Valorant Lore Story Neon Explained

Lore Story Neon Valorant: the full explanation behind Neon’s life in Valorant’s lore.

Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Valorant Lore Story Neon Explained

Every game in existence has a story and lore to tell. Riot Games’ Valorant isn’t any different, with the creative director David Nottingham leading the story for each agent. And players have been interested in the lore behind one particular agent.

Coming in at shocking speeds, lightning and electricity is the Valorant agent Neon. Her story is a bit complicated to understand, so let’s take a look at the lore story Neon Valorant!


Some basic Valorant lore first: there exists a resource called Radianite that gave every agent their abilities, including Neon’s abilities. Radianite has appeared due to an event called the First Light, which opened rifts across our world. There’s the Kingdom corporation that uses Radianite to power 3/4 of Earth’s energy supply, for experiments, and much more. There’s also the VALORANT Protocol that has all agents which keep Radianite anomalies in control. And a parallel world exists called the Mirror Earth which is running low on Radianite. Mirror World steals Radianite from our world with the spike. Now let’s dive into Neon’s lore.

Where is Neon from?

Neon is an agent that comes from the Philippines with Vanille Velasquez as her voice actor. This Filipino agent has her culture matching through all her voice lines, social media posts from Riot Games, and even in Neon’s agent trailer featuring a song from Ylona Garcia. Her appearance shows blue colors, with each ability showcasing electricity, lightning, and increased speed to damage enemies.


Neon was released as a new agent in Valorant Episode 4 Act 1. Players were shaken at how Neon brought up new ways of gameplay with her electricity ultimate and flaming walls serving as a fast lane for her dashing High Gear. But what’s more interesting though is how Riot Games tells Neon’s lore in secrets and mysteries in the game.

What is Neon’s Real Name Valorant?

An unknown entity known as the Blackmailer left dossiers across all Valorant maps including tons of secrets for almost every agent. And from one dossier we learn a lot about Neon, including her real name: Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez. Neon was discovered by her parents at the bottom of a lightning strike rift, as shown from her Eye of the Storm player card. And from her dossier, we learn that Neon’s father is a scientist helping Radiants with their powers, while her mother works as a cop in the justice department. Because Neon’s abilities know no boundary, her father probably invented her suit that limits the usage of electricity.


As Neon was growing up, she worked for the Kingdom corporation in the K-SEC sector. Her electricity was needed in the VALORANT Protocol though. And that’s when Neon entered the Valorant roster of agents.

Neon joins the VALORANT Protocol Lore

Neon was recommended by Chamber to join the VALORANT Protocol. That’s where Brimstone invites her into the VALORANT Protocol, and Neon joins in as Agent 19. Neon joins the VALORANT Protocol for one reason: to power a portal with her lightning that leads to Mirror Earth, working closely with Killjoy on the project. Because she is young, Neon is under the mentorship of Sage who helps her control her powers.


Here comes Neon’s dossier again: the control she’ll never have is because she is used either by Kingdom or the VALORANT Protocol, furthering by her suit that limits her powers. And the mentors' Ling and Zyanya that were mentioned probably refer to Sage and Reyna. Neon seems to be tangled with many agents in the game’s lore, so what’s going on?

Why does Neon hate Chamber Valorant?

Although Chamber recommended Neon for the VALORANT Protocol, he didn’t invite her. This is because Neon and Chamber have a bad past since they both worked for the Kingdom corporation. From all agents, Neon knows that he is scheming something as shown from her voice lines: "Chamber, I'm here to fight. Whatever you're scheming, leave me out of it."


Neon’s control is constantly taken away from other agents, and Chamber isn’t an exemption. He recommends to Brimstone they remove her voltage caps to increase the power output, to which Neon angrily declines. This alone isn’t skeptical, but Chamber also says to Reyna that he has a “mind to corrupt”, referring to Neon which is enough to set out tons of red flags.

What is Neon doing with Reyna Valorant?

Riot Games released an image, where Reyna sent Neon a message to have a chat about her powers. Neon’s powers are limited by her suit, and Reyna wants to remove that so she could unlock Neon’s true power. This is because Neon has so much power, Reyna wants to use it to her advantage and only have powerful Radiants by her side.


Neon seems to have her strings pulled from left and right, all so others can use her powers. Chamber and Reyna are doing bad and manipulative stuff for Neon, while the other agents mostly think good of her and try to help Neon out. With her powers being manipulated while benefiting all sides, one’s left to ask:

What’s next for Neon in the Valorant Lore and Story?

Since Neon is trying to power up the portal to the Mirror Earth with Killjoy, we can expect they will succeed soon. This would probably bring a new map to Valorant for all players located in the Mirror Earth. But until then, you should visit the Valorant Lore Hub that serves as a Valorant Lore Playlist!

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