The Exact Server Locations for Valorant

Valorant has different servers for wherever you play, but where is your nearest Valorant server exactly? Well this article will tell you just that!
The Exact Server Locations for Valorant

Exact Server Location Valorant

Whatever server you are connected to in Valorant defines how high or low your MS is - or Ping as it is commonly known. This means that if you have a high ping, you might need to change what Valorant server you are connected to! Changing to a different region and server could give you a lower ping, and if you want to know how to change region with your Riot Account, then we have an article on how to change your Valorant region too!

 Each different region has a few different servers around that region that you can connect to, so without further ado, here are the exact locations of Valorant servers in your account region! There are also a bunch of smaller servers located across the regions, but these are best seen as extensions to the larger ones we are to mention, such as Paris in France!

Regional Server Locations

There are five different Valorant server regions around the world, these being in Asia, Europe, Brazil, Latin America, and North America. Most of these servers are in their respective regions, with a couple of exceptions. 

Valorant Server List
Valorant Server List

The exact location of the European servers

  • London
  • Warsaw
  • Stockholm
  • Istanbul

The European servers are mainly covered in central Europe, with Southern Europe lacking a little. There are no servers in Spain, Portugal, or anywhere nearby, which has been an issue raised with Riot Games frequently.

The exact location of the North American servers

  • Portland
  • San Jose
  • Chicago
  • Ashburn
  • Atlanta
  • Dallas

North America has the most amount of servers in the region, with six! These are far more evenly spread across the region than in the European region, with most of the area covered. The only issue is Canada has a lack of servers. Anyone who wants to play from Canada or Alaska has to connect to either Portland, Chicago or Ashburn, which could result in quite a high ping!

The exact location of the Latin American servers

  • Mexico City
  • Santiago
  • Miami

These servers are the most sparse out of all, and although Miami is in America, the server actually runs for the Latin America region! Once again, anyone wanting to play Valorant, or using an internet service provider in South America will struggle, unless they are near Santiago. Mexico City and Miami are very close servers to each other in comparison to the size of the region, which causes a big issue for the Latin American Valorant community. 

The exact location of the Brazilian server

  • Sao Paulo

There is only a singular server in Brazil. This isn't as bad as the Brazilian region for Valorant is the smallest out of the five, but we think there is still room for another server in there! The Brazilian servers only show up for accounts in the account region of Brazil, so making multiple accounts in the Brazilian region wouldn't let you access Valorant from a different region.

The exact location of the Asian servers

  • Seoul
  • Tokyo
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Sydney

The final region is the Asian region. This covers Eastern Asia and the Oceanic countries. There are five server locations. Seoul, in South Korea, is almost exclusive to players of the Korean region, and there is very little crossover with other regions and servers. Tokyo in Japan is pretty similar too. Hong Kong and Singapore are fairly spread out, but between Singapore and Sydney, there is very little server possibility, especially as Sydney is on the far coast of Australia from the Singapore server.

What does the server location mean for your gameplay?

This means that they will be expected to play Valorant on at least 100 ping - and we all know how much that sucks! Before you try to change servers due to ping issues, make sure you check to see if Valorant servers are down first on their website! If not, then maybe you need to change your server, but what does this mean?

The issue Valorant and Riot Games have is that it seems only viable to get to a consistently high level in Valorant if you are playing in Central Europe, North America, or South Korea. This is especially prominent in areas of the world that have no servers at all. The Middle East and Africa have no Valorant servers located there, forcing them to connect to either East Asian or European servers.  

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