Worst Valorant Agents

Are you looking for Valorant agents to play? View this article to know who to avoid when you choose an agent the next time you play!
Worst Valorant Agents

Valorant is one of the rising video games in the world, and the player base continues to grow day by day. Some people might wonder who are the best agents to play, especially since each of them has a different playstyle and kits that might affect the whole composition of the team. If you are one of those people who want to avoid the “bad” agents in Valorant, here is a list of the worst Valorant agents to help you with your choice in the next matches. 


Valorant’s poster boy, Phoenix, has already been out of the meta for several months. He was a strong and reliable duelist during the early stages of the game, and he was run by teams who had great entry players. In fact, Phoenix had a 26% pick rate in First Strike: North America. However, after the release of several agents and the evolution of the meta, Phoenix has been cast into oblivion and has never seen the light of competitive games. After the release of agents with strong flash kits and ability, like Skye and KAY/O, pro players have never thought of using Phoenix again. 

Why Is Phoenix One Of The Worst:

  • Outdated kit
  • His flashes are predictable, only goes in a fixed curve, and easy to dodge

His flashes are expensive and are super predictable, unlike the other Valorant agents. Still, some of his abilties are really useful, like his ultimate and molly, but it is not enough for him to be chosen in ranked and pro games. Riot Games needs to show love to their poster boy and buff Phoenix as soon as possible, especially since they revamped the controller meta this act. Do not expect the fire-powered radiant to be in the meta soon because Riot has not updated his kit for months already. 


Probably the most memed agent out there, the Japanese duelist, Yoru, has been the all-time lowest pick rate agent in both ranked and pro games. Before his release, the community thought that he would be a great choice for people who wanted to lurk and trick enemies. However, his kit has been underwhelming that he only got a 1.5% pick rate and a 0% win rate in the last North America: VCT Challengers 1. 

What Makes Yoru One Of The Worst Agents:

  • His kit does not really help the team that much
  • Really hard to master in a high level
  • Can not compete with the mobility of the other duelists

Riot Games noticed the dissatisfaction of the community when it comes to Yoru, and the California-based video game company updated his kit recently. They made the entirety of his abilities more irritating. He can fake teleport and cast skills during his ultimate, and his clones will flash people when destroyed. Nevertheless, he still has abysmal pick rates in ranked and pro games. Yoru did receive a very strong and favorable update, but players tend to choose agents that provide better value for the team, but his pick and win rate has risen by a huge margin, so no complaints there. No one can deny that Yoru is actually a pretty cool agent, if not the coolest of all. However, his entire kit does not add to his charm. 


The Moroccan sentinel does not have an abysmal pick rate like the two other agents above. In fact, he is still currently used in pro and ranked games. However, after the release of two other agents with arguably stronger kits and ultimate ability, namely Killjoy and Chamber, his overall pick rate started to decline. Nevertheless, his abilities are still strong and provide massive value for the team. His traps and cages are unique and irritating for an enemy, whether they are attacking or defending. One of his advantages compared to Killjoy and Chamber, his traps can not be smoked, so it is pretty much impossible to bypass them without destroying them. 

What Makes Cypher One Of The Worst Agents:

  • His ultimate ability is not as useful as Killjoy’s lockdown and Chamber’s Tour de Force
  • Very map dependent. The other two sentinel agents are strong in almost every map. 

Cypher is still a strong pick if you have great lineups, especially for the camera. However, the strength of Killjoy’s ultimate and Chamber’s firepower is hard to beat. Still, Cypher currently has a 44% pick rate in Europe: VCT Challengers Two and Three, which is enormous compared to less-picked agents, such as Yoru and Phoenix. 


Released right after Valorant Episode 3 Act 3, Neon is Valorant’s newest agent, but that does not mean she belongs as one of the best agents currently. Some might argue that she has a really strong kit. However, her 1.55% pick rate in North America: VCT Challengers 2022 Stage 1 proves otherwise. Nevertheless, Neon is a strong pick for players who can use her really well in ranked games, but like Phoenix and Yoru, her kit does not provide a considerable advantage for the team, which explains why she is currently one of the less picked champions in NA VCT. 

What Makes Neon One Of The Worst Agents:

  • Her relay bolt is not good in huge maps like Breeze and Ascent
  • Neon’s ultimate and slide are usually countered by good players
  • Other duelists can enter the site more consistently compared to her

Neon’s kit might be great for duels and entering sites. Her relay bolt bounces and stuns enemies, her fast lane is a better Phoenix wall, and lastly, her ultimate (overdrive) is really frustrating to play against, precise gunplay indeed. Having said that, there are still duelists, like Raze and Jett, that can enter sites better than the Filipina agent, which explains her low pick rate in pro games. She might run faster than any other Valorant character, but she will never replace the mobility of Jett, Raze, and even Yoru when it comes to executing plans and pushes. 


This hard-hitting Swedish agent is not a bad agent per se, but it might be hard to include him in the best Valorant agent tier list. Breach currently has a high pick rate in North America: VCT Challengers 2022 Stage 1, which presently sits at 23.71%, but it is because he is currently at a 100% pick rate in Fracture. Even though he is a must pick in Fracture, he does not surpass the other initiators in terms of pick rate (remember that these pick rates are based on the ongoing North America: VCT Challengers 2022 Stage 1) Sova currently has 69.59%, KAY/O has 33.51%, while Skye currently sits at 25.77%, these numbers prove how weak Breach is compared to the other initiators.

What Makes Breach One Of The Worst Agents:

  • Flash is casted through walls unlike the other initiators 
  • Does not information gathering abilities

Nevertheless, some pro players still play him in different maps, not just solely on Fracture. But some might say that Breach can never replace the value that the other initiators provide for their team. There is still a possibility that Breach’s pick rate will go up as Fracture gets played more and more. Some might say that he is not a bad Valorant agent, and it might be true, but the competition against the initiators is the fiercest out of all the agent types. 


Some might say that Reyna is not really a bad agent to play, but her kit relies on individual performance and does not really help the team heavily compared to the other duelists. Reyna might be the most picked agent in solo queue, but she is entirely the opposite when it comes to pro matches. Her selfish playstyle explains her really low pick rate in North America: VCT Challengers Stage 1, which currently sits at 1.03%, which is the second-lowest in the tournament, only next to Yoru. 

What Makes Reyna One Of The Worst Agents:

  • Extremely selfish abilities
  • Her flash is one of the worst in the game
  • Needs to have good performance to make impact

You might see a lot of Reyna players that auto-lock her into oblivion when playing ranked games, but she is not really that viable in pro games. Reyna can only help her team through her leer ability, but it is actually one of the worst flashes in the game. Having said that, only the best of the best mechanical players, with the likes of Asuna and Tenz, have the courage to play her in pro matches. Nevertheless, the people who want to hard carry teammates are the ones who pick her on their ranked games. It is not a bad choice since ranked is entirely different to 5v5 tournaments, but it does not change the fact that Reyna has a selfish playstyle and is worse compared to the other duelists when it comes to entering sites, executes, and overall team play.

It is time to destroy an enemy through either utility usage or aim battle because that concludes the list of the worst Valorant agents. Remember that agent choice is still a preference, and you might be good at playing a certain character, so take this list as a grain of salt. Nevertheless, there are best agents that help the team more than the other, so weigh your choices carefully. 

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