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Valorant Lore Story Brimstone Explained

Lore Story Brimstone Valorant: the full explanation behind Brimstone’s life in Valorant’s lore.
Valorant Lore Story Brimstone Explained

Each game has its own lore and story. From Genshin Impact and Elden Ring to Team Fortress and Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant. Players go wild for it, so David Nottingham and the Riot Devs really deliver great Valorant lore in the game.

Every agent has their own lore and story. Coming in with his Sky Smoke and Orbital Strike abilities is the agent and commander Brimstone. Although his Valorant character and abilities are crystal clear, his Valorant lore isn’t that much. So let’s take a look at the lore story Brimstone Valorant!

Valorant Brimstone Lore Story

Some basic Valorant lore: there’s a resource called Radianite which gave each agent the abilities to deal damage in the game. There are 2 prominent organizations: the Kingdom corporation which uses Radianite to power 3/4 of Earth’s power supply and conducts inhumane experiments, and the VALORANT Protocol consisting of every agent that protects Earth from Radianite crises. There are also alternate worlds, such as the enemies from Mirror Earth which is running out of Radianite so they steal it from our world with the spike. Now let’s see Brimstone’s Valorant lore.

What Ethnicity is Brimstone Valorant?

Brimstone is a Valorant agent that comes from the USA. From his appearance to his character, everything alludes to his strong-like commander behavior. Brimstone players started dealing damage ever since the initial release of the Valorant game.

Valorant Brimstone Ethnicity USA Lore Story

Brimstone is a controller agent dealing heavy damage to the enemies with abilities such as the lingering Orbital Strike laser ultimate ability and the Incendiary grenade, all while controlling a site with smoke. Though he does damage the enemies with lingering fire zone in a selected area and helps out his allies with smoke and a Stim Beacon for alternate fire, Brimstone’s Valorant lore is far more complex than his abilities.

Is Brimstone the Leader?

The VALORANT Protocol consists of every agent as we know it exists a lot because of Brimstone. Brimstone is Agent 1, creating the VALORANT Protocol and being the leader of it. The other agents have deep respect for Brimstone, though he is sometimes referred to as a boomer and old guy.

Valorant Brimstone Leader Lore Story

An interesting part about Brimstone’s leadership comes from his Incendiary grenade launcher and his arm bracelet with which he casts Sky Smoke. They were both created by Killjoy, meaning she has helped Brimstone defeat the enemies in the game as easily as it seems. Although Brimstone is a strong commander and someone to look up to from the other agents, it looks like he has made some mistakes as a youngster too…

What is Brimstone's Real Name?

In Episode 4 Act 2, we received Fade’s dossiers in the game. Fade viewed the VALORANT Protocol agents as enemies, so she released dossiers with a ton of new lore in Valorant. It included a dossier with juicy info that got Valorant players on their toes about Brimstone. Brimstone’s real name is Liam Byrne. 

Valorant Brimstone Real Name Lore Story

Aside from his real name, the dossier goes further into more details about Brimstone’s past. So players are left wondering what exactly is Brimstone’s backstory?

What is Brimstone’s Backstory Valorant?

Before entering the VALORANT Protocol, Brimstone used to work various military-type jobs, such as being a firefighter in BFD (Baltimore Fire Department), working at Engine 8, and even taking part in the Special Forces. As the commander he is now, it seems like he used to lead a Special Forces group called Ragged Ravens with his Vandal. This is where Brimstone’s friend comes into play. The images of Brimstone always being with a friend in his office pictures show he used to have close bonds with a childhood friend throughout his life. In his dossier, we learn this missing friend’s name: Tariq Porter. Tariq seems to have probably died on the battlefield with Brimstone, and in Brimstone’s agent player card in the game, we can see him carrying his buddy Tariq. The dossier goes further to mention how Brimstone broke Tariq’s death to Sumaira, probably Tariq’s wife.

Valorant Brimstone Backstory Lore Story

Brimstone also used to be a commander in K-SEC, the Kingdom corporation’s military division. He seems to have taken his knowledge from there, implementing it into creating the VALORANT protocol. We’ll bring in Brimstone’s dossier, with the ending foreseeing him taking the Protocol into slaughter. This alludes to Tariq’s death being caused because of Brimstone since he lead the team into battle. And the same may happen to the VALORANT Protocol too. Although Tariq may be dead, some players have come to the conclusion he may be an agent and alive in the game in another form…

What is KAYO to Brimstone?

KAY/O seems to have a close bond with Brimstone. With a good amount of voice lines and player cards, some players came up with a theory. What if KAY/O is actually Tariq Porter, Brimstone’s lost friend? Some believe KAY/O is Tariq’s consciousness placed into a robot to fight the Radiants. 

Valorant Brimstone KAYO Lore Story

Another theory leads that the missing Agent 8 is actually Tariq. But we’ll never know, as Tariq seems to play a big role in Brimstone’s Valorant lore. So that leaves us with the question:

What’s next for Brimstone in the Valorant Lore and Story?

Although Brimstone doesn’t seem to have a lot of lore drops for his personal life, he commands the Valorant lore altogether. Because of him, we are able to come to conclusions from his office on the Practice Range. His decision is the final one, so we’ll be continuing to see his leadership in action. Until then, you should visit the Valorant Lore Hub for more lore theories!

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