When Do Valorant Weekly Missions Reset?

Valorant weekly missions reset every Monday at different times based on your server, but universally, they reset at 2 PM UTC.

Updated on Oct 16, 2023
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When Do Valorant Weekly Missions Reset?

Weekly reset of missions in Valorant happen at different times depending on which Valorant server location you play on. However, universally, we could say that Valorant weekly mission reset happens every Monday, at 2 PM UTC.

To avoid confusion, here is the table of when weekly challenges reset happened in Valorant based on your server:


Weekly missions reset time

North America West

6 AM every Monday

North America Central

8 AM every Monday

North America East

9 AM every Monday

South America

10 AM every Monday

EU Central

2 PM every Monday

EU West

3 PM every Monday

Hong Kong/Singapore

9 PM every Monday


10 PM every Monday


11 PM every Monday

Just to be sure, you can also check when your daily challenges and weekly missions reset when you hover your cursor on the upper right side of Valorant.

Valorant Weekly Missions

Do Valorant Weekly Missions Stack?

Yes, weekly mission are stackable, meaning players can finish each week's missions even though it already reset. That said, it's one of the reasons why Valorant battle pass is worth it, especially if you consider it as a way to get some free weapon skins, even if these are just battle pass skins

After completing the previous weeks' missions, players can immediately unlock the set of missions for the following weeks if they are behind schedule.

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