The Exact Locations for All Valorant Servers

Valorant has different servers for wherever you play, but where is your nearest Valorant server exactly? Well this article will tell you just that!

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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The Exact Locations for All Valorant Servers

There are five different Valorant server regions around the world, these being in Asia, Europe, Brazil, Latin America, and North America. Most of these servers are in their respective regions, with a couple of exceptions.

Valorant Region Change

Exact Server Location Region
US West (Portland, Oregon, USA) North America
US West (San Jose, California, USA) North America
US East (Ashburn, Virginia, USA) North America
US Central (Dallas, Texas, USA) North America
US Central (Chicago, Illinois, USA) North America
US Central (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) North America
Santiago, Chile Latin America
Mexico City, Mexico Latin America
Miami, USA Latin America
Sao Paulo, Brazil Brazil
Frankfurt, Germany Europe
Paris, France Europe
Stockholm, Sweden Europe
Istanbul, Turkey Europe
London, United Kingdom Europe
Warsaw, Poland Europe
Madrid, Spain Europe
Bahrain Europe
Seoul, South Korea Korea
Hong Kong, China Asia-Pacific
Tokyo, Japan Asia-Pacific
Singapore Asia-Pacific
Sydney, Australia Asia-Pacific
Mumbai, India Asia-Pacific

Each different Valorant server region has a few different servers around that region that you can connect to. There are also a bunch of smaller servers located across the regions, but these are best seen as extensions to the larger ones we are to mention, such as Paris, France!

Changing to a different region and server could fix your Valorant high ping issues or fix Valorant crashing all the time. So, if you want to know how to change region with your Riot Account, then we have an article on how to change your Valorant region as well! And of course, don't forget to try our Valorant map randomizer or random Valorant weapon generator to spice up your gameplay a little bit.

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