Worst crosshair in Valorant

Legend has it that if you are having a bad day in Valorant, the only thing that can restore your mental is an Unrated game with a meme crosshair.

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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Worst crosshair in Valorant

Most Valorant players have done everything they can to improve their performance and gameplay. From reading our gameplay guides, to adjusting their settings and spending countless hours in the Shooting range. But sometimes, you just have a bad day and nothing seems to go your way. These crosshairs probably won’t help you win, but you’re bound to have a good time!

Worst crosshairs in Valorant

Thick green cross

Nothing takes the pain away quite as well as running and gunning in an Unrated match with a big crosshair. After a long day of trying hard in Ranked games, doing various Aim Lab drills, and even jazzing up your weapon aesthetics with our Valorant skin randomizer tool, you deserve it


You might not one tap anyone on pistol rounds, but that’s not what you’re looking for with these crosshairs. With a simple center dot and casual outlines, the shape of this crosshair falls on the inner lines. Just make them as big as you can with no offset and you should be good to go.

One thing this lineup is good for is controlling your recoil, so say a prayer and start spraying.


Crosshair placement is much easier to keep track of when your entire crosshair is covering the enemy. With every kill you get with this crosshair, you will feel more empowered because you’re playing Valorant on hard mode. If you want to try and be the body shot connoisseur, you can import this crosshair using the code below.


Shadow crosshair

If you wondered what makes a bad crosshair worse, we got your answer. It’s movement and firing error. This doesn’t mean that you are trolling if you have a dynamic crosshair, but when it’s this large, you might be.


If one thing is certain it’s that you will become a professional player if you manage to shoot efficiently with this sus crosshair. This one covers so much space on the screen and even more while you’re moving and shooting. Like, you can change it on any map; just launch our random Valorant map generator and use this crosshair on the map of its choice. Yeah, no Valorant map that it looks good on, really.


It’s actually really simple to recreate because it’s just a maxed out version of the default crosshair. Put everything in the crosshair profile ON and give it maximum values. Or you could just import the crosshair code we have posted below.


Descendz crosshair

CS: Global Offensive players know very well how hard it can be to get used to using abilities in FPS games like Valorant and Overwatch. Riot Games made this game to be so much more than getting kills , and a lot of the newer players struggle with this concept.


If you are one of the homies that is known for whiffing and his “Roza Ults”, we got you covered with this one. It might be difficult hitting shots because there’s so much happening around your center dot, but you can’t miss abilities with this one.


You need to make your center dot bigger than usual, fully max out your inner lines, and make the outer lines just longer. If you make them thick, they will overlap with the inner lines. Or you could just import the crosshair profile code below and save yourself the trouble.


What makes a crosshair bad?

So we already saw some of the worst crosshairs the community has created, but let’s take a closer look. Have you ever wondered what makes atrocities like these, what they are?


Well first and foremost, it has to be the size. You can say crosshair is bad depending on your taste, but even the Among Us crosshair is usable. And that’s because it’s small. With these three crosshairs you can barely see what’s on your screen let alone aim for the opponents head. And it only gets worse the further away you shoot from.



Like we mentioned, having a dynamic crosshair isn’t that bad, especially if you are new to FPS games. But you should avoid it as you get better and more familiar with the spray patterns of the weapons. And you should definitely avoid it when using a large crosshair, because your movement and firing error will be flying across the screen.



In shooter games, your crosshair is the tip of your spear, and you should want it to be as sharp as possible. Most of the pro players use crosshairs with outlines for the same exact reason, it improves clarity. But what these enormous crosshairs do is ruin it. Good luck trying to shoot a Skye flash or a Reyna Leer  with one of these crosshairs.

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