The best Valorant agents for Fracture

All of the interesting entrances on Fracture make the map super fun to play. These are the best Valorant agents for the Fracture map.

Updated on Jul 20, 2023
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The best Valorant agents for Fracture

The newest map in the game has brought a lot of excitement after it was introduced in ‌Valorant Episode Three Act II. A fast paced map with a lot of weird angles, many possible entrances and opportunities for flanks, make drafting an integral part of success on this map. Attackers have so many options to enter a site or rotate using the zip lines, which makes defending even harder.


This might be surprising to many of you but from personal experience, I love playing Controllers on this map, and none does his job better than Brimstone. This is one of the rare maps where Brimstone finally gets to outshine the other Valorant agents.


With how easy and fast it is to traverse the map, you really don't have time to put Astra stars in depending on the information gathered. Meanwhile Brimstone can reach most of the map at any time while being extremely flexible with his smoke placement. And boy how necessary are they when entering a site. Seeing three Brimstone smokes as a defender causes a lot of confusion, and retaking a site versus three smokes is almost impossible.


His Molly can also lock down some areas where enemies like to fool the coverage and his Ultimate can literally blow up the entire site. Combined with a Sage or a Viper, Brimstone's Stim Beacon can also get a ton of value if enemies are funneled into one entrance.


With Fracture being a skirmish-focused map it's no surprise to see Raze thriving here. Sure you can always play Jett regardless of the map, and Reyna does benefit a lot from her invulnerability on this map, but we think Raze is the better choice.


Apart from being easier to use, her kit also offers a lot more utility than the other Duelists. Phoenix can also get good value here with his Wall and Ultimate allowing for some explosive entrances, but Raze does all that even better. Her Boombot can be used very effectively on defense to clear entrances and give information.


With a little practice, you can also double Satchel to get on A Ropes and A Tower, two very important positions for taking control of the A site. Her Grenades can also be used to push people out of position and her Ultimate can cause chaos everywhere outside of the attacker's spawn and B main.


Killjoy has cemented herself as the number one Sentinel choice for defending spike sites, but on this map, Sage overtakes the top spot. While Killjoy's utility can be easily shut down on this map with Breach or Kayo, Sage remains somewhat effective just like any other map. She has been a mainstay in the meta for many Valorant patches and every Valorant account has her. Riot Games definitely planned for her to be the face of the game before Jett took that title. Although she might be a bit overshadowed by the new agents, she is still a very valuable piece to every team.


Just like Bindand Split, the entryways on Fracture are so easy to completely wall off, which only makes her Slow Orbs more useful. Having the wall both on offense and defense is a great feeling since you have to worry about one entrance less, and you can use it to funnel the enemies into your preferred angle.


Due to the nature of the map, as long as you're not dying in the middle of the site, resurrections are easier to pull off because you don't have to clear a lot of space. Sage will always have an impact on any map and in any situation, but until a definitive meta for Fracture is established she will always be a good pick.


On her own, Viper is a great agent because she has good attacking potential while having tremendous defensive capabilities. Her Wall alone can have so much impact by splitting any site in half, forcing defenders to rotate or take unfavorable positions.


On the B site, a well-placed wall can cover up all four entrances and act as a smoke, forcing enemies to rush out of position to defend or ditch the site out of fear. Her Molly is amazing at stalling aggression especially on the B site where attackers might want to funnel through the Tunnel. Her ultimate can again cover the entirety of the sites, making it near impossible to recapture sites and push into the smoke.


She forces your opponent to play in a way they probably don't want to. The only problem you might face as a Viper on this map is if the enemies decide to rotate on the other site you won't have utility left.


Just like Split, the newest map Fracture is also focused on combat at close distance. This makes it very difficult to use Sova who has been dominating the Initiator role on most of the maps.


That's why the recommended Initiator pick for this map is Skye. Honestly, Skye might be the most overpowered agent right now with how much utility and impact she can provide. Her Tiger is a great tool for entering the site and can clear a larger area than a Sova Drone. Combined with the Flashes it's extremely useful for entering and defending a site. Both sites are designed in such a manner that defending them requires counter aggression with no clear-cut positions that enable you to defend safely.


And her Ultimate is great at doing just that, activating it as enemies try to retake a site will make them think twice. The sheer versatility of the map, the multiple entrances to a site, and all of the possible angles to take make Skye the perfect pick to cause more havoc than there already is.


With so many options at the attackers disposal with the zip lines and multiple entrances, the key to conquering this map seems to be speed and execution. Sites are difficult to enter and but even more challenging to hold due to their design. Once you’re on a site and the spike has been planted there isn’t a lot of room for repositioning. You can't trick the enemy or do crazy flanks once the spike is down and you will probably get shot if you try to leave the site aggressively.

These agents handle these situations the best and that’s why we recommend them to you for easier and faster improvement in this Valorant agent tier list.

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