to prove your abilities to regain your previous rank.

  • Players on the Leaderboard tend to drop much harder so they can prove their skill and climb back if they belong at the top.

The start of a new Valorant Episode is usually chaotic, as Radiant and Immortal 3 players from the previous Episode can queue into Diamond or Ascendant players. However, after a few weeks, the ranks will settle down.

Riot Games intentionally drops everyone’s ranks every Episode to combat players who buy high-ranked Valorant accounts but, most importantly, to balance everything out and filter players to their deserved ranks.

If your rank got lower, it’s completely normal. If you have the skill, you will reach your previous rank, or higher, in no time. 

Soft Reset - Valorant Act

Every two months, a Valorant Act ends. As mentioned earlier, there are three Acts in one Valorant Episode. However, Valorant Acts will only do a soft reset of your rank.

Some helpful information regarding Valorant Acts include:

  • Your rank will disappear (reset).

  • However, you only need to win one Competitive match to reveal your rank.

  • Leaderboard players usually drop 10% of their Rank Rating (RR).

  • Everybody else usually gains the same rank back.

Valorant Acts

Overall, you shouldn’t worry about your rank resetting after a Valorant Act, as it will likely put you in the same rank tier.

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