Best Brimstone Lineups on Split | Molly

Split is a tight map with multiple angles that enemies can hide from. Here are the best lineups for Split to help you win post-plant situations

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Brimstone Lineups on Split | Molly

No matter the team composition, Brimstone will always be an excellent controller pick in Split because of his irritating smokes that can cover entire chokepoints and overpowered steam beacon. Having said that, here are all the best lineups for Brimstone on Split in Valorant to help you win all the post-plant situations. 

Best Attacking Incendiary Ability Lineups

Attacking A Site Incendiary Lineups

A Backsite Post Plant Delay

Attackers usually plant the spike in A backsite, behind the huge television system seen in A site, since it is a safe spot that is not open to multiple angles. However, it is hard to play a post-plant position when you are not playing on site because, as mentioned previously, it is not open to any angles.

This lineup will delay the defuse whenever the spike is planted behind the television system. 

To do this lineup, stand behind the box seen in front of the bench in A lobby. Look up and find the tiny leaf that is protruding on top of the roof. Perform a standing shot, and the molly will bounce once and land in the area behind the television system in A site. 

A Default Post Plant

Other than the value of his smokes, a Brimstone player knows that his molly is very important when it comes to post-plant. That is why many people notice that Brimstones usually play passive or even stay behind their team so as not to die early for a powerful post-plant.

Some even stay in A Main or go back to A Main as soon as their team has planted the spike. This lineup will guarantee that the enemy team won’t be able to defuse the spike even though you are still in A Main.

To do this lineup, you will have to stand at the left side of the bench and in front of the small rectangular flower pot that is used as a step for the big box seen at A Lobby. You will see the famous advertisement board right outside A Main. Point your crosshair at the top right corner of the advertisement board while locating the huge A Pillar where the bomb is actually planted. Next, place your crosshair in the middle of the two pillars, then perform a standing shot. The incendiary will bounc and land exactly in A default. 

Whether you are in B long, B lobby, or A main, Split is a tight map that has a lot of close angles, which is why it is recommended to learn some lineups for every agent to be ready during various post-plant situations. Here are all the best lineups for all the Valorant agents released by Riot Games

A Heaven Post Plant Play

In Split, Attackers don’t usually plant at the front site because the planter will be vulnerable to many angles like A Main, A Tower, and even those who will push from A Screens. That is why it is just as important to take control of A Tower, more commonly known as A Heaven.

This play, however, is only usually done in clutches or when the attackers have gained sufficient knowledge on their opponents, including enemy positions. Once the player has planted the spike in front of the tall flower pot on site, they must be able to take control of A Ramps and A Heaven for this play. 

To do this lineup, position yourself at the top left corner of A Ramps. then, use the mouse at the top of the Incendiary ability icon as the indicator for the position of your crosshair. The small white diamond at the top of the mouse icon should be pointed at the bottom left corner of the building with green squares pasted on the wall.

Here’s a tip, if you’ve successfully thrown the molly to site from your position, you can reposition yourself in A Tower because the spike can be seen and easily defended from there.

You can play time until the spike detonates because you are at an advantage, especially if the enemy team does not have a controller like Omen, who can place a smoke or even teleport to A Rafters using his shrouded step for an aggressive position.

Attacking B Site Incendiary Lineups

Brown Box B Site Plant Delay

There are two common spots where attackers plant the spike. It is either beside the stacked brown box or default. These areas are great for post-plant positions, but to be sure and ready when the time comes, this lineup will help you delay a defender trying to defuse the spike beside the brown boxes in B.

To do this lineup, stand beside the metallic stack seen in B lobby. Place your crosshair on the top of the edge of the roof of the pink apartments seen in the sky. Perform a standing shot, and the incendiary will bounce several times and land on the brown boxes area in B. This is a lineup because it is from a safe position and allows you to play in B main after throwing it. 

B Sidewalk To Default B Site Plant

As mentioned previously, attackers usually plant in default or beside the brown boxes in B site. This lineup will prevent the defenders trying to defuse the spike planted in the default area. It will cover both the left and right sides of the metallic box seen in B.

To do this lineup, find the pot in B lobby and stand on the second sidewalk line beside it. Now, find the indent on the metal bars seen in the left wall of the entrance of B main. Line the end of the hp and shield hud on the said indent, then perform a standing throw. The incendiary will travel quickly, so it does not need perfect timing to be successful. 

B Side To B Site Corner Plant Delay

On several occasions, like lack of time, the spike might be planted on the corner of B site, where the two boxes reside. This situation is hard to play post-plant, but this lineup will make it manageable to win the round just by using an incendiary!

To perform this lineup, stand on the same spot as the previous lineup, place your crosshair in the wooden part of the roof in front of you. Again, use the end of the shield and health hud as a guide, then line it exactly beside the wooden part of the roof.

Perform a standing shot, and the incendiary will bounce once on the brown boxes and land exactly at the corner. 

Defending B Site Incendiary Lineups

B Open Plant Delay

As a defender, one significant thing to remember is to delay or stop the plant if you can. This is even better if you can do it without getting killed by your opponents. With Brimstone’s Incendiary, you can easily delay the enemy spike planter comfortably if you are positioned in B Tower or B Heaven.

This lineup is for the open plant that many attacking agents take advantage of to be able to play post-plant from B Main because the spike will still be seen from there.

To do this lineup, stand beside the small square flower pot seen in B Tower. Then, you will have a clear view of the top part of B Site. After that, locate the green rectangular billboard signage beside the “B” sign of the site. Then you must place your crosshair at the bottom right of the billboard. The molly will bounce from the wall and into the bombsite.

Do not rely on Brimstone’s other abilities like the stim beacon and orbital strike during post plant situations and learn all the lineups for him in all the available Valorant maps released by Riot Games

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