Valorant Lore Story Chamber Explained

Lore Story Chamber Valorant: the full explanation behind Chamber’s life in Valorant’s lore.
Valorant Lore Story Chamber Explained

Every game strafes towards telling the best story. Be it Genshin Impact, Elden Ring, and probably any video games from Epic Games or created in Unreal Engine. But players are interested in the lore of one specific game: Riot Games’ Valorant.

Each new agent in Valorant has their own story in the Valorant lore. Coming in with his heavy pistol and deadly precision is the Sentinel agent Chamber defeating any visible enemy. So let’s take a look at the lore story Chamber Valorant!

Valorant Chamber Lore Story

First some basic Valorant lore: there’s a resource called Radianite that gave every new agent some kind of ability. Radianite is also used by the Kingdom corporation to power 3/4 of the Earth’s energy supply. They also use it for experiments, pollution, and bad stuff overall. And there exists a parallel universe that has a shortage of Radianite, and every Valorant agent from that Mirror world came into ours to steal Radianite with the spike. Now let’s check out Valorant Chamber.

Who is Chamber Valorant Lore?

The Sentinel agent Chamber, aka Vincent Fabron, comes from France. He was created with the leadership of the senior game producer John Goscicki, and released in Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 for all Valorant players. Before becoming a new agent, Chamber had worked for the French military. Then he became a weapon marksman, before becoming a weapon designer for the Kingdom corporation. Chamber also got a deal for a portal to alternate realities, but the deal went wrong leaving the portal in a boat that ended up in Breeze, from which KAYO came to our reality. Chamber voice line in Breeze: "Be careful near the ship, that portal does not work as intended. Such a bad investment..."

Valorant Chamber Country Origins Lore Story

With his powerful custom sniper rifle Tour de Force and a custom arsenal with Chambers abilities, such as the Headhunter ability and Trademark ability leaving a lingering field is well suited for a weapon designer to defeat the aggressors and enemies. Who knows, maybe Chamber sold weapon skins for Valorant points! But leaving a direct hit with each ability and weapon alt fire for the good of the world isn’t specifically Chamber’s style…

Why did Chamber Destroy Fracture?

Before Fracture became the map as players know it, it was the Everett-Linde research facility. The facility researched ways to create Radianite with the Radian Collider for both our original Earth and the Mirror World. This would have brought peace to the world, but from the FRACTURE trailer, we can see 2 bullets hitting the Radian Collider, becoming the map Fracture. The one who destroyed the research facility was Chamber and his mirror counterpart. From map details, we even know that Chamber had exclusive access to this facility. But the access was revoked whereafter he destroys the map and the scientists in it.

The Mirror World is evil, yet Chamber has a bond with his counterpart. They probably have a deal that benefits them both, but there is no trust in it. Chamber voice line towards enemy Chamber: "Oh our deal? It's over. Sorry for the late notice.". Since Chamber is a weapon supplier, it is heavily theorized that he destroyed Fracture so the war between our Earth and Mirror World continues. And who benefits from wars? Weapon suppliers. Yet with his evil intentions, Chamber manages to enter the VALORANT Protocol as an upcoming Sentinel agent.

Chamber joins the VALORANT Protocol Lore

In general, Brimstone and Viper were on a mission to enter the mirror world through a portal. That mission went wrong, resulting in them being trapped in another dimension. Chamber and his Mirror counterpart have access to this dimension, leading to Chamber saving Brimstone and Viper, as shown in the Valorant Chamber trailer

Valorant Chamber Protocol Brimstone Viper Lore Story

Because Chamber saved Brimstone and Viper, he was granted an entry into the VALORANT Protocol as the new Agent 18. This deal is more centered around both parties benefiting from each other, rather than Chamber joining the protocol to save the world. And Chamber probably knew of their trap beforehand, since his intentions are covered in fog by his actions in helping out the VALORANT Protocol.

Why did Chamber Recruit Neon in the VALORANT Protocol Lore?

Chamber needs access to the Mirror Earth, but his motives aren’t the same as the protocol. After joining the VALORANT Protocol, Chamber firstly helps out in creating the portal to Mirror Earth. The blueprints for the portal were on Fracture, from where Chamber gets them and gives them to Killjoy to create the portal. But the power required for the portal was just too much, so Chamber comes in again and recommends Neon to be recruited in the protocol for her electricity powers.

Valorant Chamber Neon Killjoy Lore Story

 "Killjoy, I hear your latest project lacks a power source. Do not be embarrassed, I have a solution.". Striking deals here and there, knowing the solution to all problems, Chamber probably had each of his encounters pre-planned. His intentions, be it good or bad, left players to ask:

Is Chamber a Villain?

In the Blackmailer’s dossier, they call Chamber’s goal the one sacred truth. And it seems like Chamber’s ambition is somewhat evil since it will prompt the other agents to call him a villain. So it seems like Chamber’s true intentions are for personal gains and evil after all.

Valorant Chamber Evil Mirror Lore Story

His projects, secret acts, and secret intentions all allude to Chamber being a villain in disguise in the Valorant game. So we’re left wondering:

What’s next for Chamber in the Valorant Lore and Story?

Chamber’s story isn’t definitely over. When our agents cross over to the Mirror world, chances are high we’ll get new Chamber lore and even a new Battle Pass. But until then, you should visit the Valorant Lore Hub for more lore theories!

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