The best Valorant agents for the map Breeze

The tropical scenery of the Breeze map favors some agents more than others. There are the best Valorant agents for the Breeze map.

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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The best Valorant agents for the map Breeze

The large size of the map and the open space on each spike site can make a lot of agents that we're used to seeing a bit less common. And just by playing the right agents the correct way you can boost your win rate by an insane amount. Here are the best agents for the map Breeze:


Many of you may think that we used both our Valorant Agent Randomizer with Valorant Map Randomizer for this pick, but let us explain. She has been seeing a ton of success on this map and most of it is due to her entry frag potential.


Although her Blind leaves a lot to be desired, good luck blinding an Operator on the other side of the site, she still manages to be a threat when entering a site. She still manages to be a better flash agent than Phoenix and Breach while being great at creating 4vs5's on a site with her healing.


She is great at skirmishing and that's what you want to do on a Valorant map this large. Taking mid control by outplaying your opponent as Reyna puts a lot of pressure on the enemy team to recover from.


Somewhat surprisingly Skye takes the top spot as the best Initiator on Breeze. Even though she is a bit hard to use properly and a bit lackluster in the information gathering role, we think a lot of her potential gets unleashed on Breeze.


The agent meta on the map might be a direct result of how open this map is. This is not to say that agents like Sova and Breach are bad here, but with so many angles it's easy to dodge Sova darts. Using her birds on A and B main is a good tactic and they can help you rush mid as well.


The long map also makes skirmishing more prevalent, thus giving her healing more value. The openness of the map makes her Ultimate and Birds really easy to use but her dog is short-sighted and might be used inefficiently.


Sage is a Sentinel that's had her kit tuned down many times, and she might be the most nerfed agent ever since Riot Games made this game.


Ever since the Beta, she has been a must pick agent on most maps due to her Ultimate and her ability to buy time with her utility. Just because of that her Wall and Slow Orbs have suffered a lot of nerfs. A few boosting positions have already shaped the meta, with the most famous being at the tall boxes on A-main.


The narrow chokes when entering a site also bold well for her, with her wall being able to halt a lot of aggression. Her healing and resurrection also hold a lot of value on a map as large as this, where skirmishing is necessary and guarding corpses to prevent resurrections is not a priority.


One of the best agents on the Breeze map has to be Viper, simply for the fact that she can smoke the map for the longest period during a round. On top of that is her wall that allows her to effectively cut the map into two and give her team areas to control.


This ability cuts off all of the important angles on A site and will get you a ton of free plants because the rotations are extremely long and the person defending the site will have to push through the wall alone to stop the plant until his team arrives.

Another popular wall usage is on mid to split in two halves that they have to respect instead of one playing field. Having the opportunity to sit behind the wall until it drops or walk up and peak aggressively puts a ton of pressure on the defensive coverage. If they commit resources to taking back mid control or site back passively afraid to approach, it leaves their spike sites a bit vulnerable.


On top of that Viper has insanely safe post plants on Breeze making retakes a near-impossible challenge. Every round as Viper on Breeze can be won if she has enough time to throw her abilities out in the right spots.

Her wall lets you plant, her Snake Bite slows your approach to the map, and her Ultimate prevents you from ever safely defusing a spike. On offense, her Ultimate can be harder to use but if you manage to plant, you've basically won the round.


Jett is already dominating the meta, being the fastest and most insta- locked agent in the game. Seriously, you can use her with random Valorant weapon generator, and you'll be just fine sometimes; it's just crazy how strong she can be, especially on Breeze. Her kit enables ‌highly skilled duelists who love to take early fights from off angles while still being extremely safe with their mobility.


We already know that she is the best Operator user in the game and that sniper is very powerful on this map. But some of the things that make Jett the best agent in the game on Breeze are long range fights. She really benefits from those and she also likes changes in elevation so she can use her jump and glide. Usually, a Jett player would position himself on mid or A Hall because she could dash to aggressive positions and catch the enemy off guard before they peak.


Or just hold the area and use their mobility to reposition after stifling some aggression. Just because there is so much area to control, a Jett player can play aggressively as an opening peak, rush into sites behind enemy lines and take advantage of slow rotations and coverages.

Those early round coin flip fights will more often than not favor Jett and just by that, you can improve your win percentage. Overwhelming enemies with pressure until they find an answer for it. And we have yet to talk about Jett's Ultimate which provides a ton of kill pressure because she maintains full movement speed and accuracy while having one tap potential.

This means that an attacking Jett can easily force multiple 1vs1's in which she is favored, and a defending Jett can easily reposition against a push and find her good angles. But the one mechanic that makes Jett completely overpowered on this map are all of her Ultimate peaks.


That's because a fully accurate flying Jett is insanely hard to hit while you're stationary on the ground trying to control your recoil and hit a moving target. Another issue is the elevation and verticality of this map, maybe even more than Icebox. Any structure that you can see, a Jett can probably get on it with little effort. The most common spot is the Pillars on the A site, with them being so high in the sky you can barely recognize there's Jett playing there. And against some smoke agents like Viper and Omen, she can updraft above them and get a top-down view of the attacker's execution.

Any of these angles that you can imagine can have a Jett with an Operator in them, ready to seal your fate on this map.  So get your vandal skins ready! 

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