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Updated on Jan 06, 2023

Best Attacking Sova Lineups

We have already discussed in our Split map guide, how team composition is affected by the design of the map. In theory, Sova’s abilities get the least value on a compact map like Split, but Riot Games have managed to create a very unique Valorant  agent.

Attacking A Site Sova lineups

A Rafter Recon Bolt

This is one of the highest value Recon Bolt lineups on this site for the simple reason that it scans A Rafters, A Heaven and most of the site, if not destroyed. To execute this lineup you need to be on top of this crate in A Lobby, but you need to adjust yourself so the brown side of the second box doesn't show.

After that you need to locate this first steel bar after the edge of the wall and aim above it.

When your crosshair is in this position you need a two bar charged lineup with no bounces.

This arrow should fly across the site and stick on the window in A Rafters really fast, and it will scan all of the mentioned areas.

A Ramp Recon Bolt

This lineup is a variation from the previous one. You need to be positioned in the same place on top of the same box and aiming for the same spot on the map.

But you need to charge the lineup with three bars but not fully, and give it two bounces. This lineup lands behind the player peeking A Ramp, revealing him to your team.

A Screens Double Shock Bolt lineups

Operator players love holding this long sightline towards A Main, but any good Sova tracks them down. With these Shock Dart lineups from A Lobby you can kill the sniper user if you are fast enough.

For both lineups you need to be in this corner between the two boxes. For the first one aim here.

A bit along this line where the darker area starts. Give the lineup two bounces and charge it fully.

This is how it flies over the site and lands in A Screens. For the second lineup just turn around facing towards the site and aim for the bottom tip of this white building.

Give the lineup a one bar charge and it should fly over the site.  Both lineups combined land at the same place at the same time, doing massive damage to anyone holding that angle.

Attacking B Site Sova lineups

God B Site Recon Bolt

The design of Split makes it the map worst suited for Sova’s Recon Bolt, but we still have some sick lineups. This arrow gets shot from B Lobby onto the B Site and it clears out almost every corner except close and backside.

Get aligned with this wall in B Lobby and aim for the bottom right corner of this window.

Do a fully charged lineup with two bounces and it should bounce off the building and land here.

If you also use Sova’s Owl Drone or Shock Bolts, you can clear out the entire site by yourself! What makes this Russian hunter special are his incredible scouting capabilities.

B Heaven Recon bolt from B Lobby

If you don't have a controller agent or a Sage to safely get you into the B Site, this lineup might help you clear out more angles.

For this one you need to be placed in this corner, next to the boxes in B Alley.

Aim for this corner of the building’s roof and do a two bar charge.

This lineup should land on B Heaven, clearing both a common holding spot.

B Default post plant double Shock Bolt lineups

B Main

After you have planted the bomb on the default spot on B Site, you should be playing a crossfire from B Main and Back B. As Sova, you should be playing in B Main, because from there you can safely do Shock Bolt lineups to prevent a defuse.

Get behind this box, crouch and aim for the steering wheel of the bike on the wall. Do a two bounce fully charged lineup and it should hit the default plant spot.

For the second lineup you need to be turned around towards the site and do a lineup charged with one bar and one bounce as you are jumping.

This might sound difficult but with some practice, you can make these land instantly killing the diffuser.

B Heaven

As you are coming up from Mid Mail to B Heaven, you need to find this angle where you see this wooden log and the red light bulb.

You need to aim between them and do a one bar one bounce Shock bolt lineup. This lands on the default plant spot on B Site and with two of these in succession you might prevent the defuse.

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Best Defending/Retake Sova Lineups

Defending A Site Sova lineups

A Lobby Recon Bolt

Being able to get this much information about the plans of the enemy team from one arrow is crazy, but only Sova can do this.

For this lineup you need to be placed in this corner on A Rafters, but be careful not to drift down.

Make sure to align the second line of the first charge bar with the light post. Give the lineup a one bar charge and it should fly over A Main and land here in A Lobby.

This Recon Bolt lineup scans most of the A Lobby and towards apart from a few corners.

Mid Arrow from A Ramp

Mid control is the name of the game on this map, and if the attackers get to the A Site through Mid Vent, the round is basically done.

As Sova you can do this sick Recon Bolt lineup from A Ramp to reveal the enemy locations in mid. Stand in this corner on the A Ramp.

Put the R letter from the words CHARGE in the window corner like this. Do a fully charged lineup with one bounce and it should land here, revealing most of Bottom Mid, A Sewers and B Link.

A Retake Recon Bolt

There are a few retake lineups for this site but as Sova, we suggest going through the Defender Spawn and doing this one.

Get in this corner in A Screens and align the left diamond that signals the bounces with the white triangle.

Give this lineup one bounce and charge it fully. It lands on this corner on the A Site and with some practice you can tweak it to reveal all those close corners and even A Heaven and beneath it.

A Retake Shock Bolt

When retaking the A site, the biggest problem is clearing out all of the corners and angles. With this lineup you can unload so much damage in one single area, which combined with your team's push, should be enough for a retake with ruthless efficiency.

Get in this corner in A Screen and aim up towards this white dot in the purple leaves.

Aim for it with your Shock Bolt and do a lineup charged with three bars but not completely.

This lineup lands in this tight corridor, forcing enemies out of their angle into the open, where they can be picked off.

Defending B Site Sova lineups

B Main Recon Bolt from A Ramp

As Sova, you can do a lot more from the A Site than from the B Site, and this lineup is further proof of that.

Get in this corner on A Ramp and align the top of the left diamond that signals the bounces with this wooden angle.

Do a fully charged two bounce lineup aiming like this, and this arrow should fly across the map and land into B Main.

The attacking team will never expect a Recon Bolt coming from behind, so you’re always guaranteed to get a lot of value from this lineup if they decide to attack through B Main.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Sova. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our russian hunter make sure to check out these: 

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