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The worst Valorant skins

Valorant skins are some of the coolest skins out there in any game, but some suck. In this tier list, find out which ones we think are the worst in the game!
The worst Valorant skins

Valorant has some of the most inventive and creative weapon skins you will ever see, with the roster of skins frequently being added to by Riot Games. The majority of these are stunning, with customisable colour palettes, known as variants, and VFX, such as finishers and animations. Some of the skins in Valorant however, do not live up to the expectations and quality that is expected. These are our four worst skins in the game!

The worst skins in Valorant

Infantry Operator

The whole Infantry skinline is very basic and underwhelming but for this tier list, we have gone for the Operator variant of the skinline as it is arguably the most prestigious gun in the game.

The Operator has some amazing skins, such as the Elderflame, Glitchpop and Reaver Operators, but the Infantry Operator is a let down in comparison. It has a theme based around the World Wars in the early 20th century and older military operations but the skin was executed massively in the wrong way.

The skinline came out March 18, 2021, which makes it the collection released after the Prime//2.0 Collection, one of the most sleek skinline collections in the game- which made the Infantry Collection feel like a massive waste of money. 

The trade off for this skin is that the whole bundle, when first released only cost 2930 Valorant Points- roughly €30 and the individual Infantry Operator skin costs a measly 875 Valorant Points- less than €10.

Some people really enjoy this skin line due to the theme. Realistic looking weapons are very appealing in other FPS games, but for us, it just doesn’t fit in with Valorant’s vibrant art style.

The theme is a good idea, but with the skin just having a few brown base tones to represent the wooden theme, and no detail, variants or VFX, you are far better off saving your money and Valorant Points.

Undercity Phantom

Now as a standalone skin, this weapon skin is actually very good looking, but the problem with this skin, which earns it a place on this tier list, is that it is almost a carbon copy of the Glitchpop Phantom weapon skin, from the Glitchpop EP 2 skin collection.

The Undercity Phantom features direct copies of the model and the patterns from the Glitchpop Phantom, such as the neon pink lines on the handguard, pistol grip and the magazine

The difference with the two skinlines being that the Glitchpop EP 2 skin collection costs 8700 Valorant Points, whereas the Undercity skin collection only costs 7100 Valorant Points. This is still well over €50.

For this 1600 Valorant Point difference, you lose the upgrades, such as VFX, animations and the finisher you get on the Glitchpop Phantom, as well as the variants, including the Gold Variant, potentially one of the coolest in the game.

Galleria Bucky

The Galleria Bucky comes in second on our tier list for the worst weapon skins in Valorant as it looks like a half finished skin!

The theme on the back half of the gun is simple yet clean, with the small bird silhouettes flying on the tail end of the gun gives a small amount of welcome detail for a skin worth 875 Valorant Points.

The problem, as stated before, is that the front end of the Galleria Bucky is pretty much exactly the same as the base skin for the Bucky! This makes the skin seem like the designer of the skin at Riot Games decided to give up halfway through the skin.

This problem is exacerbated in game, as you rarely see the tail end of the gun when you are holding it, so you don’t even get to see the detail on the Galleria Bucky skin.

The rest of the Galleria skinline looks nice and clean, especially the Phantom, Marshal and Classic- but the Galleria Bucky is lacking and especially considering the skin is obviously for a Bucky, one of the most unused guns in the game at the moment, you are far better off saving your 875 Valorant Points for something better!

Recon Ghost

Now this might be a controversial pick for the worst skin in the game, due to the fact that it has upgrades available and variants to choose from however, the base skin looks too basic and the upgrades are somewhat unappealing.

The theme is a decent theme with the butterfly knife as the melee weapon being the main attraction of the skinline and bundle, especially as it is a hyper-realistic skinline with different style camouflage variants to choose from.

The problem is that the 1775 Valorant Point Recon Ghost looks worse than a lot of the pistol skins you can get for free from agent contracts and the upgrades don’t justify purchasing it.

You get a flashlight or laser sight randomly on each new purchase in the game of the weapon, but they are obviously only aesthetic and do not help in any way at all.

Where most skins of this price would have a finisher as the final upgrade, the Recon Ghost features a Kill Banner- the small circle at the bottom of your screen when you get a kill. This is remarkably unnoticeable and not worth it.

The variants of the Recon Ghost make the skin slightly better, especially the Red Camo variant, but still nowhere near enough to justify spending nearly €20 on it!

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