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All Valorant Agents | Everything you need to know about them

Meet all available Valorant characters and learn their unique abilities!
All Valorant Agents | Everything you need to know about them

We have prepared a cheat sheet for you on all Valorant characters and their unique abilities! If you are just getting started with the game, be sure to check out this article or maybe even take notes and save it somewhere, as the knowledge you'll find here will be essential for your future matches.

What are Valorant Agents? 

Valorant Agents are playable characters with unique abilities that serve a specific role in the game (Support, Entry Fragger, Crowd Control, Lurker, etc.). At the moment, the current number of available Agents in the game is 18. Valorant Characters divide into 4 different classes:

Before starting the game, each player must choose a character which they would like to play with. Note that once you select an Agent, you cannot change it, and will be "stuck" with it the whole game. So, what’s the best Valorant Agent to pick? Well, that will depend on factors such as:

  • Your preference (probably the most critical factor)
  • Agent picks made by the rest of the team
  • Agent picks you expect from the enemy team
  • A map on which you’ll be playing on

Abilities of all Valorant Agents explained

Each character in Valorant has access to 3 types of skills; Signature abilities, Basic abilities, and a single Ultimate ability.

Signature Ability is a skill that every Valorant Agent has access to at the beginning of each round, without spending any credits.  

Ultimate Ability is a skill for which you need to collect a certain number of charges called Ult Points (usually 6 of 7). For every kill, death, spike plant/defuse, and ultimate orb pick-up, you get one Ult Point. When you have collected enough charges, you can use this ability by pressing the X button. Once you have used Ultimate ability, you have to collect charges again to enable it.

And Basic Ability is a type of skill that you can purchase during a buying phase, just like weapons. You will have them as long as you stay alive, or until you have used up all their charges.

All Valorant Characters 

Now, let’s meet all the Valorant characters that are currently available in the game. They are divided into 4 different classes, have different skills, their own personality, and make this game more than just shooting. Get to know them all!

Duelist Agents 

Duelist is a class for those who like dynamic gameplay in shooters, hate standing still, and their motto is "Rush B, don’t stop". This even shows in the personality of the Duelist Agents; these are characters who like to be in the spotlight. For now, there are 6 Duelist Agents in Valorant.


Valorant Agent Phoenix
  • Origin Country: United Kingdom
  • Best Map: Haven 
  • Release: Closed Beta

This character is capable of dealing lots of damage and consistently healing himself, which makes him super annoying sometimes. Phoenix is a good option for any players who are just making the transfer from Counter-Strike to Valorant; he offers replacements for grenades like flashbang and incendiary. His ultimate ability is also quite unique and niche in use – after using it, Phoenix leaves a mark on the ground, which is his subsequent rebirth location. For 10 seconds, Phoenix enters a state where he can perform any action he wants, and death simply ends with an instant rebirth at the spot where he left the mark

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Valorant Agent Jett

Jett is that one Agent who appears "out of nowhere" and flies over your head.  This is an excellent option for those who like fast and dynamic gameplay, especially recommended for players who have no problem with APM and movement acceleration. Her abilities promote aggressive gameplay – Updraft and Tailwind work perfect for rushes or changing positions, while her fast smoke can be a great tool to block rotations from the opposing team.

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Valorant Agent Raze

“Just me, my squadzinho and a few tons of dynamite” is an apt summary of this Valorant character. For real, Raze loves all kinds of explosions, and she can truly abuse all those grenade lineups. When you hear Raze saying "here comes the party" in-game, you better make sure you are not near her because you might be dead within seconds.

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Valorant Agent Reyna
  • Origin Country: Mexico
  • Best Map: Haven 
  • Release: Patch 1.0 (Episode 1 Act 1)

Reyna is one of the Agents who excel at exploiting their enemies' weaknesses. What most characterizes this Agent is that anytime she gets a kill, she can either heal herself up or become invulnerable. This allows you to make very aggressive pushes, reducing the risk of damage if you kill an enemy. 

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Valorant Agent Yoru
  • Origin Country: Japan
  • Best Map: Icebox
  • Release: Patch 2.0 (Episode 2 Act 1)

Yoru may be an interesting character for players who enjoy mind games. He's really all about faking everything – his location, his intentions; you never know what he's about to do. Like the rest of the Duelist Agents, he promotes a pretty aggressive playstyle and even has access to a super-fast flash, which, combined with his teleports, can set up some nice pushes.

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  • Origin Country: Philippines
  • Best Map: Bind
  • Release: Patch 4.0 (Episode 4 Act 1)

Neon is another Duelist Agent that relies on movement acceleration. Its original codename was "Sprinter", and for a good reason, as she offers the ability to sprint, along with some unique sliding. Neon also has a strong concussion grenade, two parallel walls that allow her to do safe sprinting, and an ultimate ability that is very similar to Jett's, only instead of knives we use lightning beams. 

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Initiator Agents

Initiators are the kind of class that cares deeply about making the path of their allies as "clear" as possible.  They have more information than anyone else. A great option, especially on the Attacker's side, where clearing the way to Spike Site will often be the key to winning the round. For now, there are 4 Initiator Agents in Valorant.


Valorant Agent Sova
  • Origin Country: Russia
  • Best Map: Ascent
  • Release: Closed Beta

Sova's entire character is based on finding enemies behind walls and all surfaces behind which he should not see them. You don't want to play hide and seek with this guy! Sova is an Agent who not only uses his arrows to give more information than he should but also uses them heavily to his advantage to maximize damage (e.g., with Shock Bolt or his Ultimate Ability). In short, half man, half Wallhack.

