Best Sova | Shock Bolt | Recon Bolt | Lineups on Ascent

In this article we will show you the best Sova lineups on the Valorant map Ascent.
Best Sova | Shock Bolt | Recon Bolt | Lineups on Ascent

Design is the most important part of the creation of any Valorant agent, and Riot Games sure hit the nail on its head with Sova. He has been one of the best Initiator agents in the game ever since his release, and continues to dominate the meta solely based on the utility in his abilities.

Best Attacking Sova Lineups

Attacking A Site Sova lineups

Most of A Site Recon Bolt

This is the easiest Recon Bolt lineup that gives the most general value on the A Site if not destroyed.

To execute it, get in this corner formed by the boxes in A Lobby.

If you look up you will see these white lines meet above A Heaven.

You need to aim for the tip where they meet and fire a one bar charged Recon Dart.

This will land above the Generator on A site and reveal most of the site.

A Hell Recon and Shock Bolt for wallbang

Experienced Sova players can make the game feel like they’re playing with Wall Hack and this is one of those lineups.

Get in this corner under A Rafters, and crouch.

Aim for the middle of the top on those boxes and give the lineup two bounces while fully charged.

This lineup bounces off the wall and lands onto A Rafters, revealing enemies on it which you can shoot from below.

A Main to A Heaven Shock Dart 

Regardless if enemies are trying to push through the smokes as you are entering the site, or in post plant situations, Heaven lineups are always useful.

For this one you need to be in A Main and guide yourself with the wall edging the wooden box.

Aim for the middle of the cable above it and charge the lineup with three bars and one bounce. This is where the lineup lands on A Heaven.

A Main to default plant spot Shock Bolt

The best and safest way to do post plant Shock Blast lineups is from A Main.

To execute them you need to align yourself with this purple door in A Main and look up at the sky.

Your crosshair needs to be between these two pointy edges.

Fire the lineup with minimal charge, not even one bar, and it should go over the wall and onto the default plant spot.

Attacking B Site Sova lineups

B Site Recon Bolt from B Main

One of the best ways to clear the B site is using Sova’s Recon Bolt. We already mentioned how important Sova is to any team composition on Ascent. If you want to read more about that, you should check out our Ascent map guide.

For this Recon Bolt lineup just aim at the top of the tree through the window in B Main and charge it fully.

It lands on the tree behind B Site and scans out the entire area, even a part of the stairs towards the defender's spawn.

Market Recon Bolt from B Main

From the same spot in B Main you can get a good Recon Bolt lineup that clears out all of the close corners on the right side.

All you need to do is aim for the corner of this white rectangle with the giraffe picture and charge the lineup with one bar.

The lineup lands right in the corner and scans this entire area.

Backside B post plant Recon Bolt

If you’re playing post plant situations on the B Site and not off it, you should be looking to use this Recon dart every time.

Just aim for the corner of this roof with a fully charged lineup and it lands here.

Scanning this entire side and allowing you to play for wall bang kills by revealing enemy locations.

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Best Defending/Retake Sova Lineups

Defending A Site Sova lineups

A Main Recon Bolt

This is the most essential Recon Bolt because it scans out A Main and A Lobby.

Go to the end of A Rafters and aim for this corner of the building with a fully charged Recon Bolt.

It should stick to the edge or the AC unit. Good luck to the attacking team in A Main trying to flick upwards to shoot the arrow when pushing.

A Retake Recon Bolt

The best Recon Bolt lineup for retaking the A Site is this one.

Aim the fully charged lineup at this metal corner, because if it sticks there it scans most of the site.

A Hell Shock Bolt 

Similarly to the A Hell Recon Bolt, this lineup can be used for both Recon and Shock Darts. It works in the same way too, with a fully charged lineup with two bounces at this position.

Aim for the middle of the top of the crate, where the cable lands on it.

A Default plant spot Shock Bolt

If the attackers have already made their way to the site while you are rotating, these Shock Bolt lineups can help you prevent the plant. If you hear the plant sound while in A Heaven, you need to get in this corner and crouch.

Aim for this corner below the steel bar and give the lineup a one bar charge.

This lands right on top of the default plant spot and it lands fast enough to stop or kill the planter.

I guess there’s no such thing as a safe plant, when the russian hunter is picked.

Defending B Site Sova lineups

B Main Recon Bolt

If you are trying to gather as much information as possible at the start of a round, this is the lineup for you.

Stand in this corner next to this box on the B Site.

Align the top of the charge rectangle with the top of this lamp. Aim a bit to the left of this steel bar in the window.

Give the lineup a one bar charge and it should here, scanning most of B Main and towards Mid Link.

B Site to Mid Recon Bolt

For this lineup you need to be placed on the stairs on the B Site.

Align the edges of the charge rectangle with these buildings behind it. Give the lineup a three bar charge but not fully and it should land here.

On this edge it scans both Mid Link and Mid Courtyard, giving you insane value at the start of a round.

B Retake Recon Bolt

This is the most simple and most effective Recon Bolt lineup for retakes because it scans most of the site except the backside.

Aim for the top of this tree with a fully charged lineup to get the desired results.

B Default plant spot Shock bolt

If you have lost control over the site or you have decided to give it up so you can play for retakes with your team, you will need this Shock Bolt lineup. With this one you can do a double Shock Dart lineup that is fast enough so it won’t get dodged.

Stand in this corner next to the box in Lane towards Defender Spawn. Aim a bit to the right of the top of this lamp after the edge of the wall.

Give the lineup two bounces and charge it with three bars but not fully. This Shock Bolt lineup bounces to the back of the site and lands on the default plant spot.

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