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When do Valorant weekly missions reset?

Finishing weekly missions is key to having free gun skins, sprays, cards, titles, buddies, and unlocking agents but do you know when the task reset?
When do Valorant weekly missions reset?

If you don't want to spend money on getting skins, one of the many ways to get free skins and unlock new agents is to finish weekly and daily missions in Valorant.

If you play the game on a daily basis, chances are you always finish weekly missions in just a day or two. But do you know when Valorant weekly missions reset?

Reset of Valorant Weekly Missions

No thanks to different timezones worldwide, weekly reset of missions in Valorant happen at different times depending on where you play. Universally, Valorant weekly mission reset happens every Monday, at 2 PM UTC.

To avoid confusion, here is the table of when weekly challenges reset happened in Valorant based on your server:


Weekly missions reset time

North America West

6 AM every Monday

North America Central

8 AM every Monday

North America East

9 AM every Monday

South America

10 AM every Monday

EU Central

2 PM every Monday

EU West

3 PM every Monday

Hong Kong/Singapore

9 PM every Monday


10 PM every Monday


11 PM every Monday

Just to be sure, you can also check when your daily challenges and weekly missions reset when you hover your cursor on the upper right side of Valorant.

Benefits of Doing Weekly Missions in Valorant

Unlike daily missions that only award 2,000 experience points, finishing weekly missions gives you 10,000 to 15,000 experience points each time you complete a task. Some tasks are easy to complete, like killing 100 enemies, planting or diffusing the spike 20 times, or using your abilities 200 times.

Finishing weekly challenges and daily missions is a must when you want to use locked agents, which takes 200,000 XP to reach level 5 in a contract. On the other hand, if you want to get sprays and gun buddies unique to your favorite agents, you need 975,000 XP to complete a contract fully.

Aside from completing agent contracts, finishing daily and weekly missions unlock free chapter rewards in Battlepass. You can also get free skins in Battlepass if you purchase premium rewards using 1000 Valorant points.

Each week, players are assigned three weekly missions. Usually, the first week at the start of a new age will give lower experience points, then missions from subsequent weeks will start to give a bit more.

Do Valorant weekly missions stack?

Yes, weekly missions in Valorant are stackable, meaning players can finish each week's missions even though it already reset. After completing the previous weeks' missions, players can immediately unlock the set of missions for the following weeks if they are behind schedule.

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