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Valorant Agent Breach

Breach is a character with a range of crowd-control-based abilities. His flashes and concussion are brilliant to help your Duelists rush and take over the site by minimizing potential danger. He’s also another character for whom walls are no obstacle! All Breach's abilities work regardless of whether there is a surface in front of him or not.

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Valorant Agent Skye
  • Origin Country: Sweden
  • Best Map: Breeze
  • Release: Patch 1.10 (Episode 1 Act 3)

Skye is an incredibly flexible character and can act as both a support Agent and a rushing one. Her “animals” are great at clearing ways and providing information to our team. However, Skye’s super-fast flash and ultimate ability that "finds" our enemies also help in situations where we need to be a bit more aggressive. 

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Valorant Agent KAYO

KAY/O is probably the easiest Agent to pilot, but not so easy to play against. He has access to a good flash and pulse grenade and two abilities (Signature and Ultimate) that disable all enemy players' abilities. And just so you know – if someone on voice chat says, "hey toaster", they are talking to you.

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Valorant Agent Fade
  • Origin Country: Turkey
  • Best Map: Icebox
  • Release: Patch 4.08 (Episode 4 Act 3)

Fade is by far the scariest Agent in Valorant. In her lore, we can see that she has no mercy for her enemies and defeats them using their own fears... and she does the same in the game! Fade’s abilities are based on getting information about enemy players and making them totally paranoid.  

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Sentinel Agents 

Sentinels are simply Support Agents. Their main task is to increase the effectiveness of their allies by healing them or giving them a larger field of view. Sentinels are probably the most challenging class to play perfectly. For now, there are 4 Sentinel Agents in Valorant.


Valorant Agent Killjoy

We ended up discussing Initiators with a robot, so to keep the vibe going — Agent who loves robots. And her robots are super annoying, especially her Ultimate Ability, which often forces the enemy team to change their strategy. Her abilities are also super versatile despite being primarily defensive by nature and work well on both large and small maps.

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Valorant Agent Cypher
  • Origin Country: Morocco
  • Best Map: Split
  • Release: Closed Beta

Cypher has abilities similar to Initiators – he has excellent map control with his traps and cameras, plus his Ultimate Ability is the most consistent location reveal tool in the game. However, he is a very (!) defensive Agent, so he doesn't necessarily work in every situation. That said, he’s often much better on the Defenders' side rather than the Attackers, But when it comes to defending Spike or guarding against a potential rotation from an enemy team, he'll do just as well.

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Valorant Agent Sage
  • Origin Country: China
  • Best Map: Split
  • Release: Closed Beta

Sage seems like such a “friendly” character, but wait when she resurrects another player or doesn't heal you. Yes, she's a typical healer character, like Mercy in Overwatch or Soraka in League of Legends. When her Ultimate Ability is active, it's a bit like playing 6 vs. 5, as she can bring a dead teammate back to life with it. 

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Valorant Agent Chamber
  • Origin Country: France
  • Best Map: Breeze
  • Release: Patch 3.10 (Episode 3 Act 3)

French Agent Chamber was probably the biggest highlight of Valorant Episode 3. His abilities are every sniper player's dream; come on, a Sheriff gun that pulls out in less than a second and a slowing field that is really hard to play around. But still, you have to be a good sniper if you want to use those OP skills, which makes him a balanced Agent. He can really abuse long-rage situations, so when you know that the opposing team has a good Chamber player, you better avoid them. 

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Controller Agents 

Controllers are characters who like to wreak havoc on the battlefield. The thing they do best? Distracting opponents and creating chaos in the game. Controllers play a crucial role in every game, and it's hard to win a match without them. For now, there are 4 Controller Agents in Valorant.


Valorant Agent Brimstone

Brimstone has everything a Controller Agent needs – 3 smokes in 1 ability, molly, shooting speed booster, and oppressive Ultimate Ability. Moreover, he’s one of the 5 free Agents, and he’s pretty easy to pilot, so any new player who likes control playstyle should give him a chance. Even though he got power crept, and it's not likely that we'll see him in the metagame in the future, it's still a perfect example of what the Controllers class is all about.

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Valorant Agent Viper

Viper, similarly to Brimstone, has a functional smoke and molly, and even though they don't work on such a large scale, they are much more consistent. Another thing that is often much more useful than smoke is the wall, which can be used, for example, to split a Spike Site in half, and which can also be turned off whenever you want. And her Ultimate Ability with a planted Spike is one such strategy that has worked since the Beta and probably won't ever get old. 

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Valorant Agent Omen
  • Origin Country: USA
  • Best Map: Split
  • Release: Closed Beta

Omen, on the other hand, is a character who wreaks havoc in its truest sense. Smokes from the other side of the map, teleports, breaking your mini-map; that’s how he plays it out. This character shows that Controllers can have various options to "control" gameplay, and you don't have to limit yourself to boring defensive tools – it might be better to make the enemy team go paranoid (literally).

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Valorant Agent Astra
  • Origin Country: Ghana
  • Best Map: Breeze
  • Release: Patch 2.04 (Episode 2 Act 2)

Astra is a perfect example of power creep in Valorant. Compare her smokes and walls to other Controller Agents – not even close, she's on a higher plane. It is also quite unique in that you first choose a location where you want to use the ability before actually deciding which one you want to use.

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Whether you like healing, shooting, or outsmarting opponents, with so much to Agents choose from, you're sure to find something for yourself. Moreover, Valorant is constantly being updated, and there are more and more options. No wonder why the game is growing so fast and has such a broad fan base. And even though some skills have similar uses, you can really feel that Agent identity. Well done Riot, looking forward to more! 

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