Immortal 3 Valorant Rank | All You Need To Know

Valorant is a really fun game, until you start losing consecutive games in Competitive. In this article we will be discussing the Immortal 3 rank.

valorant immortal 3 rank
valorant immortal 3 rank

Is Immortal 3 good in Valorant?

In Valorant’s Competitive mode, Immortal 3 is the highest Immortal rank. This means that there are almost seven divisions of players you should be better than. You are one of the best players in the world. You have the opportunity to make a career out of this game. Well done!

How to rank up from Immortal 3

Taking breaks

When you reach an elo where the difference in skill between players is negligible, it’s the little things that separate the good from the great. Taking breaks is essential for keeping you fresh and focused on the game at hand. Mindlessly spamming games brings little to no value, and one bad lose streak is all it takes to drop some RR.

Implement pro play strategies

You can’t dismiss the impact that profesional play has on the games in this elo, when more than half of the players are also competing.

If you are not a part of them, you should actively look at their games and try to fit in some of their plays. They represent the highest level of Valorant gameplay we can have and the more we build upon their game knowledge, the more this game will progress.

Counter strafing

This movement technique has been overused in the Valorant community, but we can’t say that it is useless. The term comes from the CSGO scene, where if you wanted the fastest way to move, shoot precisely and then move again, you would have to counter strafe. That means using A and D to cancel movement commands and get stable shots off. This isn’t necessary in Valorant like it is in CSGO but it’s a good habit regardless. 

You can’t be a one trick

When you reach these ranks and start competing versus professional players, you will not find success competing against those players with a small agent pool. More often than not, someone else will feel more comfortable on your main agent, he will insta lock it and you will be a liability. Your RR up in the air, out of your control. It’s advised to have learned another agent in your main role, as well as one more Controller agent.

What percentile is Immortal 3 in Valorant?

Immortal 3 in Valorant makes up just 0,2 % of the entire playerbase participating in the Competitive game mode. This figure is one of the lowest elo distributions and you are a part of it. 

Rank Rank Icons Rank Distribution
Iron 1 iron 1 2.3%
Iron 2 iron 2 3.1%
Iron 3 iron 3 7.8%
Bronze 1 Bronze 1 8.1%
Bronze 2 Bronze 2 12.8%
Bronze 3 Bronze 3 10.8%
Silver 1 Silver 1 13.0%
Silver 2 Silver 2 9.3%
Silver 3 Silver 3 7.6%
Gold 1 Gold 1 6.0%
Gold 2 Gold 2 4.6%
Gold 3 Gold 3 3.6%
Platinum 1 Platinum 1 2.8%
Platinum 2 Platinum 2 2.0%
Platinum 3 Platinum 3 1.5%
Diamond 1 Diamond 1 1.6%
Diamond 2 Diamond 2 1.2%
Diamond 3 Diamond 3 0.7%
Immortal 1 Immortal 1 0.2%
Immortal 2 Immortal 2 0.2%
Immortal 3 Immortal 3 0.1%
Radiant Radiant 0.02%