Silver 1 Valorant Rank | All You Need To Know

As Valorant’s player base keeps growing, more and more players are playing Competitive mode. In this article we will be discussing the Silver 1 rank.

valorant rank 1 Silver
valorant rank 1 Silver

Is Silver 1 good in Valorant?

Well in Valorant’s Competitive mode, Silver 1 is the lowest rank in the Silver division. This means that it’s not something to brag about but it is good. Don't be discouraged. There is a lot of room for improvement. And we are here to help you!

How to rank up from Silver 1

Crosshair placement

This tip has been talked about countless times before on different platforms, yet many players continue their bad habits of not focusing on it. Having great aim is a crucial part of having success in any FPS game, and crosshair placement is the key ingredient.

If your crosshair is always placed around head level when you’re moving around the map, all you need to do when an enemy appears is click. Flicks are cool but you will not climb like that. 

Warming up

This is probably the elo where your performance  starts to be greatly impacted by your warm up routine. Most of the players in lower elos suffer from inconsistency caused by various reasons. One game you are dropping a 30 kill nuke and the next one you are the bottom frag. You start the day losing games but get better as the session goes on? Having a good warm up routine before playing helps with this.


Up until this point, most of the players have climbed on sheer game sense and aim, but in Silver, utility starts to make an impact. You should already know that the utility in this game is determined by your agent choice, the map, and the execution. Silver is the perfect place to start incorporating abilities into your gameplay.

Watching streamers

Since this is the elo, where most players get stuck at, this is the perfect time to start learning by watching. Yes you have learned  some basic concepts but most of the time you are not even using it. Watching streamers makes you realize all the mistakes you are making unintentionally and how they prevent you from climbing. 

What percentile is Silver 1 in Valorant?

13% of all players that play in the Valorant Competitive mode are currently in Silver 1. This number is the largest percentage of the player base because after placement matches, without extra effort being invested, most players will not get out of Silver for a long time.

Rank Rank Icons Rank Distribution
Iron 1 iron 1 2.3%
Iron 2 iron 2 3.1%
Iron 3 iron 3 7.8%
Bronze 1 Bronze 1 8.1%
Bronze 2 Bronze 2 12.8%
Bronze 3 Bronze 3 10.8%
Silver 1 Silver 1 13.0%
Silver 2 Silver 2 9.3%
Silver 3 Silver 3 7.6%
Gold 1 Gold 1 6.0%
Gold 2 Gold 2 4.6%
Gold 3 Gold 3 3.6%
Platinum 1 Platinum 1 2.8%
Platinum 2 Platinum 2 2.0%
Platinum 3 Platinum 3 1.5%
Diamond 1 Diamond 1 1.6%
Diamond 2 Diamond 2 1.2%
Diamond 3 Diamond 3 0.7%
Immortal 1 Immortal 1 0.2%
Immortal 2 Immortal 2 0.2%
Immortal 3 Immortal 3 0.1%
Radiant Radiant 0.02%